DJI Mini 3 Pro drone

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Key Features
  • Up to 4K60p Video & 48MP Raw Stills
  • Tri-Directional Obstacle Avoidance
  • Regulation-Friendly 8.8 oz Weight
  • DJI RC Remote Included
  • Up to 34 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Rotating Gimbal for Vertical Shooting
  • Slow Motion Video at Full HD 1080p120
  • Up to 7.5 Mile Range with OcuSync 3
  • FocusTrack Subject Tracking System
  • Foldable Design for Easy Travel/Storage

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Fly longer and safer with the ultra-portable Mini 3 Pro from DJI. One of the biggest improvements over the Mini 2 is the inclusion of a tri-directional obstacle avoidance system, which can avoid accidents by automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles in its flight path. The Mini 3 Pro also provides an upgrade in visual quality, adding the ability of 60 fps filming at 4K, slow motion 120 fps at 1080p, and extremely hi-res 48MP raw stills. Even the flight time has been improved up to 34 minutes, or even longer with an optional Plus battery. Add in a foldable design and a host of tracking and imaging modes, and you have a drone that travels easily and can accommodate both impromptu personal or professional aerial imaging.

Obstacle Avoidance
Staying safer in the sky is now easier with the Mini 3 Pro, thanks to a tri-directional obstacle avoidance sensor system and the usage of APAS 4.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) technology. The forward, backward, and downward dual-vision sensors work with APAS 4.0 to automatically detect and avoid obstacles in the drone’s flight path.

Professional Aerial Imaging
The integrated camera of the Mini 3 Pro features a 1/1.3″ sensor with HDR support, dual native ISO, an f/1.7 aperture, and large 2.4μm pixels. The aperture and pixel size allow a considerable amount of light to enter the sensor, which reduces noise to elevate image and video quality in low-light situations, in addition to delivering stunning results in optimal lighting conditions. The optics are capable of recording video at up to a brilliant and smooth 4K60 and large, detailed raw stills at up to 48MP. With an eye toward professional content creation, the camera can also shoot in slow motion at 120 fps at Full HD 1080p resolution and offers the D-Cinelike Color mode, which supplies you with more color information that can help make post-flight editing more flexible.

True Vertical Shooting
The camera is housed within a gimbal that has its own features that lend to more dynamic footage. The gimbal’s wide rotation range supports low-angle shooting, but can also rotate for true vertical shooting. This social media-friendly feature allows the gimbal to rotate 90° to switch between landscape and portrait orientations.

Increased Flight Time
With an upgrade to the included Intelligent Flight Battery’s capacity, combined with larger propellers and an aerodynamic body tilt, the Mini 3 Pro is able to fly for up to 34 minutes. With the release of the optional Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, pilots who opt to equip the Mini 3 Pro with this battery can greatly exceed that duration with an up to 47 minute flight time.

Creative Modes and Tracking
A host of integrated features allow pilots of almost any skill level to pull off professional quality results with little effort.

  • FocusTrack: This system includes ActiveTrack 4.0, Spotlight 2.0, and Point of Interest 3.0 for wide-ranging subject tracking
  • MasterShots: Select your subject and the Mini 3 Pro will automatically perform pro-style maneuvers for cinematic results
  • Time-Lapse: Create dramatic timelapse or hyperlapse videos. Ideal shooting modes for filming moving traffic or rolling clouds
  • Panorama: Capture stunning vistas in one of four available panorama modes: 180°, wide angle, vertical, and sphere
  • QuickShot: Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang, and Asteroid

Regulation Friendly
Coming in at under 250g / 8.8 oz, the compact and portable Mini 3 Pro does not require registration in many countries and regions, giving you more opportunities to capture aerial stills and videos.

Additional Features

  • Direct output of HDR footage
  • Up to 4x digital zoom
  • QuickTransfer downloads at up to 30 Mb/s over Wi-Fi
  • Low-latency remote bit rate of 18 Mb/s at 120 ms
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DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC), DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC-N1), DJI Mini 3 Pro (No RC)


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4.9 overall

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  1. zahi


    Verry good item,superb


  2. ian w.

    Good drone

    Dji mini 3 a very good drone

    ian w.

  3. Nmaca

    Massive functions in a small kit.

    The dji mini 3 Pro is my first drone. On first few ( short ) flights amazed that it it so easy to use. It appears to do what a lot of more expensive, heavier drines cannot eg a 60 degree upward looking gimbal with a full 90 degrees downward looking. Stability is fantastic, my first flight was in 20 KpH winds… steady as a rock. The features this little drone has are too many to get through here and, to me, mind blowing! Very quiet and ” return to home protocol” I found highly specific and very entertaining as I had never flown a drone before. A measure of its abilities and popularity is the difficulty I had in ordering one! Also difficult to find a source that is not out of stock for its many accessories. I’m only a beginner but think I just bought the equivalent of a Lambourghini as my first drone! Buy, if you can access! 


  4. yuey wong

    Best overall pocket drone

    I’ve have several drones including phantom 4 pro and inspire 2. This mini 3 pro however fits into the glove compartment of my SUV and is huge spec given its size, great image and video quality and stable in winds. I’m a die hard photographer and this will be with me at all times 

    yuey wong

  5. Stephen Y.

    The drone I’ve been waiting for for 8 years!

    I started flying drones in 2013 but stopped in 2014 – too many crashes, scary moments and rules preventing me from flying in any of the interesting places.Finally in 2022 a drone that:- is light enough that even if it crashed into someone/something it is unlikely to cause significant damage- can be flown almost anywhere (except near airports and over tightly packed crowds of people)- has obstacle avoidance, thus significantly reducing the chances of a crash/destruction of the drone- has a real-world flight time of about 25 minutes- has a great on-board camera and gimbal- can be up & flying within a couple of minutesThere’s very little not to like about this drone. If you’re the sort of person who likes to fly drones so far away that you can no longer see them, and likes to do this in urban environments, then you may be disappointed by the signal range – I get 300 – 400m, however, away from heavy wifi interference the drone will fly for several kilometres, but that would be breaking the rules, as you’re suppose to keep the drone in sight while flying it.I’m terms of red tape (and I’ve researched this thoroughly) as of May 2022, all you need to do is obtain an Operator ID, which you can do online in a few minutes, and attach the ID number to the drone. This costs £10 per year. No need for a flyer ID if this is the only drone you’re flying.All-in-all this is a lovely little drone that’s easy to fly and there’s really no excuse to not take it with you, being so small and light, and the ability to fly it almost anywhere legally is fantastic!If the price isn’t an issue, then go for it! You won’t be disappointed. I hope this was helpful. 

    Stephen Y.

  6. Rif

    Amazing piece of kit

    I watched a lot of YouTube videos on this drone that were reviews and covered it’s features. I do a ton of research when getting electronics and often spend months before actually getting something.I can categorically say that this drone is by far of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever bought (in any category) and I’m not easily pleased! I’ve never used a drone before but the YouTube videos helped me massively to learn the features and feel totally comfortable to operate it even without any prior experience with drones.Get it – i promise you that you won’t regret it! 


  7. A Riley

    Utterly fantastic drone

    This is expensive but the picture quality is fantastic. Leaps and bounds ahead of the Mini 2 and in some cases approaching the quality of the Air 2S.The best thing about this machine is that because of its weight, you can fly it in many more places that would be prohibited for a larger machine without having an A2 license. 

    A Riley

  8. Bill S.

    Best overall Mini drone

    Great drone with excellent camera. Remarkably stable & controllable even in fairly windy conditions. Low light capability is good too.With its weight being under 250g this is an ideal drone for urban areas as well as countryside. 

    Bill S.

  9. Will

    The best drone under 250g

    I wanted by a drone for a long time until this became available. After reading and watching lots of reviews, I decided to give it a try. This is my first drone and I was so excited to fly. It crashed into my window and broke two Propellers. After replacing them, the drone flew again without any issue. It takes some practic to get used to the controller but better watch some videos on Youtube to config the settings properly before you fly around.Both image and video quality are amazing. I tried to shoot with both Normal and D-Cinelike videos during the day and night. Quality is fantastic. D-Cinelike format after colour grading looks much better just like professional film.There’re so many features which helps fly better and safer. Obstacle Sensors, ActiveTrack, Return Home, MasterShots, QuickShots etc.I can’t really add any more good words for it. The people whose having issues with it better watch some Youtube videos.This DJI Mini 3 Pro is the most amazing drone which is changing how I see the world.Buy it and enjoy a different view of the world. It’s not cheap but you won’t regret it!


  10. Phill


    Had the mini 2 before which was great but liked the sound of the updates..Drone itself is similar but better shapes but wished they still did the rubber strap to hold the blades when not in use.Camera features of rotation is very good update as is follow me..The controller is spot on, big screen for viewing is great so no more mobile on the top..It’s definitely an upgrade over the 2 and I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for the less than 250g weight.. 


  11. Piero

    Amazing tiny drone

    Amazing drone for this price


  12. a.p. oostermeijer

    First drone

    Very small and lightweight. A lot to learn , almost lost it on first flight but managed to get it back. Can’t say too much about it as I haven’t used it much. Rather expensive compared to other models.

    a.p. oostermeijer

  13. Peter Dossett

    Fantasy drone

    Very easy to control, well worth having the DJI RC controller with the LCD screen.

    Peter Dossett

  14. Fraser

    Fantastic drone

    Very, very impressed. Excellent image quality and the DJI Controller is excellent. Upgraded from Mini 2 and this is far superior.


  15. Jonathan siddall

    Awesome little drone, highly capable with excellent video and photos

    I have been so impressed with this drone since the first flight.DJI is pushing out updates and new features rapidly which makes the drone even better.The drone is small and very quick to setup, unfold the arms, remove the gimbal cover, insert a battery, power up the controller and the drone. Locks onto satellites in about 1 minute then your good to fly.Very smooth to fly, the controller is well thought out and intuitive.4k 10 bit D-Cinelike H265 MOV looks amazing once its been color graded, the image quality this little drone produces is excellent.I’ve used it to film promotional videos for clients and a music video.12MP stills are very color accurate and sharp, the 48MP is nice to have but I prefer 12mp, shooting in jpeg/dng.My clients have all been impressed with the video and photos from this drone.Battery life is very good, i have the fly more kit with 3 batteries and get around 1.5 hours of flight timeso about 30mins per battery.The mini3 pro handled gusty winds at the beach like a champ, wind was 20mph with the odd 30mph gust, video footage was smooth and sharp even with the drone banking at 45′ fighting the wind !.The quickshots and built in software is excellent.I’ve heard a few people complain about range issues, I have not experienced any signal dropout while filming for professional work.I highly recommend this drone, if you want great video, sharp color-accurate photos then definitely consider buying this drone. DJI have done an awesome job with this aircraft.

    Jonathan siddall

  16. A Davis

    Perfect for my Dji remote.

    Fit fine to the Dji remote and good product.

    A Davis

  17. amazonbuyer

    Amazing little drone

    For context this is my first drone, and am amazed. Hard to believe so much is packed into the tiny package.Haven’t really used it properly yet – been absorbing YouTube’s and just hovering and sorting out settings. Going to be perfect for travel and maybe more.If I were being picky – a few things would have been useful in the box :- Spare controller sticks – I just know I’ll lose one while travelling. Ordered in eBay.- a simple settings guide. But there’s so much out there from drone experts. Would be nice to have a Dji one with it.-48mp photo isn’t just a still frame size setting, it’s a whole ‘special mode’. That means other photo options like bracketed images aren’t available as they’re in the same list as 48mp photo so it’s either/or. Hopefully that changes.-side sensors. Seems like a big omission to leave them off. Maybe they just couldn’t do it with the weight but even so you can still crash it easily flying sideways. Again, just seems a shame.Other than that I need to use it properly to find out.The fly more kit is also useful. I purchased it, but the bag is a tad small with the RC and charger. It’s not well thought out and detract from the kit.And don’t forget firmware updates have to be applied to all batteries. So once you get the fly more or additional, you have to run the updates multiple times.Safe flying.


  18. Mylo Kaye

    Fantastic Drone

    Fantastic drone, small and nibble and verticalShooting is insane. My video are online, search; Mylo Kaye Aerial 

    Mylo Kaye

  19. Richard Osafo


    The drone was very easy to setup up, has lots of cool features and lighweight

    Richard Osafo

  20. ANDY

    Does what it says on the box

    Easy to fly. Great video and photos.Recommend for beginners who want a lightweight easy to fly drone that inclides some really nice features and some clever software.


  21. Ash

    Amazing little drone that packs all the best of a big drone in a small package

    Amazing little drone that packs all the best of a big drone in a small packageAre signal issues but im sure they will be fixes to sort the issues on the rc controllerBattery life and time is significantly reduced in sports mode maybe 20 mins flight times in windy conditions at a push


  22. Mr. M. Klein

    great drone

    great drone

    Mr. M. Klein

  23. john

    Pretty, pretty good.

    Quality bit of kit. Bit overpriced, but the footage this thing can capture speaks for itself.


  24. steve

    Amazing Drone

    This drone is a great bit of kit, i have only used it a few times but was blown away with the quality of picture and video. Great for making Youtube or social media content. 


  25. Jimmy87


    I previously had a Mini 2 and sold it for this.What a step-up in quality. I know this is called Mini 3 “Pro” but I did think the Pro bit was pure marketing…but it really is a huge step up in performance (granted it’s more expensive than the Mini2 but still cheaper than the other DJI ‘Pro’ drones).The picture quality (video + stills) is remarkable, for such a small drone which still houses a fairly small sensor. The addition of more quickshot/follow me modes is a big plus.But by far, for me, the two biggest wins for this are:- The new controller is a vast improvement on the Mini 2 controller and not having to connect your phone makes it so much easier to just get up and going. Sometimes I’d miss out on shots because I just couldn’t be bothered with the Mini 2 set up- Vertical shots. Especially if your audiences is on social, this is a game chanrger as you no longer have to crop your shots (on a small sensor, too) and you can actually compose your shots properly rather than guessing what it will look like I could go on and on but Youtube is full of longer reviews. Just buy it, you won’t regret it 


  26. lukey2k

    Absolutely Fantastic piece of kit,

    Absolutely Fantastic piece of kit, blown away with the ease of use and picture/video quality.The only thing that let’s it down is the battery life, its quite decent for the size etc but I would recommend buying additional batteries for sure


  27. catalepticstate

    Best value for money drone

    Nothing bad about the product. Arrived fast. Great functionality.The battery is always a limitation, so a few hours after buying the drone I bought the fly more kit, which I recommend!


  28. francis smith

    Just wow

    Buy it, you won’t regret it, superb piece of kit. Upgraded from a Mavic Air which was a lovely drone, my worries were quickly quashed as its such a great piece of kit.

    francis smith

  29. Chris Goddard

    Beautiful bit of kit

    Yeah I know its a weird way to describe electronics but it’s a beautiful bit of kit, I takes stunning images and the drones looks the business too. It’s so stable and reliable even in wind. Iv owned other drones but this is my first DJI and they really are the best out there for reliability.

    Chris Goddard

  30. mr d.

    Amazing Little (under 249g) Drone – matches the big boys

    Great piece of kit – Recommend getting a hard case to protect the props and DJRC – Great wind resistance and amazing range.

    mr d.

  31. Samie

    Good quality

    Flys just perfect and good quality images


  32. Amazon Customer


    Great product

    Amazon Customer

  33. andrew m.


    Had a few other drones over the years, but this with the new remote control screen works fantastic, it’s a easy drone to fly and responds to every command from the control. I’d def recommend this either for a starter flyer or even a more serious flyer. At 249g it can be flown virtually anywhere. 

    andrew m.

  34. MODEA

    What can I say?

    Just perfect for me. With all it’s new features it negates the use of what I would normally use to get that ‘shot’. I even use it to get stable tracking shots at head hight [or lower] so I don’t have to cart around an expensive camera stabiliser or trying to perfect a ‘crab’ walk (don’t know how anyone can do that ??).Mini 2 was great but this is something else!


  35. Aris.H

    Great image and build quality, very impressive screen on DJI RC

    Amazon did email me about the delay: the delviery date changed from 18th May to mid-June. However I still received my Mini 3 Pro on 18th May, very happy. Very compact and light weight for both the drone and the DJI RC controller. Did not take long to charge both of them and upddate the firmware, then activated the drone.I bought DJI REFRESH CARE on the 2nd day as I noticed that I only have 48 hours to purchase the Refresh Care plan. As I do not own Mini/Mini 2/Mini SE, I cannot compare the image quality with them, but the first impression is very good – almost as good as the main camera on some flagship phones. I have to say the screen on DJI RC is very impressive, the colour is nutrual and beautiful, I love this screen and it defenitelly worth the price difference between the RC-N1 and the RC version, with extra benefit of not worring being interupted by incoming phone calls. 


  36. Zoidy

    DJI mini 3 pro

    The media could not be loaded.

     What an excellent little drone. As my 1st ever drone. It’s does what I need with all the pro functions.I do use two drone apps to check for restrictions and no fly zones. Just because it’s a 249g drone and you don’t need to be Registered or qualified doesn’t mean flying irresponsible.Nothing basic about it. If your use to a much larger drone , then probably not for you unless you want to fly through windows and use a first person manoeuvres where it’s size would be of benefit.I fly in 0-20 mph winds which is stable enough. Can take higher gusts but the importance is really returning up wind in constant high wind. It’s having the battery power and drone power to over come high winds other wise it’ll get blown down wind and not return.The camera and video quality are great.It has front , back, up and down obstacles sensors. Could do with side sensors. Caution when flying sideways. It has cinema , normal and sport mode to slow the flight controls or turn of sensors for close proximity flying. I got the RC controller which is better than using your mobile.. It does track quite well with some hick ups. Small objects are normally harder and you can’t go to fast , it will loose you. I Love the return to home feature. Great features are setting pre flight parameters. Altitude, distance and return to home altitude . As it’s so small , can loose sight of it easy. 


  37. R. Whitehouse

    If you are new pilot get DJI insurance before you fly it!

    I cant really add any more superlatives to those provided by other purchasers. I have been holding-off buying a drone for a year or two until one was produced which was almost idiot proof and had all the functionality i was looking for. This is the one. I have never flown any other drone but if someone asked me if it was suitable for a total newbie i would say – Definitely. DJI offer a brilliant insurance package for this model which is only available for 48hrs from activation of the drone for the 1st time. Dont be tempted to try it out indoors though – you will be sorry. 

    R. Whitehouse

  38. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Far better than I expected, huge range, easy to use, controlling will take a while to perfect, camera quality is incredible!Battery life was a worry, but 30mins is plenty

    Amazon Customer

  39. Iulian Duduman

    Best one.

    Better like Mini 2 one!

    Iulian Duduman

  40. Paul

    First class drone from Dji

    The media could not be loaded.

     Amazing mini 3 pro upgrade lots of changes would of loved side sensors but you cannot have everything but maybes one day soon . 


  41. Stephen Davidson

    Best drone you can get in the sub 250g class

    Excellent drone. It’s good in every way. Sure I’d like side avoidance, a bigger sensor and variable aperture but all that might have pushed it over the 250g weight limit. The new RC controller is excellent too.DJI have done a great job with this drone. It works exactly as it should and I’ve had no issues with either the software or the hardware. Image quality from the camera is good. I’m a pixel peeper so I can nitpick the details but really I’ve no complaints and it competes well with more professional cameras.

    Stephen Davidson

  42. Olatoba

    Great item

    Good product


  43. GeeHaitch

    Ideal beginner drone

    This drone is perfect for a beginner. Lots of natty features and takes excellent photos and videos. Includes anti collision sensors to avoid any unnecessary crashes. My advice is take your time to learn all the features and know the law regarding drones before you fly. Under 250 grams makes it Classless but you still need to register it and pass a simple CAA online exam. 


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