BlackMagic is a company that produces an array of filmmaking equipment, mainly focussing on cameras, also industry grade camera switchers and recorders. We have found everything they make to be truly high quality and well made.

The thing we have loved in particular lately is their Atem HDMI switchers & recorders. With Covid more and more people are moving into pro video to help fill in the void in person events left.

Atem Mini

The Atem line allows you to switch between 4 HDMI video inputs and output a live switched feed, either to HDMI or via USB-C to a computer. This makes filming an event with multiple cameras massively easier, with live switching. Whether you want to live stream, and give your audience the feed immediately or record and post later. The Atem makes it a seamless experience.

Atem Mini Buttons & Inputs

All of the models, the Atem Mini, Atem Mini Pro and Atem Mini Pro ISO all have 4 HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, 2 Mic inputs and a USB-C for video output. The Pro & Pro ISO have internal live streaming and recording directly to as SSD from the USB-C port. The ISO adds the ability to record all of the HDMI inputs and mic inputs to the USB-C connected SSD. Giving you the ability to go back and edit the original feeds if you make a mistake switching.

We love that BlackMagic is bringing professional equipment to the average person. The price point, starting at ~£340, they’re definitely a good deal.


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