Here at Vlog Tech we aim to bring you the highest quality products from well regarded brands to give you the best vlogging setup possible. We only sell products from brands we’ve used and vetted, so we can be proud of each and every product we sell.


PolarPro are a staple here at Vlog Tech, we’ve always been massively impressed with the clear attention to detail they put into their products, making premium products you can be proud to own. Even the packaging is high quality.

ND Filters

PolarPro are mainly known for their high end, high quality lens filters. From the moment you open the box it’s clear they are incredibly well made, with premium products and incredible care.

PolarPro Variable ND Filter - Peter Mckinnon Edition PMVND
PolarPro VND Peter McKinnon Edition II

PolarPro make an incredibly durable and high quality variable ND filter for interchangeable lens cameras. Fitted with stops to make sure you don’t twist past the designated range and high quality glass giving you a clear image. You can find them Here.

They also make ND filters for drones with the same qulaity and attention to detail.

Polar Pro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series 6 Pack

and other accessories like SD card cases.


The SwitchPod is a handheld tripod made specifically made for vlogging, having three aluminium legs for a stable tripod that gather in a second to make a sturdy handle.

The SwitchPod

The legs then hold together with magnets making a strong handle thats been molded to make it comfortable to hold.

Retailing at £99 for the tripod, they’re not expensive either.

Switchpod & Ballhead

After releasing the tripod, they got a lot of feedback asking for a ballhead for more flexibility when it comes to camera angles, and they delivered. The ballhead is an optional extra for £35 or the kit with the tripod for £125.

We love the SwitchPod here at Vlog Tech as it fulfills all of our needs for vlogging, a firm and comfortable grip to hold the camera at arms length but also a stable tripod with options when it comes to camera angles.


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