Deity V-MIC D4 Mini microphone

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The Deity V-Mic D4 Mini is a high-quality, affordable miniature microphone that allows users to capture directional audio and reject sounds coming from off-camera.

The D4 Mini utilizes a new offset shockmount that makes it the ideal microphone for use with wide angle vlogging cameras or action cameras.

The side-mounted output jack is also perfect for hybrid DSLR shooters who still want to use their eyepiece for taking photos.

The V-Mic D4 Mini features an input jack that allows you to split your audio tracks and easily insert a secondary audio source, like a wireless microphone, without a splitter cable.


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The V-Mic D4 Mini lets you capture great audio without the need for bulky audio gear. Just plug it into your camera’s microphone input and you are ready to go.

AUX 3.5mm Input
The V-Mic D4 Mini also has a very special feature that exemplifies our company motto of “Do More. Carry Less.” It’s 3.5mm AUX input sends audio to the right channel of your camera – perfect for adding a lav mic or micro wireless receiver. No longer do you need to buy special splitter cables. No more cable mess.

No Batteries Needed
The V-Mic D4 Mini runs completely off of the 3V Plug-In Power provided by your camera’s microphone jack. Plus, the 3V Plug-In Power is passed along through the 3.5mm input jack on the V-Mic D4 Mini, allowing you to use passive TRS lavalier microphones.

Cable Management
Prevent bounce and keep your cables in place using the cable management slots on the cold shoe. Large slots are for 3.5mm camera cables while the smaller slots are for lavalier wires.

What Makes V-Mic D4 Mini Different?

  1. Extra Audio Tracks: The microphone features a unique input jack that allows you to insert a
    secondary audio source on the left channel of your camera. This lets the operator capture the scene’s natural audio but also a wireless microphone of someone talking to camera. Great for videographers, wedding shooters or online content creators.
  2. Wind Reduction: The faux fur windshield provides wind protection up to 20mph making this microphone ready for rough elements.
  3. Medium Diaphragm: While other microphones in the micro-shotgun division feature capsules as small as 6mm, our V-Mic D4 Mini features our 4th generation 14mm medium diaphragm capsule – the same capsule found in the rest of our D4 series of video microphones.

User Guide

Andrew walks us through all the features of the V-Mic D4 Mini in this comprehensive user guide. Even though it is one of our easiest mics to use, it is still jam-packed with secrets and this tip video will give you all the hacks you need to get the most out of your new little friend!

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  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • 20mph Wind Rating
  • Automatic extra track assignment when a secondary source is plugged in
  • Passive – runs off 1-5V from cameras, phones, and audio recorders
  • Includes – Microphone, Faux fur Windshield, TRS Camera Cable, TRRS Phone Cable, Shockmount


Our View (Video)

What's In The Box?

  • Microphone
  • Faux fur Windshield
  • TRS Camera Cable
  • TRRS Phone Cable
  • Shockmount

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  1. Piotr

    Great mic

    Great mic super sound quality


  2. RR Kent

    Great mic for the money

    Great mic ideal for a compact camera. Doesn’t need a battery, just plugs in the mic jack point and it works. (Check your camera HAS a mic input!)A little noisy (hiss) when compared to a Rode Videomic Pro, although at this price it’s forgivable.I have both mics and although the Rode is quieter, and both have a degree of directionality that is useful, the Deity is my ‘go to’, because it’s smaller and doesn’t need a battery.

    RR Kent