Elgato – Green Screen MT

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A dedicated chroma key surface that requires zero floor space, Green Screen MT strikes the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance.

Easily mounted on wall or ceiling.

Pull down and let the precision roller drive lock the screen at any position.


Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

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Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.


Chroma keying gives you the visual power to embed yourself in any content you choose. The creative freedom to personalise your stream in any way imaginable. With Green Screen MT, this power and freedom is yours – in one swift motion that instantly ups your production value.

Leverage the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance. Green Screen MT sports panoramic dimensions that cover your entire height and wingspan, without occupying a single inch of floor space.

Mount Green Screen MT on your wall or ceiling, pull the handle down to any position, and let the precision roller automatically lock your screen in place. Easy.

Green Screen MT redefines what you can expect from studio-grade compositing fabric. Premium Dacron ® fibres ensure a durable, wrinkle-free spread, while optimised chroma green guarantees the cleanest key you can get. No seams. No ripples. Just pure perfection from edge to edge.

It’s a wrap? Simply give the handle a quick tug, and release. The screen will gracefully disappear into its protective metal casing, snug and out of sight. Ready to immerse you time and time again.


  • Mountable Chroma Key Panel
  • Panoramic dimensions cover your entire height and wingspan
  • Pull down and let the precision roller drive lock the screen at any position
  • Tug and release to automatically rewind
  • Durable wrinkle-resistant fabric guarantees the cleanest key you can get
  • Robust metal casing with a space-saving profile complements any setup
  • Easily mount on your wall or ceiling
  • Dimensions: ca. 190 x 200 cm / 74.8 x 78,74 in (screen)
  • 212 x 8 x 9,5 cm / 83.46 x 3.15 x 3.74 in (retracted)
  • Material: 100% polyester (Dacron by DuPont)
  • Weight: 5,4 kg / 11.9 lb

In The Box

  • Green Screen MT
  • Quick Start Guide
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Dimensions 178 × 18 × 16 cm

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4.9 overall

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  1. Zidanny


    Very good product for my video call needs. I work full time via video call.



    perfect pull up banner

    well made strong pull up banner.


  3. Mr. S. Hirst

    Elgato Green screen

    Perfect for my live streams

    Mr. S. Hirst

  4. Strivee

    Highly recommended

    This is great, I bought it for my partner and I was concerned about where we would store it as I like our house to be clutter free. However it stores away nicely


  5. JoelC

    Great Pull-Down Green Screen

    This review is for the Elgato Green Screen that hangs from and pulls down from a ceiling mounted position. I was pleasantly surprised by how quality this screen feels and loved the slow retraction feature when putting back up into the closed position. Screen colour is a nice, bright green and you don’t have to deal with any wrinkle issues since it is rolled up. Another nice surprise is that this is very good at blocking light: mine is hanging right in front of a ceiling light and I can’t see any light or variance in the colour of the screen where the light is really close to it.It was tougher than I thought it would be to get my lighting right for clean video calls, but as far as I can tell this isn’t the fault of the screen.Pros* Good bright, and even colour.* Easy to pull down and retracts out of the way.* Slow close-up/retraction is a really nice feature to avoid damaging the unit and making a loud bang.* No wrinkles and no variance in colour!* Surprisingly good as a black out curtain.Cons* A little expensive, for what I was looking for. 


  6. Jonathan Mills

    Shooting Chromakey

    This Elgato screen costs a little more but it is absolutely worth every penny!! It comes in a metal carry case with two clasps and handle. Two swivel feet on the bottom stabilize the screen when it is deployed. The mechanism is incredible: a light pull on the handle and it rolls straight up and locks into place when it is fully extended. Literally a few seconds to set it up! It rolls back into the case just as easily, with a very light touch on the handle. The materials are top quality and it is the fastest, easiest portable solution. Highly recommended. 

    Jonathan Mills

  7. Maxfactor


    Perfect… in fact better than I thought…seems to last for years..good quality


  8. Richard Hillier

    Bigger than the standing screen!

    Love it. Had a problem with the first one but was sorted out very fast and replaced. I have it up on the wall and it’s perfect for streaming. I would say for the price that it could have included the screws for walls and ceilings. But still a fantastic product none the least.

    Richard Hillier

  9. Carla

    Green screen for putting images behind you when live

    Put rolling images behind you when zwifting live


  10. sean


    quality product, but for price and alternatives like £20 for 7ft by 10ft


  11. Alireza Sanaee

    I think this is a convenient green screen. LOVED IT

    Nothing to dislike about this product.

    Alireza Sanaee

  12. zeal

    I put this off too long

    I put this off for so long. Mucking around with a cheap green screen system. This is so worth the money. Its build quality is so sturdy and the fact it packs away is worth so much.


  13. Josh

    Great portability, could be steadier on the ground.

    Brilliant for being able to raise and lower at a moment’s notice. Main issue is that it tends to fall easily and I’ve resorted to using a washing line prop to hold it up when recording. More support on the base needed I feel to make it sturdier.


  14. Anthony M.

    Perfect for my needs

    I purchased this to make zoom and teams meeting easier. Makes a great backdrop and allows for back-ground images to work seamlessly. Keeps my home images or location private. Very impressed and very portable

    Anthony M.

  15. Dr. T. Zijlstra


    I’ve faffed about with ‘cloth’ solutions in the past, they never satisfied me, flopping around if a window or door was left open. This mounts to the ceiling and the screen pulls down very easily. It returns with a short pull down and does so without stress or trouble of any kind. It isn’t a cheap solution, but you get quality in return.

    Dr. T. Zijlstra

  16. Alastair McDermott

    Great build quality

    This is a fantastic pull up green screen.I’m really impressed with the build quality, from the all in one enclosed casing with the handle to the pull up mechanism to the back supports.Highly recommend.

    Alastair McDermott

  17. Murray Challans

    Awesome 😎

    Awesome 😎But it now.

    Murray Challans

  18. Audra Lamoon

    Great .. little narrow though!

    Just wish it was wider!!

    Audra Lamoon

  19. Darryl

    Quality & Practical all in one!

    Online Streaming


  20. Nic


    Love it. Perfect for my photo shoots


  21. Jay

    Good Quality Greenscreen

    Good quality screen that can be retracted to keep the room looking bright and tidy.I would have given the product a full 5 stars if the product included wall screws considering the price is not cheap.


  22. redmail

    Great but could be wider

    Expensive but great quality …. the hinged riser is well thought outIt’s a shame this isn’t just that bit wider … with my wider angle webcam there’s often times when the edges of the screen can be seen … I wish this was 0.5m-1m widerStill a great idea and well built … Elgato are definitely securing their place as the “Apple” of video streaming market 


  23. Fanatical

    Great product

    Everything works and looks awesome. Didn’t think I would need to move my greenscreen around at all but was I wrong. So happy that I can move it around my room within seconds. Would definitely buy again if I ever needed it.Was a bit worried what if the greenscreen is too narrow but it’s not plus can easily adjust/crop dimensions on pc. Great for livestreaming


  24. Honest Jones


    Works very well. Bought it as I had to travel and needed a green screen. Very portable, so easy to setup, I’m never going to go without it now.I’m only very small but I can carry it easily. During my hotel stays, it was easy to setup and put away. So much so that I didn’t mind doing so on a daily basis.The only thing about this is the width is perhaps on the shorter side. So it needs to be quite close to me, which means if I stretch backwards, it could knock it down.So far, I’ve avoid such accidents and it’s managed to balance itself. Not sure how many times lucky I can get though. So I’m using an old webcam that doesn’t have wide angle and that allows the green screen to be placed further back.Anyway, so far, so good. Hopefully, it will last me for 7-10 years, if not more. And by then, if it breaks, I Will definitely replace. 

    Honest Jones

  25. dilligaf

    Great GreenScreen works great with no wrinkles

    But this! Don’t buy the cheaper no name versions they are rubbish in comparison. Nice even colour no wrinkles even when rolled up for a long time.


  26. Adam Osbond

    Don’t buy cheap – buy this.

    Absolutely amazing. Stores away so snug and out if the way, and free stands. Brilliant quality. Definitely recommend.

    Adam Osbond

  27. James Hoffmann

    Good product – Would Recommend

    Good product. Good green screen for price. Good size. Folds easily and quickly. Sturdy and secure. Would recommend

    James Hoffmann

  28. Michael H

    Exceeded my every expectation

    I was expecting a plastic box, plastic support rods, something that would be prone to tipping over with barely any effort. I was expecting something that would barely do the job, but wasn’t a particularly great product while doing the job.I was wrong.What you get is a big, heavy solid aluminum base (that doubles as compact storage when not in use). Stiff aluminum support rods. Heavy green-screen fabric. The construction on this is sturdy as heck. And worries about it tipping? It won’t, not unless you fall into it.My only small complaint is that I wish it were a tad wider. Either you place it very close to the back of your gaming chair (which doesn’t give you much room to move around or swivel), or place it a little further back and crop the webcam in OBS to remove the edges the screen doesn’t cover. 

    Michael H

  29. Jonathan Tracey

    Best green screen you can buy – just needs to be a little wider

    A great quality screen, easy to pull up when you need it, and folds away into an easily storable container. I found it to be just a little too narrow, to fill you entire background it needs to be close behind your chair. This can lead to some green casting especially on you hair or head.That said it be the best screen I have used (and I have used many over the years) and its quality construction will mean it lasts for years.Please elgato make a version that is 50cm wider 

    Jonathan Tracey

  30. Brother O

    I should have bought this first!

    I should have bought this first, but I bought a pop up green screen and regretted it. Because it bowed, it did not light well. I had looked at the green screen curtains, but I needed something that could easily be taken down..and something I didn’t need to iron or stretch or pin. I finally went back to the Elgato pull up green screen. I have a couple pull up banners for events so I knew the concept was a good one and it would be portable. Sure enough, this turned out to be a very good purchase. It lights evenly with a couple of lamps that have daylight LED bulbs and, even better when I use an overhead to separated me from the background. When guests come over, I just collapse it and store it under a bed. It is worth the cost.

    Brother O

  31. Mr. M. W. Patten

    Cannot Fault The Product.

    Love how easy it is to unpack and be ready in minutes. Does not require huge space. Works beautifully in PPCC and FXPX in post edit. In Photoshop 2020 the masking is a dream. Put your own background, static or dynamic and you will not be spending ages chocking the mask to fit.Totally recommend. Newbie or Pro. 

    Mr. M. W. Patten

  32. O.G. Customer

    Oh boy

    Oh boy oh boy! Am I satisfied? Wow, I was literally so surprised by the quality and how easy it is to set up I had to sit down. It’s absolutely fantastic in every way. Sturdy, excellent green material, super duper easy to retract. Just be gentle because it deserves it. Highly recommended for amateurs and professionals from age 0 to 200. Thnak you for this excellent product

    O.G. Customer

  33. Amazon Customer

    Best green screen on the market!

    Very sturdy and durable the best green screen by far and comes with a protective case that stops any fluids or damages getting to the screen

    Amazon Customer

  34. sad

    Fantastic product for any game streamer

    Fantastic product for any game streamer. Takes about 20 seconds to set up . And 20 seconds to put down and store under your bed/couch . I stream on Mixer and my stream looks fantastic now …..Would buy it again just because i did not want some curtain to hang up or down and all other products were too bulky . If you use OBS or Xsplit its an easy set up as well ….HIGHLY Recommend this Green Screen …… 


  35. Amazoner

    proper green screen

    its designed to hang from hooks on the ceiling. however i have mounted it wall to wall on hooks as my roomsize allowed. it has a sturdy spring loaded pull down and lock mechanism and rolls back if you are careful to keep it straight satisfyingly into a closed unit. The colour is the perfect greenscreen and with enough light on it (its so big this is a challenge) i can get seamless greenscreen.it is wider than the height of a person and nearly as long so its easy to keep the bounds in camera shot.it arrives in a 7ft high narrow box. it says it will not crease. well i can confirm it will crease and show slightly and stay there if you twist the material.


  36. Veronica Hunter


    A gift to my son in law for work in his at home office. He LOVES IT!

    Veronica Hunter

  37. Hontis

    Great Product, well made, so why only 4 stars?

    Like all Elgato products the build quality is excellent.It’s got a real quality feel and gives you the confidence it’s going to last.The slide action is smooth and it’s easy to use with just one hand.Once extended it’s perfectly smooth with no creases ( essential for a clean key ).With all these plus points you’d think I’d give it 5 stars, but no, in my opinion, it’s a little narrow on the width. The secret to getting a clean key with a green screen is having between 4 and 6 feet between you and the screen ( and good lighting on the screen ). At 6 feet away it’s a little too narrow, just another 100mm would have made all the difference, is it a deal breaker? No, but would could have been a great product is only a good product. However, is it worth the money and would I buy it again – YES!I’ve also made some modifications to mine so it can also be hung from the ceiling, I wanted the versatility of floor or ceiling mount, that would be another useful feature that could be added. 


  38. A. Finck

    High quality

    Much higher quality than I expected. Bigger to…. look at the dimensions if you are in a tight spot. The case and structure is well built and heavily. You can expand and collapse the screen without having to worry about the base flopping around. It’s portable in that you can put it away or slide it off to the side… it’s certainly not small enough to easily hide in an average closet. We bought this to avoid having cats scratch a permanent one. Setup was easy, light quality is very important. If your lighting is shoddy fix that before bothering with this. 

    A. Finck

  39. N A.

    Buy it

    A crackingly good quality screen; sturdy, flat and great quality. I had to wait some time to get mine but very pleased. 

    N A.

  40. Shane

    Don’t read this just buy it

    This thing is amazing. It is so much better than using a Greensheet. If you stream or take photos or just like cool green backgrounds then this is for you. I can’t think of anything negative about it. Well maybe one thing, when you go to put the screen down it squeaks and kind of gets annoying but who knows maybe it’s just mine. Don’t let that deter you from purchasing because it’s still one of the best screens out there. 


  41. Frank Ireland

    Very easy to install

    I love how simple it was to install this background, I did dread installing it when it got here because it is huge, but once I got a little help from my wife we got installed very easily. and it looks amazing

    Frank Ireland

  42. Adam


    Excellent product for the price, I had a custom green screen previously, however, I wanted a quick solution to be able to remove background and not, this is a perfect solution if you wish to do this while streaming.


  43. Dunx

    Great for online meetings

    So handy for Zoom meetings. It’s really convenient and takes literally only 10 seconds to assemble thanks to the sturdy pull up frame and storage case. Just as quick to put away when the meeting has finished.


  44. vicki86

    You get what you pay for

    This green screen is brilliant quality, easy to use, it just pulls up and down. No wrinkles, packs away neatly and quickly, very sturdy and stable when it’s up. I bought Elgato because I knew it would be good quality. You do get what you pay for. It’s a little pricey but well worth the money.


  45. Médiator

    Worth every penny

    Absolutely great! Very fast delivery. This product walks the talk.


  46. Anthony E Singelis

    Amazing but could be taller

    I use this green screen behind me when I teach fitness online. It unrolls on its supports quickly and rolls back up into its box just as quickly. It is also large enough for most Zoom conference calls. But, for teaching fitness, it would be nice if extended taller than 6′. I am ordering a second one to use two side-by-side. In terms of convenience, ease of use, build quality, and its effectiveness as a green screen, this is well worth the expense.

    Anthony E Singelis

  47. Ubaby

    Worth 5 stars and the money.

    Worth 5 stars and the money. But when you select click larger size from the previous Elgato that stands on its own, take care, this one doesn’t stand on its own. I got tricked, but I still use this one. 


  48. Very happy with this purchase

    What a quality piece of kit

    Due to space restrictions, I needed a pop-up green screen that I could set up quickly and store away when not needed. This ticks all the boxes. It could not be easier to set up. Simply open the box and pull the screen up. The hydraulics work beautifully to slide the screen into the correct position. Finished? Simply slide the screen back down. The mechanism is smooth and I can see this lasting many many years. What a quality purchase.

    Very happy with this purchase

  49. James Hallett

    A mean green screen

    This is a very well made sturdy green screen. The item arrived in very solid packaging which oozed quality from the moment it arrived. It took only a couple minutes to put some hooks on the ceiling and bingo a green screen. There are loads of cheap smaller alternatives. AVOID. You need a decent size and this fits the bill. You do need to source some hooks as it doesn’t come with any. I found some cheaply and spray painted white to match the ceiling. Really happy with item. Always worth paying a bit more for quality. 

    James Hallett

  50. michael bethune


    worth every penny 

    michael bethune

  51. simon green

    Good build quality

    well built, very easy to use and put away .

    simon green

  52. Carlos Spicyweiner

    I can’t work without this!!

    I have been working remotely for a while (since well before the Coronavirus made everyone work remotely) and as a software developer we tend to have lots of video meetings/conferences over Zoom/Teams/whatever and while my office is fairly tidy, there are things I don’t want my (current/potential) employer/s to see and this screen hides them really well. Prior to using this popup screen, I had a greenscreen backdrop muslin cloth which worked great, however, when I’m not in a meeting it was a complete pain in the rear to pack away and I’d end up not packing it away and it would look unsightly. So I can pop this up and down before and after meetings and stow the aluminum base away while on holiday etc. The base is sturdy, I have children that frequently sit oin the base and it holds their weight really well.The popup mechanism is very robust, there have been times where I haven’t opened the base properly and tried to erect the screen and the arms catch slightly on the lid, I’ve done this almost every other day (due to stupidity and not a design flaw) and the mechanism is holding up nicely.One this I will say is a must with this screen is the need for some lighting, I have the Razer Kylo webcam with a built-in ring light to illuminate my face, etc but, I also have an additional LED light that I use to illuminate the screen to prevent shadowing when using Chromakey effects shadows can ruin things a lot. 

    Carlos Spicyweiner

  53. Alex

    Surpassed my expectations

    For the price (I got it for £100) this green screen is one of the best currently on the market. If you want a perfect key though, you will need suitable lighting but apart from that, please, if you’re considering buying this, do so. You won’t regret it


  54. Shopaholic

    Top quality green screen!

    This screen is really excellent, it collapses so easily (when you need it to!) and can be pulled up and “fixed” exactly to the height you need it (in other words, you don’t need to fully extend it to it’s full height if your room is not that high). Every time you open it, it’s crease free, making green screen filming so much easier! Worth spending a bit more money for the overall benefits after purchase. Quite a large (long) item to store though! 


  55. Jason and Gilly sprott

    Great green screen.

    This green screen comes in it’s own box, it is easy to lift up into position. Big green screen, works well, definitely worth the money.

    Jason and Gilly sprott

  56. H

    May be more expensive than other similar products, but worth every penny!

    I bought this for home working and recording training sessions. It is extremely well made and professional in quality. It is also, and most importantly for me, very easy to use – you simply pull the screen out of it’s case – absolutely no setup required and is extremely stable. I have used this with zoom and have had no issues, highly recommended.This is one of the more expensive screens, but worth every penny for the lack of fuss needed to set this up everyday.


  57. Boodie Dinosaur 74

    Everything you would expect just perfect.

    Super quality, design easy to use out of the box everything you need for mobility. I would note you may need two of these or a traditional unit that covers part of the floor too.

    Boodie Dinosaur 74

  58. sonic sparkler


    As described and very useful. Great workmanship and not issues.Worth the money.

    sonic sparkler

  59. Robert T.

    Great bit of kit, elgato wins again

    It’s great but the clips are a little unsturdy.

    Robert T.

  60. Adam

    Convenient and sturdy!

    Anyone who says that it is not stable clearly forgot about the ‘legs’!This is an amazing product that makes using a green screen really convenient. 


  61. Denise OLeary

    Great screen, smooth to put away

    This was a significant investment and I read the reviews saying it was worth the extra – they were so right! Easy to put up and down on your own, a large piece of equipment though!

    Denise OLeary

  62. Jajonic

    High quality

    Having previously bought a cheaper alternative, I can definitely see the quality with this green screen from Elgato. It’s a good size to ensure your background is fully covered when up and retracts into a long but compact form factor. I appreciate how simple it is to unlock and pull up or down. Definitely useful when creating videos or live-streaming and you need to remove your background with chroma key.


  63. Derek House

    Too narrow, but perfect otherwise

    Too narrow unless you have a shallow seat, but perfect otherwise in terms of build and operational quality and simplicity… a simple pull-up.

    Derek House

  64. verified purchaser

    High Quality. Even colour consistency. Excellent.

    As expected the extremely high quality of this Elgato Green screen and its case and frame as well as mechanical integrity is worth every penny. Thanks.

    verified purchaser

  65. A Harvey

    High quality green screen

    I’ve used this product for gaming streams on Twitch. Once you get the lighting and OBS green screen filter settings right you’re away.It is so easy to setup. The screen is massive! Even when collapsed. The casing is very high quality. If you have room under a bed, it’ll easily slide under there.To setup, there are two feet under the casing, flip these out. This will solidify the unit. You then open up the case by releasing two clips. Pull up via the handle and that’s it. You can be up and running within a minute.I’m very pleased with the purchase. I feel it will last a very long time.

    A Harvey

  66. Brooke Hender

    A Quality Product

    This just works. It’s simple to use, and it’s easy to put away once I’ve finished with it. The only criticism I would make is that it would benefit me by being a little wider, but it works and it has made a significant difference to my work as like many I spend a lot of time online via Zoom.

    Brooke Hender