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Elgato has long been a brand making moves in the streaming space, they started out with their HDMI video capture and recorders called the game capture. Through that as you might imagine they became popular with game streamers on twitch and other platforms.

Since then they’ve doubled down on that niche, creating a whole ecosystem. They then created the stream deck which took the streaming world by storm, a customizable panel with digital buttons. This allowed you to change settings and scenes in your stream software without having to tab out of your game or hunt through the settings in the software. You could program the buttons to any setting you like and have the button show what that setting did. This allowed you to create your own hardware control panel to your stream, something we had never seen before.

Especially within the pandemic people took to live streaming what would ordinarily be live events, and so people who would normally not even consider live streaming took it up to bring their events to people at home. Products like this help make streams with complex graphics and scenes vastly easier to manage and run. They also released a mini version and an XL for more and less buttons.

They also branched into lighting where they released a high quality app controllable ring light as well as a light panel. Both of which can be controlled by the stream deck.

Elgato aims to full-fill the niche of high end lighting for streamers with a high quality build and the ability to control the brightness and colour temp of the light from your computer or phone. The integration with the stream deck means you can effortlessly change settings on the light from the stream deck with the tap of a button.

The same features apply for the Elgato Key Light, but in a light panel form factor if you’re aiming for a more traditional lighting setup. This would make sense for those who want a three point lighting setup but with thin and light, easily controllable panels.

They also aim to take on the Blue Yeti with a USB podcast and streaming mic with the Elgato Wave 3. At ~£120 it’s inexpensive too.

Being plug and play, and easy to use it’s perfect for live streaming.

All of these products mentioned we have in the store, we love them here at Vlog Tech and hope you do too.

The Elgato Brand Page

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