At Loupedeck, they’re passionate about every step of the creative process. From concept to creation, it’s the small details that matter most.

Loupdeck noticed the traditional editing process was outdated & lacked efficiency. They started wondering – how can they provide an innovative editing solution, that’s efficient, intuitive & sparks creativity?

Loupdeck had no doubt the editing process could be improved and enhanced. The most vital thing was to give you – the photographers and video makers of the world – a hands-on, intuitive approach. One that lets you focus on the main reason you do what you do – creating the perfect image or video.

This quest for editing excellence is where Loupedeck’s story began. Their founder and CEO Mikko Kesti believed in this mission so much that he used his own savings to create the first prototype. After a wildly successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (488% above target!) and the recruitment of some of Finland’s leading developers, they finally released the first version of Loupedeck.

Fast forward a few years, Loupedeck+ was unveiled, providing an editing solution for both photo and video. With increased customization and ergonomic design, Loupedeck are transforming the entire editing process and unlocking the potential of each frame or image taken.

Since the initial release of Loupedeck+, the company has developed two additional consoles designed that are fully expandable and can adapt to any creative work environment – Loupedeck Creative Tool and Loupedeck Live. Loupedeck CT is the premium console designed to meet the ever-rising demands of professional editing across photo, video, audio, and design, and Loupedeck Live is newest console for content creators and live-streamers.

Loupedeck is constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve the creative process. With your input they will continue to produce consoles that truly redefine and enhance the editing workflow everywhere.

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