Elgato – Stream Deck Mark 2

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  • Set up and customise Stream Deck with simple drag and drop actions onto keys, and make them your own with custom icons
  • 15 customisable LCD keys help you instantly control your apps, tools and platforms
  • Trigger single or multiple actions, launch social posts, adjust audio, mute mic, turn on lights, and much more with one-touch operation
  • Visual feedback lets you know that your command has been executed
  • Add powerful plugins like 4KCU, OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Philips Hue, and many more
  • Hotkey helps streamline your film editing, music production, and photography workflow
  • Smart profiles let you automatically switch between unique key configurations for different apps
  • Explore Stream Deck store to download plugins, icons, thousands of royalty-free tracks, SFX, and more
  • Includes detachable stand and USB-C cable
  • Compatible with PC (Windows 10 64-Bit) and Mac (macOS 10.13 or newer)

Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.


Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

Create and streamline your own streaming set up with the Elgato Stream Deck MK2. Equipped with 15 LCD control keys and drag & drop actions, it’s easy to configure and personalise your Stream Deck with custom icons, screensavers, and a growing range of interchangeable faceplates. You can choose app plugins, icon packs, thousands of royalty-free tracks, effects, and more from the Stream Deck store.

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  1. Anthony Butterly

    A must-have for professional or aspiring streamers.

    Where do I even start – I’ve had the Stream Deck for about 3-4 days and it already feels like I’ve been using it for months. The fully-customizable and versatile LCD buttons allow you to fully tailor the deck to your needs by day one. I started up a stream the day I got it, and immediately I found myself utilizing almost every base feature this has to offer – and not to mention the extra, community-made add-ons you can get in the stream deck app! From hardware monitoring to ShareX integration, to even checking the price of Bitcoin – this has it all. And I wouldn’t doubt there being plenty more room for expansion on the software side.An incredible device, a must-have for professional or aspiring streamers.

    Anthony Butterly

  2. W. Trips

    Expensive but sexy!

    Whilst it does need a feature to allow for media sources to be applied to all scenes, if you have lots of stream graphics like I do, you’re gonna wanna throw in more hotkeys than media sources. But if you use alt+(number and alt+numpad you can fill most of the keyboard, have seemless clipping/ad rolling and more. And it looks so pretty. I had a cheaper keypad before this, but now wouldn’t go back.

    W. Trips

  3. Adam Jones

    Amazing Functionality and Build Quality

    Just got this today and I’m delighted with the quality for the price. After a software / firmware update, it does now seem to support folders in folders which is great. I’ll be using it for gaming and Amateur Drama sound effects and it seems to fit in perfectly. Very happy and I’m buying another for my home PC as well as the one I use for drama productions!Update: I now have 2 normal size and one XL. The build quality is *excellent*, particularly on the XL and its magnetised stand. USB-C is good to see too. If I could improve one thing? I wouldn’t mind paying a couple more quid if it came with an official carrying case. 

    Adam Jones

  4. Mike

    Love the little thing.

    It’s pretty much plug and play when you download the elgato app on your machine. Easy to use and setup the one thing I struggled with was setting my own buttons with my images you can create them using there online app which download loads them. From that then you need to edit the button and drag the downloaded button image you created ontop of the button and bobs your teapot it’s not clear to do this unless it was me being an idiot. Overall happy got it at a bargain too £95.Would recommend makes streaming a little easier/quicker to change scene you can also use it with vscode and photo editing which could improve productivity.


  5. Renzo A Shuvo

    Just gets better

    I’ve had this for a good while now, when I first got it I felt it was lacking some functionality and integrations with certain software. You basically had to write commands and shortcuts to do anything other than actions in supported applications. However it has been constantly improving with more and more integrations, OBS.Live and StreamLabs OBS are both supported extensively in addition to the standard OBS now. There is Mixer support in addition to just Twitch, Youtube is surprisingly a little thin on integration still but hopefully that improves. Smart home integration and much more have all been added since my purchase but the biggest improvement is *Third Party plug in support* it’s been an absolute game changer, all you have to do is search online for a particular plug in and there are even forums where you can request new ones. All in all it’s great and one of my best purchases when it comes to things on and around my desk, even if you have to work a little to get Discord to launch by pressing the key. P.S. GIF support on each key is great for those who are into that. Hope this helps someone!

    Renzo A Shuvo

  6. Ralph

    Not just for streamers

    I mainly use mine for time tracking, using a plugin for Toggl, and a free account on the service. A different button for each project / sub-project means just one press to stop tracking one task and start on another.I also have a profile for Paint.net and the Euro Truck Simulator game (better than trying to remember the keyboard shortcuts to disconnect your trailer or release the parking brake).It can be a bit of a faff to set up, although it’s not too difficult, but once it’s done the time saving is totally worth it.


  7. LukeD

    Never looked back

    If you’re considering getting one of these, stop considering it and buy it. You will not regret it.Highly programable, highly customizable, wealth of plugins and support, literally usable for anything you can think of not just streamers. Don’t even need to buy a bigger one, the size is fine and you can add menu’s within menu’s within menu’s and assign them all to profiles.I’ve never loved a piece of tech as much as I do my stream deck. It will be part of my set up until I’m too old to sit at a PC anymore. 


  8. Mr. Nicholas Wright

    A Brilliant Piece of Kit.

    Where has this been all my life? The difference this makes to my workflow is phenomenal..Its easy to set up, the interface is stable and intuitive and you can program it to do nearly anything you want on your PC.I`ve been using it with:– Normal Windows tasks and shortcuts.- My D.A.W.`s (Digital Audio Workstations), e.g. Ableton Live, Acid Pro 8, Music Maker.- Flight Simulation software, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, FSX, Aerofly and others.- Many Steam Games.- Calibre, (editing Book metadata etc).- Accessing favorite websites.And these are just the things I`ve thought of so far.. Basically if you can do it with a keyboard, then this unit can do it with a single button press, its a macro button unit on steroids.. You can store shortcuts, websites, key combinations or sequences under each button, You can use folders to extend the number of macro`s/buttons available in a profile, you can store different profiles, and you can even play games on it. The device is aimed at streamers but can be used with virtually any windows software to create single button shortcuts.The device is well constructed and connects via USB 3, it has a USB 3 Type 3 female jack on the actual unit and is supplied with a good quality (replaceable) lead to connect it to a USB 3 Type A connector. (I`m told it will also work on USB 2).The display is bright and adjustable and can be configured in detail. In addition to button programming or configuration, you can choose what icon each button shows, the font can also be changed.This is a Highly recommended piece of kit for anyone who wants to increase their workflow, whether they are a streamer or just a normal PC user. 

    Mr. Nicholas Wright

  9. Robert Barclay

    Great for streaming.

    Brought this for use with my fledgling you tube channel, makes everything so much easier, also used for a bit of gaming. Very pleased.

    Robert Barclay

  10. Harry

    Bloody Brilliant

    I am really happy with this product. The man who delivered it was lovely but scared of my dog.This product is 5/5 to install.  overall Very Handy Good Value for money


  11. Main Cave


    I use this for streaming and for the games room turning on/off smart plugs.Easy to setup and use. Love it.

    Main Cave

  12. CharlieVIII

    Good product, worth watching some videos to learn how to use

    Great product so many things you can do with a single button. 1 bug I had was setting a screensaver, then it still appeared around the edges of the buttons after being deleted. Set a black screensaver to fix then deleted it which seemed to work.


  13. lincs Lee

    The Elagato stream deck is great.

    I have started mucking about streaming my PC game play and watched some you tube vids that used this device. It is fully integrated with many of the streaming programs out at this time and Elagato are also pushing updates on a regular basis. Obs, Xsplit, tippeestream, Streamlabs and latest update StreamlabsOBS. As well as many other features like soundboard which you can assign sound files that can be added to stream/recording on the fly there is also a sytem set that allows hotkeys etc to be made to help with general productivity like opening programs etc. The 15 lcd screens can all be customised however you feel and can create folders/sub menus on each one so you can have far more options than just 15 commands, I.e you could set one lcd as a music folder then have 15 songs on the screens or a game folder with in game chat commands etc. 

    lincs Lee

  14. Jordan

    Stream deck

    If you do anything that could involve this then this stream deck is the best thing you could invest in if you need more keys you can get a x36 key but if your in a budget then this one or the x6 button as you can make folders for certain things as in games or streams


  15. Mindburner

    Great fun device

    I use this little programmable keypad to launch folders on my PC and also common programs. Yes I can navigate to these, but it’s really easy to just press the button. I have only just started playing with the possibilities, so I’m sure there is a lot more this cool gadget can do.


  16. Adrenexel

    An Amazing Tool For Your Computing Experience!

    The Stream Deck is such an amazing tool! I cannot believe how useful this item is. Before buying it, I never understood why getting it since its mainly for streaming and I don’t happen to stream. I can gladly confirm that this *Doesn’t* just work for streaming, I have used this for literally everything I used my computer for such as: Photoshoping shortcuts, Premiere Pro shortcuts, After Effects shortcut, Google shortcuts, Nanoleaf switch, media shortcuts (next, previous, pause) and other app shortcuts. This has significantly increased the rate at which I work on in any projects and has made the usage of opening apps for typical PC usage such a pleasure.In addition to the functionality of the Stream Deck, the looks of it is absolutely amazing on any desk when customized to your liking. The small icons that you use are very appealing with absolutely mind blowing detail – no the screen isn’t like a monitor or high quality screen, however you can definitely put somewhat detailed images as icons and still clearly see them.Lastly the software, I must say, very good but Very confusing at the start! I highly recommend watching a YouTube video on how to customize it to your liking. I say it’s confusing because they express their streaming compatibility on a highly overwhelming level which makes it hard to spot where all the other compatibility’s are. What I mean is that the other uses to this item outside of streaming is going to require some digging in the app to find them.Overall, I extremely recommend using this for Everything that maybe easier to use with macro’s. I really believe that this is something everyone Needs to increase productivity. *Highly Recommend*


  17. Andarne

    Bit pricey, but worth it.

    I was initially hesitant to purchase this due to the £140 price tag on it. It’s a lot of money to spend on such a small piece of hardware. But it’s branded, so you know it’s good /sThe Stream Deck is very easy to setup and assemble. After plugging in the USB cable, I visited the URL in the manual to download the software. Once it was up and running, I began editing and customising the SD to my heart’s content.Today, I use it for every single one of my streams. It hooks in with OBS – with more features to come, I’ve heard – as well as other platforms like Twitter and Twitch.tvI’ve been able to make it trigger SFX and GIF’s with my stream bot, as well as run hotkeys for system applications and games like PUBG.Sure, you could go out and make a DIY one. But this has finesse and it’s being supported and updated. It’s all about ease-of-use.I recommend this to any established streamer. If you’re new, don’t get it – wait until you need it first. 


  18. Borislav


    Awesome for streaming


  19. Craig Laws

    You don’t realise how much you need this until you have one. Difficult to work without one.

    A year ago I never knew what one of these were, I’m happy to admit. I got encouraged to start doing some videos for YouTube, which in turn led to streaming, buying a new computer, new camera, microphone etc and suddenly you’ve got all the kit (and, yes, no idea). Sitting there on camera trying to control various operations (often in the dark) is quite a difficult undertaking. And then you discover the Elgato Streamdeck.It does everything. I’m not over-egging that pudding, it does everything. I’ve got shortcuts set up for pretty much every action I can think of. To start using a Streamdeck is to open a massive can of worms, it gets everywhere. You can customise every button to do whatever command you can think of, and not just for gaming and streaming. I’ve got shortcuts set up for all kinds of applications, and functions within those applications. I’ll press a single button and Streamlabs opens, along with my Logitech camera app, Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch. I’ll press another single button and all my editing apps open such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier and Audition. I control my microphone mute button, the speakers mute button, shortcuts to certain web pages. And because every button is so customisable there’s a seemingly infinite number of operations. You may only have 15 buttons but you can configure them to open the next set of 15 buttons, and then the next set. You’re limited only by how much time you want to devote to setting it up.It works so well with Streamlabs too. I’ve got a button set up for my most used games (Street Kart on iOS, Dirt Rally 2.0, GT Sport and F1 2020 on PS5) because when I’m streaming I have the page set up differently with the number and position of cameras changing depending on the game. I press one button and Streamlabs defaults to my Street Kart layout with cameras all to one side of the screen, and another press and GT Sport moves my cameras to a different location and my pedal camera comes on. It’s genuinely fantastic and I’d be lost without it now.The Stream Deck software is a solid app, allowing you to do all of you customisations. You can set the buttons up to do pretty much any action you can think of. Put in the directory location of any software and it can open apps. Link video or audio files, and even link your Philips Hue bulb actions to it…whatever takes your fancy.My only criticism is that in hindsight I perhaps should have gone for the 32 button version. The 15 button one is great, and can be configured to do as much as the 32 buttons, but I can really see the benefit of having more buttons available at one time rather than going into sub-menus. 

    Craig Laws

  20. Mark Anthony

    I like it

    setup wasnt very intuitive but once you get it its fine but i prefer if it could be used with a usb hub as well.

    Mark Anthony

  21. A. Man

    It’s pricey, but there’s nothing else on the market like it

    It’s good. There’s a lot you can do with this device. There’s a lot of customisation with the way buttons look. I’ve added animated mute and deafen buttons for Discord that look pretty good.I can see this getting a lot more use if you’re a streamer, but I just wanted it for a small number of macros or shortcut buttons.The major draw back is the price, its not cheap and feels a lot more expensive than it seems in person, but there’s nothing else like it, and what there is, is so much worse for quality.

    A. Man

  22. Andrew Reeds

    Well designed and capable

    I bought this for use in conjunction with streaming software for my work. It actually works very well and greatly simplifies what I am doing when streaming. I can recommend it.

    Andrew Reeds

  23. Matt

    Not just useable for streaming

    This product has so many uses it has increased productivity tenfold, being able to press a single button (that can be customised) to do what I want instead of a complicated display of button mapping


  24. Frankie

    Very helpful!

    The stream deck is an amazing tool to have for anyone really, especially streamers like myself. You can turn your lights on and off, make it type for you, open applications, execute hotkeys and SO MUCH MORE!It has helped me out loads and I highly recommend that you purchase one if you use your computer alot.


  25. Mr. Nathan McGarry

    Perfect customisable control

    Really useful to operate OBS, Zoom and camera for our church.

    Mr. Nathan McGarry

  26. Amazon Customer

    A really well thought out product , well done.

    A great looking product that helps speed up productivity not just for streamers but for smart home people too.+Really easy to use and get started.+Intuitive interface designer.+Display is very crisp and bright.+Keypad feels good.+Own button Icons resize very well including the display of animated gifs.For me , someone who writes music , streams , games and has multiple smart home products it’s an absolute godsend of a device and well worth the price tag.Stream Deck have nailed this products, my only suggestion is that they invest more capital intellect in working with a wider range of providers to add additional features to the more actions list, i.e Amazon Alexa routines , Razer , Smartthings, Ableton , Hassio Home assistant , Nvidia Experience, Steam. That said the IFTTT integration that is out of the box creates a lot of possibilities.

    Amazon Customer

  27. martyn garrett

    Can be used for much more than just streaming

    The streamdeck can be used much more than just for streaming. I use it for in-game commands and scripts. You can make it do multiple actions at once and its perfect for what I need it for. Its software is very lightweight on the operating system and i have never seen it use more than %1 cpu and when nothing is happening it does not use any of my cpu time. Honestly, its a great product.

    martyn garrett

  28. AWB

    Great even for non-streamers

    I don’t stream but I got this product due to the convince it brings. I use it for daily tasks and it is really useful for particular people and specific use cases. I will outline some of my use cases in detail for people who might want it for the same application. Some of these features have to be enables by enabling the plugins that are extra and not enabled by default.Headphones and Mics:I use it to switch between headphones and microphones. The stream deck is great as it allows you to switch between microphones and playback devices. For example if I want to use one pair of headphones and want to switch my playback to that then i can by setting a key to do that functionality. However if i want to switch back or switch to another pair i can then click a button. But you have switch the mic and the playback separately. So for example say your headphones have a mic in them and you want to use a separate mic you can do that by selecting the mic you want through the stream deck instead of going through all the settings and then changing that one to default. For example you can have Headphone1 Mic and Headphones2 Mic and Webcam Mic as buttons and switch between them. Same situation with headphones. So that makes it really convenient as it changes the default one and then that means software’s will automatically change to.Voicemod:This is a cool little extra feature that was added my Elgato to the stream deck and it is for a little fun. As mentioned before you can set a button to change to the voice mod output however it wont change the mic selected on the software you have to change that manually. You can do funny things like change your voice and censor words with a beep button and you can pick random voices but you if you want a particular one you have to buy the pro version. You can also hear yourself and can turn on and off through the elgato stream deck which is really convenient.Zoom:The elgato stream deck can be used in zoom calls and be used for a full list of things that i will list:Mute toggle, Video Toggle, Share Toggle, Focus, Leave Meeting, Cloud Record Toggle, Local record Toggle, Ask all to Unmute, Mute all Participants, Custom Shortcut. This is good for zoom calls an there is not much to add as it works seamlessly.YouTube:You can use it to control YouTube. I don’t use it for this however it does allow you to chat a message through a click of a button and you also have another option of viewers. That is all you can do with YouTube as of default.Mute and Unmute:When in any call or meeting you can use the elgato stream deck to mute and unmute and it will work with any program and call because it mutes the mics internally and not through that software so if you are in 2 calls and want to mute on one then you cant through this unless that other one is a zoom call, that is where you can mute using the zoom mute button that is enables through the elgato stream deck.Games:This is useful for games as you can function it to do specific binds or to do things in games instead of binding things to using keyboard binds. It is not built to control games exactly but is useful and you have to find your own use in what games you play and what you want it for. This is too universal to gives any examples on.OBS:Whatever you could image you can do on here. You can change scenes. You can also mute your mic and also desktop audio. There are so many options that there is no limit here and you can do anything you can image through obs. There are YouTube videos that cover all the combinations as it would take too long to cover in a minor review.Twitter:You can tweet a specific tweet on that you have binded to a button and will automatically do that. This is mainly towards streams but you can bind anything you want here really. Also you can change name on here to.System:This is what you would expect that this should be able to do like open a website, hotkey switch, act as a hotkey, open something like a program, type text, and uses as multimedia controller.Spotify:There is a plugin that you can enable that allows you integrate and control Spotify from your stream deck.Lighting:You can control Philips hue with this as there is a plug in that can be enables and controls Philips hue lights and same with corsair icue.Build:The build of the elgato stream deck is great and it does not come with a stand but it does have a rubber button to stop it from being pushed back then being uses however it can be a bit annoying but nothing major. Also when you lock your computer you can keep any screen saver on the stream deck.In conclusion, there are a lot more functions that one can use this for streamers and non streamers. 


  29. Daniel Westwater

    Great for final fantasy XIV

    I don’t stream, I bought this to use for final fantasy and it works a treat, even better if you get the game mod for it

    Daniel Westwater

  30. ShadowLight963

    Great for more than just streaming!

    Yes I got it for streaming cos I was tired of not having enough buttons on my keyboard to play the game and manage the stream and it is great for that, but you can also set it with shortcuts for other applications. For example, if I’m using a drawing app and I want to invert what I currently have selected, I could rack my brain over trying to remember the shortcut keys, oooorrrrr, I could have stream deck auto-magically switch to a setup for that application with each button preprogrammed with the shortcuts I want! Currently, I have shortcuts set for Blender, Paint.net, Paint tool sai, Unity and Firefox.


  31. Richard Holt

    Totally worth it!

    New to streaming and this is massively handy to switch scenes, play sounds, clip etc. Easy to set up too

    Richard Holt

  32. Cruz

    Very Good

    love it


  33. John Landells

    Great Device – Buy the XL!

    When I purchased my Stream Deck, I was looking for something for use with Wirecast, and I carefully planned out how many buttons I’d need, and realised that even with the 15-button version, I’d have spare keys.Then I received my order…!This thing is so powerful and so flexible that I guarantee no matter how few buttons you thought you’d use, you’ll fill it very quickly and wish you’d bought the XL!I realised that it could do way more than I originally expected and started using it for music production. It has the ability to intelligently switch layouts to correspond with the software you’re using, and is a huge boost to productivity and efficiency. I hear the same feedback from all my friends who also bought one on my recommendation!My only regret is that I didn’t buy the XL, as I could EASILY use the extra buttons. You can work around this by using folders, giving you the possibility of multiple layouts, but I like the concept of only needing one button press to achieve something. Still, with some careful planning, I could configure my Stream Deck to have the connect of “working mode” folders, so one for editing, one for composing music, etc. This would minimise the limitations of the 15-key model, until I can justify the upgrade! 

    John Landells

  34. T

    Very good after a few weeks of use I wish I got the bigger one

    Very good after a few weeks of use I wish I got the bigger one as sometimes there are not enough keys for me to use


  35. LoneStarr

    Use it for controlling smart lights and plugs

    I actually use this to control my home smart devices (lights, plugs, etc) and find it easier than the voice assistants or phone app as the Stream Deck is always on and ready to use.To do this, you need the IFTTT plugin which is really easy to configure.


  36. O. Ernster

    Awesome product, great software, great hardware

    Extremely pleased with my purchase.I have setup 3 panels of buttons on my (Large variant 32 button variant) which are known as profiles. You can switch to another profile by setting up a button, say in the corner of your panel, to go to the next panel. Alternatively you can load a profile in the simple to use software that comes with it.I use it with the game Elite: Dangerous on PC and Windows 10.You can configure all the buttons to be any macro of your choice.The macro may be a sequence of buttons or launch of program option(s), include delays, write text with character depress mini-delays if necessary, launch a link into a browser, all sorts.There is plenty of support from keen users who’ve written their own macro utility libraries which are available for you to download if you want also.I had a lot of fun configuring my Stream deck with specific stuff for the game Elite:Dangerous and making or using icons from the internet which are beautifully lit up on the really ergonomic and nice feel button pad in bright colours and clearly backlit. You can give each button some text also and position it/font it how you like.I have set two buttons for Toggling Live Stream to Twitch and one to record. However, I rarely stream really. For me the joy is in using the button pad to perform numerous operations in game in an automated manner. Furthermore, I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg since I’ve only configured it for one game; namely Elite: Dangerous.Highly Recommended. 5 Stars all round.PS What on earth does the word “Sheerness” mean? I’ve googled everywhere and every product review that Amazon asks you to make asks you to rate sheerness. I know it’s a place in the UK but the word has no definition. Why is Amazon asking us to rate products based on a word so obscure that even google with it’s access to a plethora of worldwide information doesn’t know?! 

    O. Ernster

  37. Daniel D.

    Freezes and doesn’t maintain buttons

    Positives: Nicely built with a good stand. Easy to set up and install.Negatives: Freezes a lot and the software crashes when setting up buttons. Buttons stop working by the next day. sent back and received new one and works perfectly now!

    Daniel D.

  38. FlyGod13


    Totally Awesome for using with Davinci ResolveOn my M1 mac , no more trying to remember all the short cut keys , i wish i had bought this ages ago


  39. Steve

    So much better than expected

    I ordered this recently to help with my live streams, but once set up, once I discovered I could use it for a whole range of things on my Mac (such as launching apps and arranging windows to pre-set configurations etc, even launching websites and automating tasks) I’m super happy with the purchase. Highly recommended!


  40. Stuart Coutts


    I really like this product. I bought it as an UFC for the game DCS and it has exceeding my expectations in every area. Very very versatile and easy to program/use. Buttons have a nice tactile feel to them and the display is very clear. Product fits nicely in with the rest of my equipment as well. Software is easy to use, has some aspects that could be improved but no real complaints overall. I think they are missing a trick by not directly marketing the product to the combat simulation community.

    Stuart Coutts

  41. Amazon Customer

    Fun, useful device 😀

    Never much saw the point of these until actually giving it a chance. At first glance you do think “Just yse use your macro keys” but it’s only when you realize just how much you can do that you see why this is better. Doesn’t take much to set it up, just one video on YouTube, and your common sense does the rest =)

    Amazon Customer

  42. carole little


    Got this for my son he loved it and uses it all the time.

    carole little

  43. Amazon Customer

    Excellent addon for the PC

    I didn’t buy it for streaming, I bought it for gaming and while that seem like an expensive addon, its well worth the price. For games that needs a lot of various button pushes to do things (flightsims etc) this can really make your life a lot easier. Very easy for making a quick visual aid in games without having to go through lists of buttons to find the one you want.For day to day activities, it helped my missus find apps, when I made simple to press buttons to launch windows apps.Great product.

    Amazon Customer

  44. Danny Ratcliffe

    Never realised how much I needed this…

    The media could not be loaded.

     Even though I’m not a “successful” streamer by any stretch of the imagination, I enjoy trying to make my stream look as professional as possible. I was previously using the 6 ‘G’ keys on my Corsair K95 which recently got integration with the Elgato stream deck software, which did the job, but it was a pain to have to have iCue running at startup (as I prefer to only have things that are essential at startup) – but the keys also aren’t dynamic, so it was hard to remember which key did what.So after watching handfuls of video reviews on the Stream Deck, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. So far it has been an absolute game changer! Since it has direct integration with the likes of OBS Studio, it bypasses the whole problem of OBS Studio not registering hotkey presses unless it is the “in-focus” window (unless you faff about with which program runs as admin – but I’m sure I tried this also before I bought the Stream Deck and it was very hit or miss for me…)Since Elgato changed the amount of folders to be unlimited, the possibilities are truly endless for what you can do on the Stream Deck! I have a Twitch folder which contains another 5 folders inside it, for example. From keys to changing scenes, to enabling/disabling sources, to changing stream title or sending a chat message on command, I really wish I could go over everything that can be done, but since you can even program your own system hotkeys or use multi-actions, the possibilities are literally endless.There are a bunch of preloaded software actions when you load up the Stream Deck software, but you can also browse for more (for example, I have Voicemeeter Potato actions set up to change my A1 output between my speakers or headphones, which is SUPER handy because it saves me having to open the program to change it whenever I’m done playing a game and want to chill out watching YouTube – and I also have a restart audio engine key assigned for the odd occasion that the software glitches out, and I also have dynamic keys set up for Discord mute and deafen which update on each page which had to be manually programmed but was super easy by following a video from the developer).From simple tasks such as opening a game or your web browser to complex actions like pressing one key to; open OBS, open a game, open your music playing software and start playing, start streaming and send out a tweet to say you’re live (from ONE KEY PRESS!) – your imagination genuinely is the limit.Custom key icons are also great, and you can find loads of packs for the majority of software/actions you might create, and if not, you can use Elgato’s webpage for creating your own from scratch! Overall I can highly recommend this, even for a small streamer starting out to have in their repertoire. 

    Danny Ratcliffe

  45. Bdavisuk


    What a fantastic device. I was using the mobile version to test the functionality, but that’s inconvenient as I need to use my devices for other things.Purchased this as I spend a lot of time in Teams calls and I also listen to music throughout the day, and I use AirPods for teams, but speakers for music. With some clever software and this device I can now quickly mute my speakers/pause the music and jump on a call. I also have it set for 1 button actions to share, mute and stop/start video, bring up the audio recording software and record the teams call if needed. All very easy.Naturally it plays well with the Elgato Key lights which I also love and want another.. 


  46. Neil Parmar

    Brilliant device.

    Love this product, although I dont use it for gaming as such.

    Neil Parmar

  47. georgia

    Very good

    Very good


  48. Lee shaw


    Since buying this, it has made streaming 100 percent easier and so easy to set up wish I got this sooner

    Lee shaw

  49. Michael Verheyen

    Fantastic Product!

    I wish I had it sooner…It’s a very useful tool to do your streaming but also to use it for your other applications, template emails, open web e-mail accounts, playing music or videos by one push of a button. There is even more for me to discover. Look on Youtube to find some nifty things you can do and launch. Very useful tool.I’m using it on Mac and works well and you get notified when there are new updates and features available in the software.

    Michael Verheyen

  50. Ryan

    Is Poggers

    Is pog , only buy it if it’s on offer tho style


  51. truthfully

    How did I manage without it?

    I don’t know, it is easy to set up has a seemingly infinite amount of “folders” and makes using a pc for anything from streaming to playing games so much quicker with less key presses and without remembering keyboard short cuts, that I’ve never been able to remember more then four or five of anyway.If you are even considering getting one don’t ponder any longer, just do it.


  52. Clair

    Hubby Loves it

    My Husband Currently Streams on Twitch and he uses the stream deck for shortcuts,I actually bought it as some reviewers said that it was brilliant for editing videos,As he goes that as well,But he uses it for twitchSo it your looking for something compact with loads of buttons (one button can have 15 shortcuts on it) and want something you can change quickly then this is for you and as elgato is a big brand name I felt I paid for the branding,I was lucky though to get it on black friday sale for Xmas present,To be honest I wouldn’t have spent £130 normal price 


  53. Tom Childs

    Worth it but expensive

    I use the stream deck for streaming and for my Photography business. As stated in the title it is expensive but is worth it. Streamers this will make your life so simple and if you’ve got a wave it will work brilliantly.For designers, Photographers or anything else this will work a great. I use this on both my desktop for streaming and on my MacBook Pro 2020 for Photoshop and Lightroom.I use this everyday and on my twitch channel, I also use the Elgato wave so check out my twitch channel to check out the quality: MrRedSlush on Twitch

    Tom Childs

  54. Dickie Greybeard

    Best gadget I’ve bought in ages

    I do an occasional bit of video playback for work and tend to use OBS for it (because it’s free and I’m cheap). Adding this StreamDeck XL has made these little jobs so much easier and I am now a big fan. Really easy to install. Quite easy to set up but I guess that depends on how you plan to use it. My use at the moment is pretty simplistic, but I am sure I’ll be able to expand that easily.

    Dickie Greybeard

  55. PossTub

    Versatile bit of kit.

    I use mine for game play and its a great bit of kit. Many profiles and custom buttons for game functions. Can also be used for other software for key functions.


  56. Malc34

    Excellent product

    I had previously bought a 6 key version for use with streaming / recording on line training sessions with OBS and Zoom. It was excellent -dead easy to set up and so easy to use. But the need to nest hot keys within folders due to the limited number of buttons became a bit of a pain.This is so useful as a daily workflow tool for almost any user (streamer or not) that my need for buttons quickly grew….So I bought the bigger one and find it much easier and more flexible.My son now uses the small one for his business and is merrily switching between multiple apps whilst on live Zoom calls without the users knowing.A really great product with soooo many uses


  57. Cashpot

    I suppose this is a specialised item

    I honestly can’t see the use of this except as a dedicated USB switch. Just seems expensive for what it is. No doubt gamers could shave milliseconds off their rimes so justify the purchase. Perhaps a firmware update would make it better. I found it difficult to set up and use. If considering purchase download the app which works the same and costs nowt. This would at least show you if it was helpful to you. I’ve kept mine, not sure why, but it won’t get used much. Sorry if you think it perfect – I don’t!


  58. Daniel

    A key item for streamers!

    As you’ll be able to use this on other applications aside from streaming, it will enhance the production value of a streamer.Providing countless of options to manage OBS features, controll Discord, your audio possibilities, music programs, certain games, etc.. as mentioned countless of possibilities as mentioned, if you can get one for cheap, definitely do!


  59. Benn

    Worth the price

    Great piece of kit. Lots of icon packs and shortcut combinations out there to download and put on which makes this for that alone a very nice addition. Yes it’s expensive but worth it.


  60. carole little


    Got this for my son he loved it and uses it all the time.

    carole little

  61. NoggintheNog

    It just works

    I’ve used the Streamdeck for a number of things. As a tool to control streaming it is excellent, the software makes everything easy to do, and it makes everything you may need to do much easier and convenient.I’ve also used it as a game controller. IN sims like Elite dangerous or DCS, you can never have enough buttons. The system allows you to create keypress macros that work perfectly in game. With the ability to include custom graphics on buttons, it makes essential actions much easier to access in game.IN short, its flexible enough for many uses, but importantly, whatever I have set it up for, it just works without hassle.


  62. starbuduk

    Mixed review – could be very useful if buttons worked consistently

    I really wanted to love this. Bought to be able to quickly access functions such as mute microphone in MS teams, toggle camera on and off. Also had it set up to launch applications and webpages. Trouble is that when hitting a button they didn’t always work consistently. Almost hit and miss. A repeat press would maybe trigger into action so not sure whether mine was faulty or they all act like that? Little point in spending so much on a gadget for you to need to do it longhand half of the time. Kind of defeats the object. Sadly returned as didn’t operate consistently enough for the price paid.


  63. P. Greasby

    It’s expensive. But for what it does it’s unique.

    The XL version is absolutely great, although I started with two 15 key stream decks. Whatever size you go for, these are amazing little devices, that are versatile, fairly easy to set up, and can add value to so much more than streaming.I haven’t stopped finding this invaluable. It’s one of the best gadgets I’ve ever bought. I don’t use this for streaming at all. With some basic functionality, I’m able to create custom buttons for anything that can have a keyboard shortcut. I was even able to work out how to get it to do more complex things. For example, I highlight a phrase in a digital book, hit one of my buttons, and it will do a search for that exact phrase. So incredibly useful and powerful.The XL version provides 32 keys, but it’s easy to run out. But there are so many ways of organising to give you more (e.g. different profiles).The only thing I don’t much like, is that it doesn’t start up when the computer starts, despite being on the list. When I start it manually, it opens up in configure mode, which prevents it from switching profiles automatically depending on the app I’m using. Just closing the config screen resolves this.It’s cool that it can be associated with a specific program and switch automatically. As I usually set up a few profiles for some complex apps, I have to go to the Streamdeck menu to switch manually. It would be great if I could tell it which profiles are associated with which apps, then configure a key to automatically cycle through these profiles, so I don’t have to go to the menu each time.Overall this is an absolute lifesaver. I just wish I had time to create beautiful icons for ever function rather than do a quick copy and paste from the app I’m using.

    P. Greasby

  64. Callum hatch


    I have yet to use it for streaming etc. I used it to record a video once. But I mainly use it to play my games. It is insanely good and makes things so much easier if you play on roleplay servers like on gta or rdr2. Makes binding buttons easy. Instead of writing out commands all the time you can just write it down once. Put it on the stream deck and press the button and it does it for you.

    Callum hatch

  65. Remi Butler


    Girl it is difficult to overrate this, i’ve completely automated starting a stream, with 1 button press i can;* start OBS* start a countdown timer* switch to my starting soon screne* start some music* go live* change my current game title to the active window (this requires some autohotkey magic)* send a tweet* and alert discord!It’s automation heaven, i have a button to thank raiders and a button to start music, mute my mic and bring up a be right back graphic, i have scene switching buttons and a counter for events, i have buttons to launch games, apps, manage twitch notifications and i’ve only had it a week10/10 this is the best workflow tool i’ve bought in 10 years

    Remi Butler

  66. Owen L.

    Simple but practical upgrade to an already great product

    Being able to disconnect the cable and having a smaller stand makes this much easier to travel & transport. If you have the mark I you don’t need this upgrade but if you are buying a Stream Deck for the first time, get this version.

    Owen L.

  67. Debbie H

    I didn’t have enough buttons…

    Until now.I’ve always wanted something that has lots of buttons and can do shortcuts.Yesterday I took delivery of this little box of tricks but was too tired to have a look at it.Been playing with it today and I’ve died and gone heaven. I can open my most commonly used files at the touch of a button. I can do a lot of things at the touch of a button that once took a few wriggles of a mouse and a click or two.Highly intuitive setting up and operation. I’ve not measured it but cable length is about 120cm.There is some functionality I have found yet, or it’s not available yet. Like simple volume controls.But I’m in love. Why didn’t I get this sooner. 

    Debbie H

  68. D. Cowan

    Speeds up editing

    Great device that’s fairly straight forward to set up (marked down because the stores of icons available have nothing for Avid Media Composer – had to make my own, which is a little time consuming).However, having this on hand to left of my keyboard gives a lot of commands i’d normally need to map to the keyboard with a modifier button involved.

    D. Cowan

  69. Arfon Edwards

    Cool handy accessory

    This is so useful and not just for streming, it’s a useful extention to your pc to create shortcuts for software and something simple like controlling your volume for individual programs

    Arfon Edwards

  70. Daniel Davinci

    Awesome to Streamline Work!

    EDIT: I’m also now using the Steam Deck to control my home including Philips Hue Lights!Look on YouTube for more information on this!I’m a graphic designer and I use the Stream Deck mostly for launching apps and entering repetitive text in reply to enquiries. I’ve also got a signature set up, so I just hit the button and it puts in ‘Regards’ and my name etc at the bottom of all correspondence. I’m currently using three profiles (sets of buttons) on the single device. I’ve got my main apps on the main (as pictured), my text inputs on the next and my financial websites on the third.The buttons have a great feel. There are a concaved acrylic at a guess and feel nice to press. The screen(s) gives more than enough brightness. The res ins’t HD, but it doesn’t need to be. It would be overkill for this purpose. I was pleased to see that animated icons capabilities were introduced too, but I’m yet to explore that.Build quality of the unit is very good, though the stand is a little flimsy.Overall, it’s cracking piece of kit and I can’t imagine how handy it is for people who are controlling streams!Recommended! 

    Daniel Davinci

  71. Rafal

    Perfect tool

    Works perfectly, I’m happy with the purchase. I recommend it to everyone.


  72. Megamix

    Another gadget but great addition

    Using it just for tactile shortcuts with my Mac – I wouldn’t say it’s an essential purchase but I do make use of it daily so it’s being used and therefore value for money I guess 


  73. wayne osborne

    Button box

    Ok sometime you lose connection

    wayne osborne

  74. mary

    Everyone needs one

    It may be called a “streamdeck” and it is useful for streaming but pretty much everyone with a PC should have one, make shortcuts to websites, macro keys for photo/video editing, it can do almost anything 🔥 


  75. Tom

    Top quality product

    Does what it says, so easy to use. Should have gotten this ages ago! So simple yet so unique and the build quality is of a very high standard.


  76. Mark Cripps

    Brilliant piece of kit

    This stream deck is invaluable for streamers and regular users of shortcuts and macros. It just makes life so much easier to run things at the push of a button. Wouldn’t ever want to be without it now.

    Mark Cripps

  77. theneilguest

    Every streamer must have one of these

    For gaming and streaming this is the only device you need for creating 1 Button shortcuts, switching scenes,muting mic and sound, it is invaluable


  78. Greg Haughton

    The stream deck is awesome for video streaming

    The definite streaming tool for video editors, gamers and the likes. Makes the job a lot easier. Great value too

    Greg Haughton

  79. Ollie

    Even better than expected

    Great productVery customisable and if you’re thinking about getting the bigger one, you really don’t need to. The folders on here are excellent


  80. Chris H

    There’s a reason most live streamers have one of these…

    …and that is: it works, and it works well. There are plenty of downloadable additions to the basic configuration software that will let you use it for controlling zoom calls and well as OBS and similar streaming apps (although you may have to speak nicely to your anti-virus software before it allows the Streamdeck app to do its stuff properly.)The fact that you can nest multiple layers of buttons in the software means that you’re not at all restricted to picking the top fifteen most useful actions to allocate to each button.Sure, eventually you’re going to want to upgrade to a Blackmagic controller, because shiny. But this will help you build up your following to the point when you can afford the upgrade.

    Chris H

  81. Vladimir Strycek

    but after FW update worked very nice. – Buttons

    Do the Firmware update first, it was doing some strange things when I first plug it in, but after FW update worked very nice.- Buttons, nice, smooth, fairly crisp displays, they do not make sound when pressed ( which is good )- Software, bit simple looking but working as intended for now ( found one bug with linking to TipeeeStream account where the soft hangs ) but with time small kinks will be ironed out, and I do hope they open/provide some kind of API for custom functions ( I have some ideas for cool stuff 😀 )- USB cable, bit short :-/- Stand, nice with multiple positions and good rubber on the bottom so when I press the buttons it does not move away.- Price… well yea, what can I say, OLED displays aint cheep..In any case, do buyer remorse, quite like that little bugger and looking forward the SW updates. 

    Vladimir Strycek

  82. P11B

    Superb addition to a keyboard – for a non streamer

    Like almost everyone, I find the Touch Bar on a MacBook incredibly frustrating but it does point to what might be possible. The stream deck translates that into reality.Keyboard shortcuts, text strings, launching applications, home automation control and probably a whole lot of things I have yet to uncover. A brilliant aid to enhancing productivity, even if you aren’t a streamer.


  83. Joshua Collis

    Life saver!

    This is so convenient!I stream a lot of VR games using a dual-pc setup and this makes my life so much easier!No more dragging my mouse in the right direction to get synergy to attach my mouse to the other PC then craning my head toward the other monitor, ferociously alt+tabbing until I find the right window to change scenes or start/stop the stream or recording…Now I have all of my scenes for Streamlabs OBS mapped to buttons on the deck… on top of that I have my sources (such as my cameras and capture cards) mapped to buttons on the deck so that I can easily switch scenes and hide or show sources in seconds!I haven’t even scratched the surface of the potential of this device yet but it is already saving me a lot of time and effort to complete a lot of common tasks. 

    Joshua Collis

  84. Koshabi

    Great tool for games, calls and productivity

    Its app allows you to do so much customisation and actions to most programs and games.Very fun, 100% recommend this for editing, games and of course – streaming.Is a bit limiting on how many functions you want to do


  85. peter

    Elgato Stream Deck

    I am very impressed with the quality of this product, only had it for a few days, I don’t know how i managed without it, i’m not a Gamer but program micro controllers, make Youtube videos.the ease of setting up took about an hour after downloading the software.there is a lot of videos on youtube about setting up etc.being able to switch between scenes and sound ( speaker to Headphone and back ) with a touch of a button.starting programs etc from a button, no long clicking and looking for the programs on the start icon.


  86. Jean de Florette

    Wow. Sony uses!

    Using this for gaming. Can define profiles for each game. Even using in World of Warships instead of the direction keys. And for shortcuts in office products for work. Love it.

    Jean de Florette

  87. Warpdrv on Twitch

    One of the best streaming investments i’ve ever made.

    This piece of kit rocks, there’s so much customization you can do with the streamdeck and its just the right size to fit anywhere on your desk for easy access.Due to the extensive customization abilities this product has you can have as little or as many buttons as you want available at any time by keeping hotkeys in folders and creating your own shortcuts or using the hundreds of presets available to you through the provided software that comes with this product which is super easy to use to beginners or experts alike.My one gripe with the 15 key stream deck is that the wire length could be a meter or two longer and maybe a little thicker just to be on the safe side. Otherwise this piece of kit will save you a lot of time and make streaming extremely fun for you.I personally use soundboards, scene transitions, discord mute & deafen integrations, Nvidia shadowplay shortcuts, Twitch chat preset messages, ad shortcuts, twitter & facebook go-live post shorcuts and more. Recently I’ve been using this to create shortcuts of my own in photoshop to select different tools & brushes using one button only which works extremely well.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes streaming & those technically minded individuals who want more quick shortcuts to improve their workflow.

    Warpdrv on Twitch

  88. Richard Holt

    Totally worth it!

    New to streaming and this is massively handy to switch scenes, play sounds, clip etc. Easy to set up too

    Richard Holt

  89. Ian T

    Great boost to computing productivity

    I bought the 15 key Stream Deck to launch apps, open folders and invoke macros, rather than for streaming.I have so far set-up 13 “Profiles” for different computing contexts such as Photo Management, Writing and Engineering. Each profile provides fourteen buttons plus one that returns me to the “Home” screen. Each button can open either an app or specific folder, or enter text directly or via Text Expander or Keyboard Maestro.Each LED key shows the icon and name for the app or folder. It is so quick and easy to launch exactly what I want without having to remember keyboard shortcuts or search through menus.This is one of the most useful computer tools I have.

    Ian T

  90. pierce

    Good but expensive

    So I have always been sceptical about these. As a streamer they always seemed fun etc but price point put me off. I took the plunge and it’s better than expected but could use hot keys etc for much lower price!


  91. Bradley W.


    Speeds up my uses, and is a great asset to the desk.

    Bradley W.

  92. S. Webster

    Good product

    Bought as a gift for my son and he’s happy with it. I have no idea what it is so I’m no help!

    S. Webster

  93. 𝕬𝖒𝖆𝖟𝖔𝖓𝕮𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖗

    This will improve your streaming if you know how

    The simple question to this stream deck is do you need it? I can stream perfectly with all my interactions and programmes using my PC and utilising hot keys. The problem I have is sometimes I forget my keys and the stream can go downhill fast. With this stream deck you have a visual interface which interacts with the likes of Twitter, Twitch and so on and so forth and this works with OBS beautifully.During gameplay/streaming I can, at a press of a key on the stream deck, play sounds, change scenes, launch animations etc. However I can also do all this on my keyboard. The cool thing I’ve found with this stream deck is by pressing one button I can launch a magnitude of functions all at the same time plus while doing so I’m getting info on the stream deck from Twitch, Twitter and my machine stats if need be.Even though there are only six buttons you can create subfolders so one buttons action can create further more actions at a press on the subfolder screen.There is so much more to this gadget and there are many videos on the web to help. It is very daunting at first, there’s no manuals or anything like that in the box so your resource is Elegato and the web.My main problem I have is the unit does move when pressing hard even though it has a rubberised base. Overall its a solid, quality build, expensive for what it is and like I said earlier, you can stream perfectly without this. But once you do get your hands on this device you won’t do without it again!Recommended 


  94. Nick Sharratt

    Excellent to make online meetings better – not just for streamers

    Combining this with OBS has taken my virtual meetings to a different level. Eg With one button, I can switch from a full screen virtual green screen with overlaid company logo etc, to a ‘clean’ view of some content I want to show, with just my face in a Picture in Picture, and then back into full screen video conference view. I can mute/turn my camera on and off, overlay the weather forecast, I can have a little reminder of my current IP address to hand if I need it, glance to see the time, launch common apps I need, control PowerPoint ….the list is endless, basically whatever your imagination comes up with that might make it better working remotely with virtual meetings, this can help make easier and slicker.And then if you want, you can flip profiles and have a completely different set up for gaming, or streaming or anything else.If you’re unsure about the investment, I suggest trying the phone/tablet app virtual button app first. It gives fewer buttons and ties up a device, but it lets you experiment with what is possible for a fraction of the investment, and anything you try and like, is easily transferred to use with this ‘big brother’ version if you decide to get it later.

    Nick Sharratt

  95. Adam P

    Not just for streamers – home office user

    I’m no gamer, no streamer. I use this as a home office productivity tool. I really like it. Here are some use cases:MS Teams: profile to join, end call. Mute/unmute. Turn on/off camera. Put hand up/ down.Shortcuts: use for server shortcuts to quickly access common areasWeblinks: single button launch for websites. Also have saved in user names and passwords for certain sites so I can access and login in a matter of clicks.Spotify controller: skip songs, play, pause etc.The world is your oyster.

    Adam P

  96. Nick

    The best purchase a streamer can make

    I’ll start by saying this; read the headline again.The Stream Deck (15 key) is a fantastic bit of kit, albeit quite expensive and the software is intuitive and simple. Want to enable a particular source in OBS while streaming? Change scenes? Cue adverts? Mute certain audio channels? Create clips of your stream? Launch several programs with a single button press? Open webpages? Shortcut keys for photoshop/vegas etc? Macros? Soundboard? Monitor CPU usage?Each button can also be configured as folders each containing it’s own 15 buttons.The software offers almost endless customisation along with personalising each button so you know exactly what you’re hitting and when, and profiles can be set to load a particular set of buttons when the specified program is running/focused. Photos are just some taken during my set-upI’ve been using it primarily as a launcher and control panel for my streaming, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of the device’s flexibility.The only subjective downsides for me are that the USB lead is quite short (I have a large desk) and the rubber feet don’t grip all that well.Yes it’s expensive for what is essentially a separate keypad, but the QOL improvement is huge and you can always wait til it’s on sale. 


  97. Steph Crossland

    Love it

    Love this! So handy. Even if you don’t play a game, you can hook it up with other things like zoom and your hue lights so that it can be so handy.

    Steph Crossland

  98. S. Rayner

    Fantastic device and brilliant support.

    I’ve been using this a while for live-stream and had got to be quite dependent on it when – Something happened – looking online I saw that it was a rare problem. Elgato sorted it out for me without any fuss and I’m now over the moon to have my Stream Deck up and running again – I really missed it for a while. Fantastic after sales from Elgato – well done!If you are live streaming and switching from camera to camera and slotting in videos, images and screen capture, you cannot do without this brilliant machine. It’s basically a row of buttons over a small screen that lights up. You can set the images to make it easy to find them or – I’m using ecamm Live – the camera actually shows a live image in the button. Fantastic 🙂

    S. Rayner

  99. Katrina Smith

    Partner loves it

    My partner has wanted a streamer deck for a while, so finally got him one and he is loving how easy it makes his streaming. Thanks

    Katrina Smith

  100. BENJAMIN D.




  101. orna

    Limitless product

    Overall amazing product limitless things to do and my boyfriend loves it he uses it for Spotify uses it for flight sim stuff uses it on even kernel space program it’s great


  102. Eanna

    Stream Deck Mini

    This is perfect! Depending on what you bind to each of the 6 button, a single button can toggle things On and Off. If you stream as a hobby or want to try it out, the Mini is a really great way to dip your toe in the water! I absolutely love this thing and it’s really easy to make your own icons for buttons.Download and Install the software, restart your computer and ONLY THEN plug your Stream Deck USB in! 10/10


  103. David Cohen

    Brilliant functionality for home working

    I used to have the bigger one of these, but home working means I am limited on desk space nowadays. The Stream Deck Mini is an excellent little item with more functionality than you might think given its small size.The software that is supplied means you can program the buttons for hundreds of different functions. I have mine configured to launch apps from the desktop (more than six, as you can have folders assigned to buttons too). Then, for any particular app, I add functions that take over the buttons when the app is focussed – so for example, in Microsoft Teams I have toggles for mute and camera, a screen sharing button and a leave meeting button.Adding such functions to real buttons (instead of being hidden behind a weird keystroke in software) is transformative, and more than justifies the price of these units. The software is really easy to use and quite intuitive. 

    David Cohen

  104. Gary

    Great device for gaming too!

    I’ve had this device for less than a week but I’m using it for gaming and photo editing.It adds a great level of immersion to Euro Truck Simulator 2 (someone has created custom icons for it too if you Google it), efficiency to Defense Grid 2 (I created icons including the tower and the prices, as well as uprades etc.) and I made a quick and dirty setup for Paint.Net, which made the icon creation much faster.In addition to this I’m using it for:- Philips Hue lighting in the room it’s in- Spotify control on my computer and an Echo device- Train Sim World 2 (this was free and seemed like a good test)- Starting a Linux VM in VMware Workstation (there are further control I could add to this)- Starting specific applicationsI can definitely see me using this on more games, especially simulators and strategy games, possibly binding scripts for easier automation and finding efficiencies for repetitive tasks in different apps.There are a fair few plugins, but these are mainly geared towards streamers (no surprise there) but there are a few for graphics related apps too. The hotkey, hotkey switch, multi action and multi action switch really make up for this. I’ve not pushed these too far but they seem great so far e.g. in ETS2 I press a key to turn on the ignition, delay for a second and then starts the engine, if I press the button a second time it turns the engine off, the two states have different icons.You can even use animated gifs for the icons, although I’ve read that the overuse of these can cause performance issues (unsure if that’s the case on the MK2). It’s perfect for a hazard light indicator in ETS2 though!If I had to add one criticism, it’s that it could do with a bit more anti-slip by either being grippier or heavier, it’s not terrible on that front and I could probably find a solution myself but worth mentioning for a fair review.The 15 seems to be a perfect size, the XL is tempting but at that point it almost a keyboard from a finding-the-right-key perspective, though not having used to XL you can take my opinion with a pinch of salt and it’ll really depend on how you want to use it. As well as having profiles (that auto-switches when an exe is running and selected) each icon can be a folder which can contain other folders, I’m not sure if there are depth limits.All-in-all this piece of kit is so customisable that it’d be difficult not to find a use for it if you are a regular computer user. Highly recommend! 


  105. Mike Broadbent

    Top notch luxury item

    You probably don’t need it but the potential is great. Use for my streaming content and ableton work flow.

    Mike Broadbent

  106. emma

    Brilliant little divice that sits neat on the desk

    My son absolutely loved this,he got it for Christmas to help him while steaming as an active gamer this was a very welcome present. He is 14 and he said this was perfect.


  107. Mrs E.


    I didn’t realise how much I needed this until I bought one. I’ve gotten more and more adventurous with the automations. It’s so simple to learn, you just need to think about adding very short delays between steps sometimes and finding keyboard shortcuts to use as hotkeys.Some helpful shortcuts for Macs are remembering that you can automate the escape key even on Touch Bar Macs to close a window, using the alt and tab keys to tab items on a webpage and then pressing enter to select. They do have some templates to download as well which is good.You can also do things like launch applications, this kinda helps productivity because you can set the things you should be doing which will help you to achieve your goals (such as studying more). You can make it more difficult to procrastinate on social media by not including social media sites as a quick access button.

    Mrs E.

  108. David Gray

    Best thing I ever bought

    My only regret is I didn’t go for the bigger one. Although you can have more buttons with folders I want the bigger one now I’ve had a play lol.

    David Gray

  109. Chris H

    There’s a reason most live streamers have one of these…

    …and that is: it works, and it works well. There are plenty of downloadable additions to the basic configuration software that will let you use it for controlling zoom calls and well as OBS and similar streaming apps (although you may have to speak nicely to your anti-virus software before it allows the Streamdeck app to do its stuff properly.)The fact that you can nest multiple layers of buttons in the software means that you’re not at all restricted to picking the top fifteen most useful actions to allocate to each button.Sure, eventually you’re going to want to upgrade to a Blackmagic controller, because shiny. But this will help you build up your following to the point when you can afford the upgrade.

    Chris H

  110. Christina G.

    Great product

    Overall a great product for streaming and productivity. I have only just got to the basics of what it can do but as a streamer its already made my life much easier. Easy to manage and set up does not seem to use to much in the way of proccessor or Ram. Intergration with twitch Stremlabs OBS and the built in soundboard functions are excellent.I would recommend this product.

    Christina G.

  111. Matthew

    Great for non-streaming purposes as well

    I don’t stream so was a bit hesitant about spending £100+ on this but I can confidently say it is worth it.I use it for hotkeys to common websites I use so one click and it will open the browser and load the page. I also supports third party plugins so I can have my CPU and GPU temperatures on one of the buttons.I’m sure there is probably something a lot cheaper that can do the same job but the cost is worth it for the support and the ease of use which doesn’t seem to be available on the same level for other alternatives.


  112. Joseph Walton-rivers

    Fancy macros that work on Linux

    The streamdeck is a nice piece of hardware, I’ve not used the official software. The device acts in principle at least as a fancy keyboard. All the smarts is in the software. It’s none the less very useful for hotkeys/scripts.Most software that talks to it supports pages so you can configure buttons to show more buttons. I’ve got mine showing a central menu page and a set of pages branching off from that, each with a home button.On Linux there are (at least) two libraries for interacting with it. The python version has a nice UI but I found it to be very unstable. There is a go project called streamdeckd which is amazing but is configured by JSON files. I prefer this as it’s easier to maintain anyway. I’ve mostly got it executing commands using utility programs (obscli, pulse audio, opening applications, etc…).

    Joseph Walton-rivers

  113. Remi Butler


    Girl it is difficult to overrate this, i’ve completely automated starting a stream, with 1 button press i can;* start OBS* start a countdown timer* switch to my starting soon screne* start some music* go live* change my current game title to the active window (this requires some autohotkey magic)* send a tweet* and alert discord!It’s automation heaven, i have a button to thank raiders and a button to start music, mute my mic and bring up a be right back graphic, i have scene switching buttons and a counter for events, i have buttons to launch games, apps, manage twitch notifications and i’ve only had it a week10/10 this is the best workflow tool i’ve bought in 10 years

    Remi Butler

  114. Stephen

    Quick actions at your finger tips

    What a great device, I use it more in my day to day work than I have in gaming so far.It’s been helpful to have quick access buttons to launch up my favourite websites, applications I use day to day and my zoom calls for work. There are some great add ons that people have made, and now I can turn my lights on and off from it and see the current temperature in the room from my Home Assistant instance. 


  115. CJH

    Excellent programmable keypad

    There are people out there who will tell you the stand is rubbish, the buttons aren’t to their liking and a hundred and other complaints.I bout the stream-deck to help me speed up my audio and video editing and because I have always wanted a separate programmable keypad so I could open programs cut / copy / paste with the click of a single button. It covers this perfectly, even better still, it allows you to assign text or an image to the buttons – this means that you can be in Adobe Premiere for example and just glance down to see the actions you have available. In Word it is perfect for complex commands like Format Copy / Paint. Whatever you can do on your keyboard or with the mouse can be assigned to a single, identifiable button and it’s very simple to do.You can create profiles and have each one appear when a certain program is open so once it’s set up the whole thing works seamlessly.As far as using it for streaming goes – I don’t at the moment BUT I can see that it is the perfect partner for online streamers.Why people are picking on the stand is way beyond me, it works well and has numerous angles and heights.The LCD display is a single LCD panel – not individual screens as most people seem to think. The buttons just appear to have their own screen as the frame masks the LCD that way.I bought this on Black Friday for a knockdown price but even at full price, if you know what you want it for, it is worth every penny.The case is a nice, sturdy metal and the buttons have a stiff gel feel to them.Personally, I love it and use it all the time now. 


  116. Stephen Coleman

    I use it with msfs and it is very good

    I like the idea of programming the keys. Very useful

    Stephen Coleman

  117. Stuart Lee


    I use my Streamdeck together with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It connects effortlessly and means that you can control all the switches and functions of the simulator without touching the keyboard or mouse. There are plenty of ready-made profiles on the Internet for all the standard and specialised aircraft. I love it 

    Stuart Lee

  118. Robcc03


    Although I think a bit pricey for what it is.It does the job very well, easy to customise and get it looking and doing why you want.


  119. A. D. Baxter

    Excellent piece of kit

    Excellent product, improved workflow 100%

    A. D. Baxter

  120. matthew


    Must buy


  121. Cruz

    Very Good

    love it


  122. Ashlie Carver

    The best Accessory for PC

    I brought one of these without looking at any reviews before could of people had mentioned it to me before so I pulled the trigger.Easy setupEasy useStraight forward and to the point, even for me who struggles with most pc things.

    Ashlie Carver

  123. Ashley

    Should have got one ages ago.

    I knew these were good due to previously seen reviews and friends recommendations, but they are pretty much infinitely customisable in both look and function. There are also so pretty cool third party after market face plates and stand/docks you can get, even for the xl version. You can use it for games, browsing, productivity with programs, macros, if you can think of it you can make it do it. Even displaying hardware info such as CPU usage and other sensors etc. RSS tickers stock pricing, it is ridiculous and just goes on and on.My only gripe about it, is that I had expected it to have deeper integration for function hardware stats and lighting with ICUE since they are both Corsair now.9.75/10


  124. Ponty-P

    Great item, gutted I got this not the 15button one

    Great product for adding features to streaming on twitch, really really wish I had got the 15way one now instead of choosing the 6 way which at time I thought would be enough but noticed after first use I should have gone bigger, quite expensive in cost but is fun, easy to programme but struggling to get it to do what I need with OBS


  125. MaxCapeHD

    Elgato never disappoint

    No disappointment here


  126. TheDirectorsOfGaming

    Handy Little Device!

    I was pleasently surprised with the amount of customization and options you can use this for, the software allows you to launch shortcuts to your favorite games, do things like record the screen or show the FPS counter or even display your GPU and CPU temperature graphs (I’m personally using HWInfo64 Pro which is a €27 per year subscription). I would definitely recommend it if you think you’d have a use for it! 


  127. Colin

    Very easy to use

    Easy to use… i was orginally using a loupedeck live prior to this purchase.Install the softwareLink your accountsDrag and dropRather simpleThere are a few things that require a bit more finer tuning i.e connecting to philips hue, discord voice chat.


  128. Richard Thompson

    A Stremers best friend!!

    Right I got this in the black friday sale for £89 and wow what a great bit of kit she is to!! Now I stream on youtube as a hobby! I’m not the best with tech stuff but this Stream deck for me is so good. I’m still learning how to use it thanks to youtube video’s showing me how to do stuff on it. It says 15 buttons but I have learned that you can make a folder in a button and then put 15 things in that folder so you have so many more buttons than it says. I use OBS to stream with. So I made a obs folder for button 1. Now when I press that button I have mapped my scenes to diferent buttons in that folder I have my main stream view then a place holder saying stream about to start and a back in 5 minutes holder so all I do is press one button and it switches to it easy. I have a sound folder to play sound for different games I’m streaming :). A giff folder and a Socical media one to and I have still to learn and do more but for me someone who finds this kind of thing hard to do its made it so much easyer and a lot more fun to! I hope this helps you all. 

    Richard Thompson

  129. Andy

    Always evolving

    Novice streamer, At first I thought the stream deck was quite useful and helped me quickly change scenes when streaming. As I’ve gone on I’ve learnt more that this can do and am starting to realise how much of a powerful tool this can be


  130. Les W.

    Even better than expected!

    It’s really great to see a product where all of the features converge in a meaningful and well though out way. The configurability of the Stream Deck is unparalleled. So much you can do; so many ways to nest access; and more. The biggest challenge you will have is deciding how to arrange everything!

    Les W.

  131. Asterios

    A revolutionary Device!

    I was fortunate to have received my Elgato Stream Desk product today it works excellently! You can pretty much do anything you please open web sites, open programs, assign keyboard shortcuts for anything really opening games,videos,music,photos,,programs,doing tasks in programs etc i kind of get the feeling i will not be needing my keyboard and mouse anymore since i can just open all my web site and access my stuff with the touch of a button but we’ll see haha :)It works very smoothly and the software found on the Elgato web site is very easy and straight forward to use their are 15 button on the device that are your icons to assign a new folder you just put an icon on top of the other in the Stream Desk app software and done.I have not even scratched the surface of what i can do with this device it defiantly will take some time to master everything but so far so good! although their two important things i must say just in case they do not effect me personally but as references i guess 1) the cable is indeed on the short side of things not long enough (Can be fixed by buying a USB Extension cable) but since my Pc is right next to me that is ok and 2) it does not support Windows 7 that might or might not turn some people off.Overall this device is lovely. 


  132. Mr R A Harrison

    Brilliant little device to automate tasks

    The device itself is worthy of 5 stars, unfortunately the Elgato website (where you download the software to setup the device) was unavailable while it was “being updated” which made it impossible to setup. I contacted support but still have had no response, however, I did find a link to get the software on their twitter account.Now it’s setup and working I really love this device – having setup various tasks this device now lets me execute them at the touch of a button which saves a great deal of time and removes the human error factor.

    Mr R A Harrison

  133. Arfon Edwards

    Cool handy accessory

    This is so useful and not just for streming, it’s a useful extention to your pc to create shortcuts for software and something simple like controlling your volume for individual programs

    Arfon Edwards

  134. Adam

    Just buy it, it’s great!

    Awesome! Just a fantastic, fun, easy to use, impressive piece of tech! I bought it for some training, just so I could fire-up some videos (completely frivolous) but it was so easy to set up and customise, I started playing, I now have sub-menus for controlling my camera and mic in teams and zoom, I’ve a panel of sound effects (because that was fun – I’ll never use them!) And I’ve connected to my lights, to switch them to different colours during presentations (which I’ve never done, I just can now, if the mood ever takes me! – which kind-of sums it up really! – you don’t need it, but you won’t regret having it!


  135. pabs




  136. Peter Wyatt

    Brilliant bit of Kit

    I got this expecting it would help me streaming but it can do so much more,you can get it to interact with discord for example to toggle microphone and deafen yourself.Only slight problem that the streamdeck needs to be unplugged and plugged to function as the software gets confused but nothing to troublesom

    Peter Wyatt