This week’s Vlog of the Week is a musical but also general lifestyle channel that consistently puts out high quality content. Dodie posts many covers as well as original songs.

Since she joined YouTube in 2011, Dodie has built her channel up to 1.9 million subscribers. At the young age of 25, Dodie has a large following who support her YouTube channel but also her music releases.

Dodie has two channels: ‘doddleoddle‘ and ‘doddlevloggle

Doddleoddle has more edited and professional singing videos. These include her new music releases and collaborations with other singing channels like Julia Nunes and Tessa Violet.

Doddlevloggle has more personal videos like tutorials and general chit chat videos. This is where she posts the videos about her mental health and sexuality.

Dodie’s lovable and gentle personality draws people in the watching her videos. She has a large group of loyal fans that have been watching her since she was 16. This creates a close connection between Dodie and her subscribers because she has been very open about mental health and sexuality over her time on YouTube. Not only does she release high quality music, she also posts videos that young people can relate to.

I’ve watched Dodie for about 5 years now and her channel has never been one that I get bored of. I always come back to her music and I have watched her ‘Original Songs’ playlist on YouTube countless times. I think her channel would be a good one to add to your subscriber page even if her videos are something to play in the background.


Sony A1 – The New Hybrid Powerhouse

Sony this week released their newest edition to their mirrorless interchangeable lens camera line, the A1. Where 4K is starting to become the norm when it comes to video cameras, 8K has just started to arrive. Every resolution increase we go through with cameras, TV’s and computer screens we generally start with the camera. Film…

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Vlog of the Week – Mary Spender

This week we take a bit of a detour from our usual cinematography youtube space and into the world of music creation vlogging. Mary spender is a guitarist and singer who also makes vlogs about her experience as an independent artist and everything music. A big reason i’m writing about her for Vlog of the…

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Vlog of The Week – Cody Wanner

Cody Wanner is an incredibly active and enthusiastic vlogger from Harrisville PA. Cody started vlogging in a rather interesting fashion, he started right off the bat committing to vlogging every day of 2018. He succeeded and posted a vlog every day for a year. His Vlogs focused on his daily life as well as film…

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Vlog of the Week – Peter McKinnon

I’m surprised it’s taken this long to cover Peter McKinnon honestly, he’s massively influential in YouTube vlogging circles, especially cinematography based communities. This is a video about his 2017 year and i feel sums up peter incredibly well Peter comes at vlogging from a background of professional photo and video, which he brings into…

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Our View – Ninja V Monitor & Recorder

The Atomos Ninja V is a 5″ 1080p HDMI monitor for video production, but also a 4K prores recorder. The Ninja V gives you a much larger and clearer view of what you’re shooting as you shoot it. Ninja V attached to camera using a small rig cage The screen gives you a host of…

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Vlog of the Week – Morgan Drinks Coffee

Morgan, as her channel name suggests makes coffee related videos. She made a name for herself on TikTok , making funny skits and educational coffee making videos all in a coffee shop that she worked at. The TikTok Vlog format makes for an incredibly impressionable and personal feel. You feel like you really get to…

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