The Vlog of the Week this week is Ashley or as the internet knows her better as bestdressed. Ashley started her main channel, bestdressed five years ago and then started a second channel called bestmess a year ago. Ashley uses the skills she learned in university studying film to make her channel appealing to watch and put her style on her videos.

Her channel started as a fashion channel giving advice on what to wear and how to put outfits together. Then the channel involved giving job advice, advice on how to survive university, thrift shopping and just surviving adulthood. My favourite thing about Ashely’s channel is how she speaks out about topics that are viewed as stigmatized, topics such as sex education and mental health.

Her channel bestmess is very similar to bestdressed, it contains bloopers from her main channel videos and old vlogs she didn’t post on her main channel.

The work that Ashley has done on her channel has allowed her to go to New York Fashion week and document it for her channel, she has also created her own jewelry business with en route. I feel that Ashley’s videos are high-quality videos and great content for anyone to watch. 


  • Main Camera: Panasonic Lumix gh5s
  • Vlog Camera: Canon g7x Mark ii
  • Film Camera: Super 8 Film
  • Film Stock: Kodiak 200T and 50D
  • Lens: 8-18 mm, 12-35mm
  • On-Camera Mic: Rode Videomic Pro+ 
  • Voiceover Mic: Blue Yeti USB Mic 

As you can tell by me selecting this for vlog of the week, I love watching these videos and I think you will too.

Be sure to check out them on:

Look out for a new recommendation next week!

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Sony A1 – The New Hybrid Powerhouse

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Vlog of the Week – Mary Spender

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Vlog of The Week – Cody Wanner

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Vlog of the Week – Peter McKinnon

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