Atomos Shinobi 5.2″ HDMI monitor

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  • The 5” HDMI monitor that packs a punch
  • Stunning 5” 10-bit 1080p HDR or SDR display
  • 1000 cd/m² Brightness
  • 4K HDMI Input
  • Realtime LUTs preview
  • Calibrated true-to-eye colours

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Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

The Atomos Shinobi is an excellent introduction to video monitoring for small time video content creators and the new perfect companion to established photographers or creatives.

The Shinobi 5.2″ 4K HDMI Monitor is a 5.2″ on-camera monitor that monitors DCI 4K, UHD 4K, and HD video input. It features a 10-bit FRC IPS screen with a brightness of 1000 cd/m², which makes it suitable for use in both exterior and interior conditions. The AtomHDR display technology allows you to accurately monitor your log gamma footage without having to view flat, washed-out looking images or use a LUT to compress the dynamic range and color space. The monitor supports popular log formats from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, ARRI, RED, and JVC cameras.

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4.8 overall

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  1. NotSoFast

    Wish it has HDMI out

    I like the size, weight and functionality of this monitor. A step up from the Feelworlds. Image quality is excellent as is the brightness. My only regret is I didn’t know this monitor doesn’t have HDMI out. An odd omission since most other monitors I’ve used all had it. 


  2. AMxVisuals


    Good product


  3. Dmitry Komkov

    Five stars

    This is a great monitor. Brighter and more detailed than Small HD Focus, with which I compared it, but unfortunately I was not lucky and I got a monitor in which the number of dead pixels exceeded the norm. The seller could not know this and check, because he would have to open the factory packaging. I had to return the monitor. The seller supported me in everything and always helped with any question, for which I recommend it to everyone. Five stars for the seller. 

    Dmitry Komkov

  4. Xiaomeng

    Good product.

    It doesn’t come with any accessories!


  5. DMcK

    Bright, sharp monitor with typical Atomos tools

    I already own the Ninja V and needed a 2nd monitor so I stayed with Atomos to keep the user interfaces mostly the same. Happily, the image is just as good as the Ninja V. It does not come with the NPF to 5.5×2.1mm adapter which comes with the Ninja V, so I purchased one from B&H.It’s plasticky, but this is a positive for me because it’s light – keeping my gimbal rig lighter than when I was using the Ninja V. It takes less power to run than the Ninja V also.I’d love to pay less, and I certainly could have, but for reasons mentioned, this was the right choice for me. I could get away with 2 Shinobi monitors as I rarely use the recording feature of the Ninja V now that I’m using two BMPCC4K cameras.


  6. David R.

    Bmpcc4k buddy

    Loveeeeeee it 

    David R.

  7. Jay Ramsey

    No regrets

    One of the best purchases I’ve made. There have been countless times using my Sony a7 iii lcd screen could not get the job done and this monitor has come to my rescue. Also, I’ve decided to build a camera rig and people are blown away when they see the monitor on top resembling a cinema rig setup. 

    Jay Ramsey

  8. Tibs

    True colors, bright and very sturdy

    It is a bit in the expensive side of monitors, but it is well made. Sturdy and true colors. I have only one issue with it when I hook up the Ninja Star recorder and I take the Out signal from it to the Shinobi In, the focus picking on the monitor it’s very distractive and jumping weird. I thought there was from the cable, but it was not. I had before Shinobi another monitor it was a Swit one and it was never behaving like that when hooked up with the Ninja Star. This will not be the case if it is using direct output from the camera, It is working perfectly. So, must be a bug or something and hopefuly they will fix it with the next software update. 


  9. Brian A. Johnson

    Buy this monitor!

    A great quality product for the price. I shoot video, and this monitor allows for precise focus adjustments (especially when outside in bright sunlight). I’m very tempted to purchase a couple more!

    Brian A. Johnson

  10. Jessica Martinez


    Love the brightness on the monitor when shooting out doors. Menus easily accessible by touch screen.

    Jessica Martinez

  11. Mariah C

    Best on market for price range

    Picked this up one day before a wedding shoot, very very low latency, great brightness, useful touch features, plug and play, good tools you can customize.

    Mariah C

  12. Justugur

    Good monitor

    The screen brightness and picture quality are excellent. It is also light. Even when the battery is installed. The material quality and workmanship is tremendous. A good monitor.


  13. Bruckheimer

    Bright, feature rich, and lightweight

    I live in sunny Southern California and I love how bright this monitor is in pure daylight. I don’t use a hood with it but that’s because I don’t need one. This is my first Atomos product and it’s been a good experience thus far. I use it with the bmpcc 4k and I feel that a monitor of this kind is essential because of that camera’s inarticulate screen.The only thing I will mention is a worry with this monitor is how warm/hot it can get after being ON for longer than 5 minutes at a time. If you’re shooting in direct sunlight without shade, I would recommend powering this off in between takes. Durability with overheating is a concern of mine, but for now it’s been working without any issue. 


  14. motazee

    Can’t ask for more for a Sony camera

    I’ve this for over some days and it’s nice and the delivery was at easy. 


  15. Todd Groves

    The best 5″ monitor for the money.

    Atomos products are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. I’ve worked with the Ninja Inferno. And now, since I have an SSD to record my footage to, I needed a monitor that would provide me with the features I need to capture the footage the way I want to. The Shinobi is that monitor I was looking for. I also recommend getting the accessory kit for the Shinobi, which includes a sun hood, two extra batteries and charger, and a sturdy carrying case. 

    Todd Groves

  16. Miks Brusnieks


    Havent test it yet, but it looks good. But after this time I thought that better would be buying Ninja V instead.

    Miks Brusnieks

  17. Victor Ojo

    So far it looks good

    I am still working on getting all necessary accessories for it so I can start using it.

    Victor Ojo

  18. Robert Callway

    Great monitor!

    Great monitor!

    Robert Callway

  19. SWUSA

    Can be viewed in direct sunlight!

    I got it for two reasons: 1) The advertised very bright screen and 2) Focus Peaking.Results:With mid-day sunlight DIRECTLY ON THE SCREEN, the image is still perfectly recognizable.andFocus Peaking works great!It has far more capability than I will use. The two things I bought it for though – 100% satisfied! 


  20. Keith W.

    Perfect for a7siii

    I got the shinobi for my Sony a7siii. I didn’t need the record function of the Ninja V, so this is perfect. It DOES work with 4K 120fps. Just make sure to set the camera hdmi output to 1080p. It works great with Andycine monitor cage. 

    Keith W.

  21. stevev

    Great product, don’t forget accessories.

    Great monitor for the price. Packed with features. Just really disappointed that it doesn’t come with batteries or even a cable. Maybe I am missing something, but what shows in the screen doesn’t translate well to what I get as a fine product. I find myself not using it nearly as much as I thought I would. If you switch between photo and video it is just about useless 


  22. Ivo

    Great product.

    I would have liked to see it come with a short cable for attaching to a camera.


  23. Alicia Keys

    Remember Accessories!

    I shoot on the Sony a7iii. While this camera has a very bright monitor, the monitor on the camera is low resolution and very very small. I had been comparing this monitor to the Small HD monitors and the features on the Shinobi seem to beat it. Given 4 stars because sometimes I fails to properly communicate with my camera- that could be a problem with my settings, but overall this monitor has been GREAT!The packaging was rough, and I was concerned about the Shinobi’s condition… It shipped from Adorama, but that is not Atomos’s Fault! This monitor so far has lived up to the hype. I found it difficult to run on my Ronin S, but I do not have the proper mounting hardware yet so that can wait. The screen is brighter (not by much) than my a7iii screen, but looks so much better due to the display panel Atomos uses and its larger size. I immediately loaded up my LUT’s onto the screen to correct for Slog2, HLG, and Cine2 and shooting with this monitor is so much easier. The focus peaking is far greater in detail than any camera I have used; and the vector scopes are exactly what I am used to in premiere pro. Now I don’t have to guess my exposure values based on the Sony values displayed on the screen!I opened the package and slapped the monitor on one of my cages for the Sony and it worked like a charm. Remember to purchase some NPF Batteries, a MicroHDMI to HDMI cord, and a cold shoe or 1/4 thread mounting bracket/clamp and you will be good to go! 

    Alicia Keys