DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit

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Key Features
  • For DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • 2 x Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • Two-Way Charging Hub
  • Shoulder Bag for Drone & Accessories
  • 2 x Mini 3 Pro Propellers
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C Cable
  • 12 x Replacement Screws

Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.


Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

Fly longer and shoot more on location when you outfit your Mini 3 Pro with the Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit from DJI. The Fly More Kit is a multi-pack of accessories for the Mini 3 Pro drone. Primarily, the kit includes two additional Intelligent Flight Batteries. Each battery can provide the Mini 3 Pro with up to 34 minutes of flight time on a full charge. Additional included accessories include a two-way charging hub, two propellers, a USB 3.0 Type-C cable, a dozen screws, and a shoulder bag to protect and carry your Mini 3 Pro and Fly More Kit accessories.

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  1. Jmax

    A must have kit

    Dji have failed to give a bag that fits all the parts in. I knew this before, so I ordered a mini 2 bag and all fits perfectly. They had to make the battery’s lightweight so they do feel a bit cheap but it’s not a deal breaker. Not sure why people are complaining about the usb A to usb C cable as you get a usb C to usb C cable with the mini 3 and I think it’s better to have both versions rather then 2 cables the same. Shame they don’t include a screwdriver as it can’t cost much to include one. The charge hub is a must if you have more than one battery and it’s very useful as a usb charger as a second use. Overall I feel this kit is ok for the money just a few let downs by Dji but still a must needed kit for the mini 3 pro. Would have been 5 stars if the bag was a good fit.

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  2. Will

    Must have kit for DJI Mini 3

    If you want to buy any kit for the DJI Mini 3, this is the first one you can’t miss. It comes with strong well made shoulder bag which you can put the drone, RC and charging hub etc inside. Lots of spare pockets can be used for the cables, charger, Spare Propellers and your mobile phone etc.Definitely the essetial kit to fly more time. Highly recommended.


  3. Martin

    A must have

    If you love flying your drone then you’ll need these extra batteries


  4. TB

    Not as good value as previous Fly More options

    This kit costs about the same as buying 2 batteries and the charging hub, so you can consider the shoulder bag, extra props and USB lead as freebies.The bag is a lower quality version of what came with the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo, and my one is poorly stitched. It also lacks the carry handle on the side of the Mini 2 version. It is the same size, yet the aircraft, controller and charging hub are all larger, making it a squeeze to get it all in. It does all fit though (without a charger, but neither the DJI Mini 3 Pro or the Fly More Kit include the charger anyway), and I probably will use mine, but the bag is a major disappointment. The bag lacks the DJI embossing of earlier bags, which probably is a good thing.Currently (June 2022), this is the only way to get extra batteries or the charging hub, so it is an essential option for Mini 3 Pro owners. However, you can’t help but feel DJI are trying to get you to pay a lot more and get a lot less with both the Fly More and the DJI Mini 3 Pro.


  5. Jim

    Great add on kit,

    Great add on kit, worth it for the batteries and charger alone, props and bag are a bonus


  6. mikev

    Great size bag, doesn’t include a USB charging plug which is a bummer

    I’m not sure about the complaints on size, I have no issues at all fitting my RC controller and Mini 3pro, plus the charging station with the 3 batteries inside, and the extra props/ND filters in the top lid. It even has a tiny extra space for something else in there. Overall it feels like a great material, fits everything in a compact size.So I currently have one battery on the drone, plus 3 inside the charging station, and extra props/screwdriver and cable in the lid pocket.I am disappointed that DJI didn’t include a USB plug for the cable. I have one for my ipad, but I don’t often travel with it, and i’d like to have one inside my bag here, guess I’ll have to buy one online. 


  7. TopDog

    Drone Case

    Great Little case for taking drones out quickly but a bit small for extras


  8. A Riley

    Got a Mini 3? You need this.

    There really is no reason not to buy this if you have a Mini 3 and intend to fly it for any length of time.My only complaint is that the bag doesn’t have the side handle any more like it did on the Mini 2.The batteries are the same as you get with the Mini 3 and the charger does what it says. You need a PD power supply of 28W to get it to fast charge. Be aware that the charging is sequential rather than simultaneous.

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    A Riley

  9. Arsenii Ashukha

    great product

    Arsenii Ashukha

  10. Ethan Grant

    Missing items

    I have not received any blades and usb connector in the box. I have checked thoroughly to be sure. Found it strange that the box was sealed but these items are missing.

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    Ethan Grant

  11. Zoidy

    Fly more kit

    Recommend if you need to fly more.The batteries are only 2453mAh . Would have been really sweet if they were the 3850mAh (£215 each) that comes with this kit , it does not.The intelligent charge only charges one battery at a time It’s also recommended you buy the 30w charging plug sold as a separate item as it will take hours to charge your batteries. 30w less than an hour. USB charging – several hours.Comes with USB A to USB C wire and USB C to USB C wire . Charging is done sequentially. Charge the controller with a separate low wattage plug so you can charge at the same time as batteries. The controller can’t be charged at 30w.


  12. Adam

    A must if you love to fly

    You will need this if you want to get more out of your M3pro. But the bag is on the tight side. And it’s price is a bit high. Just buy spare batteries and a proper case would be my advice.


  13. ___Tech Reaper___

    Exactly what’s needed !

    The fly more pack is so much better as a separate purchase, rather than with the drone.Having the 2 extra batteries and props are exactly what’s needed.The fact a usb c to usb c cable isn’t included is oddIf I could change anything, have the fly more kit without the bag, reducing the cost a little and reducing waste !Overall 5 stars, good value and great quality…. Just loose the bag from the kit and include a usb c to usb c cable next time ! 

    ___Tech Reaper___

  14. Brazen Serpent

    Useful if you have the Drone

    I purchased the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone and I’d say this is essential. 2 spare batteries and a charger with a very useful carry bag. Its a bit expensive (but so is the Drone) but very useful.

    Brazen Serpent

  15. amazonbuyer

    Too small, bad design

    Wanted this for the bag and batteries and charger.Petty disappointed – doesn’t seem like DJI actually tried to fit the items in and guessed instead.The spaces are all wrong, the drone is loose, but then there’s barely space for the new RC and the battery charger is a real squeeze. It’ just feels wrong if you put everything in.And then you have loads of spare propeller blades but the most likely thing to need is joysticks for the controller as they’re fiddly to fit.If could just buy the charger and batteries probably would do that.But for now it will do the job, just not very well.


  16. John E

    Good bit if kit

    Charges each battery in sequence and also the remote controller, plug your batteries in, plug the controller in and forget it, it will do it all

    John E

  17. Nicardo

    Great value for more Fly time

    Gets you more fly time without going over the 250g mark.


  18. steve

    A must for the DJI Mini 3 pro.

    Bag is a little small but I can fit the drone, charger and 3 batteries inside.


  19. Grom

    Top für Anfänger

    Habe die Drohne ca. 4 Wochen.Da es meine erste Drohne ist war ich am Anfang etwas zurückhaltend mit dem fliegen.Aber die Mini 3 ist echt ein super Teil was mir sehr viel Spaß macht! Ja es ist ein etwas teueres Spielzeug…aber aus meiner Sicht ist sie das Geld wert.


  20. Dustin Wood

    Nice kit, but the bag can be so, so much better.

    Well, the batteries work. And you have to have multiple batteries if you’re going to fly a lot. But the one thing that comes in the kit that could be better is the bag.I had the Mini 2 Fly More kit. I used the bag, but the bag could have been better. With the Mini 3, I feel they made the bag even worse.First off, I’m not sure why I’ve seen comments about the bag being TOO small. That’s not the case. I have the controller with the screen and it fits just fine. But that’s not the issue with the case. The issue I have is that they’ve designed this purpose-built case, but it doesn’t seem like they quite thought it out. Was the same issue with the Mini 2 bag.The first issue I noticed was the missing handle on the side of the bag. The previous one had a shoulder strap and a handle. This one only has the shoulder strap. I used the handle almost all the time.Then the way that it opens just feels backward. And it doesn’t even open that well. If you have anything zipped in the lid, it’s a struggle to make sure the propellers don’t get bent or something gets caught as you open. But again, the hinge is on the wrong side of the bag. Opening it doesn’t feel natural.Then the dividers in the bag. This one allows you to move the wall. Not sure why? Everyone should be using the same drone, so the size will always be the same. Then there’s the separator between the batteries and controller. This was my biggest gripe with the previous bag. It’s not connected to anything. It just flaps back and forth making it difficult to put in either the controller or batteries. Whichever one you add last. I used to keep my wall charger under the batteries, so it’d always slide around and end up on the controller side when I was using the drone. Just extend that divider and secure it to the wall. No need for the way it is now.But, since I was tired of fighting the Mini 2 bag, I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that for the Mini 3 one. I’ve now purchased a soft-shell case that allows me to keep everything separated and secure. And I don’t even have to take off the joysticks. So I now have quicker access to flying. 

    Dustin Wood

  21. Jonah73

    Could be better

    Trying to get this bundle has been especially difficult. But I got lucky and have received mine.Firstly the bag is not very good. With the Mini 2, everything fitted nicely into the bag. But with this bag and the Mini 3 Pro it is not suitable. I have ended up using a bigger Manfrotto camera messenger bag to store all the Mini 3 Pro stuff.The batteries and charging hub are what most people will be needing mostly. You will be encouraged to update the battery firmware when you start your drone with a new battery. Apart from that everything works as it should. 


  22. Cliente Amazon

    Worth buying

    Worth buying the kit for the extra batteries, propellers and carrying bag.

    Cliente Amazon

  23. Samie

    Much needed

    Good to actually fly more.


  24. Merlin’s Beard

    Just expensive

    As expected

    Merlin’s Beard

  25. Anon

    Good parts, bag is too small

    The extra battery’s, charger and props are great. The bag is the same as the one with the DJI mini 2 minus the side handle. For the mini 2 the bag is perfect. For the mini 3 it’s too small to accommodate both the wider battery charger and the larger RC remote.


  26. Mark Phillips

    Bag could be better.

    I purchased the DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly more kit as I felt at the time it offered good value.When you add the cost of spare batteries for the Mini 3 are £59 each on Amazon.The kit comes with two batteries plus the charger (£92.99), which will hold and charge 3 batteries.Although the batteries are charged in order, not at the same time.You also get the USB C cables as well as spare propellers (£13.99).Then there is the bag to store your drone and accessories in.The bag looks well made and has a non detachable adjustable shoulder strap.There are two zipped pockets, one on the inside lid and the other on the front face externally.These pockets are ideal for your spare propellers, screwdriver/screws, USB cables and flyer id.The internal design of the bag is ok, but could be better.I would of wanted the controller to fit in the front inside pouch. This would then offer padded protection to the R/C screen. But its to small so the USB cables live there.The section for the drone is sewn to the front pouch and secured to the back of the bag by a small velcro strip. The section also has a small divider sewn into it, splitting the remaining part of the bag into two.This enables you to store the batteries and charger in one half and the controller in the other.Does the bag do its job? yes everything fits but it’s an untidy fit, and accessories are not protected as well as they could be.With the set carrying the DJI brand name and marketed for the Mini 3, I expected the bag to be better thought out.Overall the kit does offer value for money, but don’t buy for the bag alone.

    Mark Phillips

  27. Florin A.

    everything fits perfectly inside the bag!

    Not sure why people complain about it being too small, everything fits inside with no issues. The only con is the price for the drone + fly more combo, double the price than what we used to pay for a mini drone combo.

    Florin A.

  28. Sparky

    A tight fit but worth getting

    Having the two extra batteries and the hub make life a lot easier. The case, however, is the weakest link in this bundle – the drone and gimble protector fit nicely, but the hub and controller are a tight fit. The shoulder strap is good but it would have been nice to have a carry handle too.


  29. Luke

    Fit everything

    Other reviewers saying items don’t fit haven’t played around with the Velcro dividers. I changed my positioning and everything fits perfectly. Also seen complaints of no handle but it has a carry strap? Works exactly the same as a handle. Nice material and feels premium. Spare batteries and propellers are great, cradle charges fast, no complaints here. 


  30. UKInfamous

    Finally got my hands on one

    All good, case fits great, not sure how people are saying it is too small as it is perfect in size to fit all parts. A great saving on buying all parts individually, bit puzzling why a usb-c to usb-c cable wasn’t supplied though to support pd 30w charging of the batteries. 


  31. Kernowradio

    To small

    I received this today 22nd of May. It is a similar size to the Mini 2 bag but unfortunately it is a squeeze to get everything in.The battery are bigger.The Battery charger is bigger.And the Controller is bigger.So you would think a bigger bag, but sadly No!!And the strap on the side of the bag is missing, so its just a shoulder bag!!You can’t carry it by a handleThe most important thing is that its to small to comfortably put everything in.And no spare sticks, just props.Everything fits in my old Mini 2 fly more combo bag, no problem 


  32. Phill

    Good upgrade..

    Had the mini 2 model before and thought it was great, this 3 is another level..! Superb upgrade.. the drone itself has improved but even better now the screen on screen on controller is fantastic! No more plugging on the phone above the controller.. not yet tried all the new features but will say it’s a great upgrade.. 


  33. Fraser

    Great value

    Great value to add an extra couple of batteries and charger – almost essential I’d say!


  34. NaturePhotog

    Good for the accessories but the bag is too small

    The extra batteries, propellers, and charging unit are nice. I thought all batteries would charge at once but they charge individually. Not an issue to me.There is no plug included for the cable.The biggest problem is the bag. It is too small for the drone, controller, and accessories. Maybe if you really force it you can get most of it in, but do you really want to take a chance on breaking the propellers? And even if you did, the bag provides no real protection for the drone or controller. I’m going to get a better case and still think this is a good deal for the rest of the accessories. And I’ll use this case for something else


  35. insanerob

    Bag is terrible

    All is good apart from the case. The case is just a floppy padded bag, offers minimal protection and only has a shoulder strap that is not removable and just gets in the way, definitely not something I’d put a £1000 drone setup in. This arrived yesterday, today I am ordering a 3rd party hard-shell case that IS fit for purpose.


  36. Pete Taz Evans

    Bargain !

    I was surprised at this price for the combined package because some suppliers were asking that for just one battery.. So what a bargain ! I highly recommend this buy

    Pete Taz Evans

  37. soarinUK

    Must have

    If you own a mini 3, you NEED the fly more kit.the 2 extra batteries and 2 way charging hub are worth it alone.Only negative is that the bag needs an extra few cm in order to fit everything in it comfortably.


  38. H Price

    Looks and feels cheap…

    Smaller than case for dji mini 2 – yet items for storing are bigger – a strain to get them in. There’s no spare joysticks, unlike previously, and no guard to protect the drone’s blades. Very disappointed with product this time round. 

    H Price

  39. Jules

    A must for Mavic owners

    Great kit.Bag is the perfect size.Extra batteries are a must.In reality, a bit overpriced.


  40. Euxton ranger

    Good value overall but the bag a bit small….

    When you price the items individually, yes it makes economic sense to buy the bundle. The batteries, charger, cable and spare props would cost the same if not a bit more than the kit, BUT the strangest thing is that the bag is a little too small to fit the drone, controller (DJI RC with screen), charging hub without feeling like I’m squeezing stuff in. DJI make some wonderful products but who signed off this design before going into production? Maybe I’m wrong and you’re not supposed to put the charging hub in there, but I’d like too! If it was 20mm longer and wider it wouldn’t have been an issue (or looked much bigger). I wouldn’t be surprised to see quite a few of these of these bags on a famous selling website site very soon. In time I will probably buy another slightly larger case or bag. Shame really…. great value package but a poorly designed bag. DJI, we know you can do better! 🙁

    Euxton ranger

  41. H Ghalebi

    If you flying your drone

    If you flying your drone a lot and you traveling a lot then you need this kit for sure I went around the Europe and this kit helped me so much…

    H Ghalebi

  42. Stephen

    Bag is a bit useless

    Worth buying for the batteries and hub but the bag is only big enough for the drone and RC remote, you will not be carrying the hub in it. Thankfully I don’t need the bag.


  43. Kiran

    Must Have kit for Mini 3 Pro

    Trying to get this bundle has been especially difficult. I got lucky and got it with in 3 days from amazon. Its an amazing job,The bag is good enough to hold the drone, batteries with charger, propellers and extra filters.The batteries and charging hub are what most people will need most. You will be encouraged to update the battery firmware when you start your drone with a new battery. Apart from that, everything works as it should.Batteries and chargers are what I am after. It completely worth the money. Highly recommended.


  44. Mr. M. S. Wilde

    Good value

    I was always going to buy 2 additional batteries and the multicharger – it cost £2 more to get the Fly More Bundle. I can safely say it is worthwhile as includes £166 of stuff plus however much value you attribute to the carry bag.Charger is great; charges batteries followed by the controller automatically. Bag is good, fits everything in relatively easily. It would be good if there was a carry handle rather than just the over shoulder strap. 

    Mr. M. S. Wilde

  45. M

    Worth the price

    Batteries, propellers would already worth the price. Not to mention the genius charging hub and the bag. I end up not using the bag because it is a little too tight to fit all the accessories.


  46. Jota

    Must have

    A must have accessory for every drone user


  47. Mr. D. Colton

    My first drone and I love it

    It’s brilliant amazing photos and videos just need to practice more

    Mr. D. Colton

  48. Max Aitken

    Ignore silly reviews – bag is perfect size

    Ignore those who say the bag is too small. It’s not! I love this bag!Fits drone, RC, charging unit, cables PLUS a third party USB charger I bought with international adaptors. Snug, sure, which is ideal as it’s a *MINI* drone and I want it easy to carry. Bag is well made too.I really can’t imagine a more perfect bag for this drone. The bad reviews really annoy me – I smell a rat?Batteries and charging unit are of course essential as flight time in reality is 20 minutes plus back to home time.BTW amazing drone, just love it. 

    Max Aitken

  49. Vincent

    A must have

    It’s great little kit of accessories, extra batteries. multi slot battery dock, extra propellers. 4 stars because the case, sup with that. you spent close or over a $1000 on your dji mini 3 pro and gives you this really soft case, when it comes to protecting your gear the case feels extremely inadequate. Would be happier it came with a USB charger instead of that case, yes I said charger, The multi slot battery dock/charger doesn’t come with a USB wall unit/plug etc.


  50. Johnty

    All in one fly kit.

    Altogether cheaper than the separate parts, the kit is Essential for serious flying.The batteries are identical to the originals and the charging case doubles as a handy carrier- the batteries “click” in. The case fits the drone,RC1 controller and the batteries comfortably with good padding and pockets for maps, manuals and notebook. Good product. 


  51. kenny


    If you have the mini 3 then the fly more kit is essential if you want to fly more than 25 minutes without waiting for the one battery you get with the mini 3 to charge .I would suggest buying a cheap pd charger of at least 30w to charge the battery hub . I purchased a cheap 60w charger from Amazon and charges the bated hub and remote really fast . 


  52. a.p. oostermeijer

    Nice accessorie

    Back is ok, could have been a touch bigger. Great charger, waterproof material.

    a.p. oostermeijer

  53. Nomad

    Tasche passt perfekt

    Also bei mir passt die Tasche exakt für die Mini 3 Pro, Akkus+Ladegerät, Dji-RC sowie Zubehör (Kabel, Propeller, etc. im Deckel)Selbst der Netzstecker passt prima und ich habe noch Platz für weiteres Zubehör. Die beiden zusätzlichen Akkus sind bei mir in der Ladeschale eingesteckt und arretiert. Laut Dji ist diese Lagerung und Transport der Akkus so korrekt.Warum die Tasche hier bei anderen Käufern nicht passt, kann ich mir nicht erklären. Evtl. verschiedene Hersteller/ Chargen?Ich bin jedenfalls mit der Tasche voll zufrieden. 


  54. Ryan Durnell

    Perfect size

    Perfect lil package for everything u need to fly

    Ryan Durnell