Elgato Stream Deck Mini control panel

(84 customer reviews)
  • Wired USB Connection
  • 6 Programmable LCD Keys
  • Customizable Key Icons
  • Ideal for Live Streaming
  • Launch Media and Switch Scenes
  • Adjust Audio
  • Trigger Multiple Simultaneous Actions
  • Turn Keys into Folders
  • Drag-and-Drop Setup

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  • Dedicated Configuration Profiles

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Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

Take control of your live video stream with the Stream Deck Mini from Elgato. Ideal for live streamers and content creators, the Stream Deck Mini features a wired USB connection and six LCD keys that can be programmed to trigger a wide variety of actions, including launching media, switching scenes, adjusting audio, and performing in-game actions.

You can program a key to launch multiple simultaneous or sequential actions, or assign a key to open a folder of additional actions. Keys can be personalized by choosing from more than a hundred icons or you can create your own. Dedicated configuration profiles let you quickly switch sets of keys depending on the application, while drag-and-drop setup makes the keys easy to program.

6 Customizable LCD Keys

Tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio, and more.

Unlimited Control

Turn keys into folders to access unlimited actions.

Multiple Actions

Launch multiple actions simultaneously or sequentially with one tap.


Personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds of options.

Direct Integration

Control Game Capture, OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more.

Easy Setup

Simply drag and drop actions onto keys in the app.

Number of Keys 6
Connection Type Wired
System Connection USB Type-A
Backlight Yes
LED Colors Yes
Built-In Control Device None
Wrist Rest None
Cable Length 59″ / 149.86 cm
Cable Type Straight
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.3 x 3.3 x 2.4″ / 58.4 x 83.8 x 61.0 mm
Weight 0.4 lb / 0.18 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.66 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.7 x 5.1 x 0.2″

Based on 84 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Kayleigh

    What’s in a button ?

    I bought this for hubby as a big present and was amazed at the features this product can do if you are a streamer then you need this piece of kit in your armory


  2. Fionnacake

    New favourite toy

    My partner isn’t a streamer but he loves this, he uses multiple PCs for work and gaming and this helps him to switch between applications easily. There is built in support for multiple programmes but tonnes of third party plugins


  3. Surplus

    Very Useful

    The Elgato Stream Deck is a really useful tool not just for streamers but also for anyone as I find myself using it to quickly open tabs on chrome or open Spotify and play music. I would highly recommend anyone who likes some easy shortcuts to buy this, the price is a bit too expensive in my opinion but its really good and high quality so can’t complain too much.


  4. TheBoxBit

    Elgato stream deck / fancy button box

    If you are in to streaming or need more keys for a fancy button box then this is amazing. Edit to you hearts delight , 15 programmable keys that can show any icon you wish . Would not be without this item on my desk now. Worst part is setting you all the options you need but once done it’s a joy to use


  5. Mark Scott

    Not just for streamers, useful for anyone.

    A great product, easy to set up and use. I purchased some button maps for Adobe CC and set those up along with a “dashboard” of web sites along with some novelty buttons like an analogue clock, speed test and colour picker.

    Mark Scott

  6. Luca

    Great little gadget for Streaming Audio/Video

    Great little gadget for Streaming Audio/Video


  7. Kevin Muldoon

    A Versatile Productivity & Recording Tool

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have been incredibly impressed with what the Elgato Stream Deck could do.As someone who works online all day long and records a lot of videos, it is helping me be more productive. It’s integration with popular streaming applications makes it the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to record live.The software that Elgato have created for the deck works great. It has lots of customisation options and you can export and import profiles for safe keeping (useful when using on another computer).Recommended. 

    Kevin Muldoon

  8. Katie

    Perfect for live-streamers & SUPER versatile for almost any program!

    Perfect for any upcoming live-streamer or video creator, but also almost anything else!The Stream Deck is SO very versatile, and can be programmed (super easily) to do almost anything.I’m not particularly tech-savy myself, but this was and still is SUPER intuitive to use.Would recommend this to anyone that wants to make their life a little easier with the press of a button!


  9. Jonathan Per

    Key to success

    There is nothing I can say that no-one hasn’t already said. I use this more as a extension of my keyboard but with animated logos. The software is constantly updated. For the price it’s a essential piece of kit even if you are not a streamer

    Jonathan Per

  10. Richard S

    Adds convenience and improves workflow

    I have found this an excellent addition for when I video-conference with Zoom and to a lesser extent with MS teams. Easy to install, set-up and use. So much so I am exploring how I can use it with other programs and have started using obs software. No regrets about purchasing.

    Richard S

  11. Ronalds

    Great tool for productivity

    Great tool for productivity. Works great, easy to use.


  12. Amazon Customer


    very thicc

    Amazon Customer

  13. Immy

    Multi functional handy tool

    Really useful tool. You can set up many shortcuts and they don’t have to be related to streaming etc. You can use it for application shortcuts or running regular commands. For streaming it’s great too, it works with YouTube, twitch, stream elements, stream labs, and even mixer


  14. James Griffin

    A very user friendly product, which has many uses, not just for streaming.

    A great accessory, I am a hobby streamer, but I have my stream deck setup (which is very easy and user friendly to do using the Elgato UI) to carry out a multitude of functions that are not just related to my stream. I would not say that it is not was worth the expenditure if you don’t utilise it for streaming, but you wont regret it if you do.All in all, a very worth while purchase for me, and very easy to customize to your own preferences & uses. 

    James Griffin

  15. SirSuperDeath

    Easy to use

    Overall the device is wonderful and the software is easy to use and reliable I don’t think there is anything I dislike yet.


  16. Andrew Cromarty – vlogger YouTube

    Editing workflow improvements

    Now while Im not using this device for its intended purpose, it very much helps with my everyday video editing, I like how I can customize each icon to something that is visually familiar resulting in a better workflow for my youtube videos.One thing i would like to see is a way of placing a live youtube subscriber counter or total channel views (week/month or year) 

    Andrew Cromarty – vlogger YouTube

  17. Kindle Customer


    It’s easy to install I absolutely love it! It’s really helpful if you are a streamer or content creator

    Kindle Customer

  18. Gadgettyke

    cracking deal

    Good seller, there is nothing to fault, buy with confidence!


  19. Black Dahlia

    Makes life easier

    My son is 14 and says this is amazing. He can access anything by downloading an app and makes life easier with his PC.That is all I can tell you as I am not tech savvy 😉

    Black Dahlia

  20. #G’c


    Great device for so many things, shortcuts, text input, soundbar, streaming… you name it!Needs a bit more developing on some addons, but is already pretty great for what it is meant to do.It will lag if you use gifs on all of your buttons, so I tend to using regular icons.So far it works great without a hiccup.


  21. Martyn Webster

    Really Useful Kit

    Stream Deck is the most useful add-on key pad I have ever experienced – Very Good.

    Martyn Webster

  22. JMsale

    Lack of programmes to use.

    Can not find programmes to use this with. A few on the website and you can allocate any file to the keys. Would be nice if makers had a website with more resources.


  23. Mr. R. L. Mcdonagh

    Just Get One!

    If you are a creative person/podcaster this is the perfect product to improve your workflow. I was recommended this product by legendary Dutch DJ/producer Ben Liebrand, and he is on the money! Just get one 🙂

    Mr. R. L. Mcdonagh

  24. Amazon Customer

    Arrived on time.

    Bought for my son who is happy with its performance.

    Amazon Customer

  25. Sinky

    Handy little thing this is

    I’ve always wondered why people had these and what the appeal would be but it really is a handy bit of kit. The fact you can link to songs on your PC, set the level they will play at and also fade in and out is superb.


  26. GeorgeV

    Easy to install, easy to use, good value

    Easy to install, easy to use, good value. Generally good build quality, use it for controlling AV systems so works very well.


  27. Carlos B

    Great stuff

    Great if you like using shortcuts for everything.I use it for streaming and work.

    Carlos B

  28. Ashley Dunn

    Great tool for streamers

    Perfect product for streaming. Was quick & easy to install with helpful instructions. Product is of high quality & will withstand being dropped as I have found out unintentionally

    Ashley Dunn

  29. Dean Williams

    The best there is

    What do I need to say…

    Dean Williams

  30. Barry Stevens

    Best buy ever!

    This is awesome I would say this product is amazing for any streamer or someone who likes to have copy and pasted comments at the touch of a button not just for a streamer but for anyone who loves to have shortcuts on their computer. The folder option makes 18 buttons far far more.

    Barry Stevens

  31. Karen J.


    Perfect my son loves it, it’s all set up and works brilliantly. Each button can have multiple uses (apparently). He’s happy so I am happy!

    Karen J.

  32. Alisha Mullins


    Love it

    Alisha Mullins

  33. Amazon Customer


    Great item – would recommend

    Amazon Customer

  34. Andrew Mayo

    Much more versatile than you’d think

    Are you using recording software like Logic or Reaper?. Using a complex CAD package or Adobe Photoshop?. Controlling lighting or sound cues for live acts or theatre?. Playing a complex game with a lot of keyboard shortcuts?. Then this little wonder is just… awesome. 15 customisable buttons per application, automatically loaded when you switch to that app. There are many more uses for one of these than just streaming – and the nice little stand keeps it at the perfect height. Highly recommended. 

    Andrew Mayo

  35. Cruminator

    Great tool but not learnt all it can do

    I bought this as i have started to stream. I have used some of my buttons and they work great. Its easy to use but beware. A lot of tutorials and reading should be done to unlock its full potential


  36. Chris l

    Awesome piece of kit!

    If like me your desktop can be a little congested then having programs and common repeat processes/text etc available at the press of a button is a perfect solution.I use the Stream Deck as tool to speed up working and I don’t use it for any stream or live feed applications.The build quality is very very good and the base ensures the display sits at a very easy to view and use angle.Cable length is good and the base can also be used to hid the excess cable.The software for configuring the buttons is good but I’m sure this will continue to evolve and improve over time as this is clearly a great product and used my many.

    Chris l

  37. Robert W


    Very easy to use, switches between scenes effortlessly (OBS) can customise the buttons fully, can set a button to play a specific sound, sits stable on the desk and doesn’t move while you’re trying to press the buttons.

    Robert W

  38. Alfie Owen

    Great for streaming

    It is great for streaming

    Alfie Owen

  39. Baldnold

    Good but small problems

    Its good and saves messing around with keyboard hotkeys etc but sometimes its a bit of a pain to set up using OBS and stream deck to make sure everything is in the right place for it to work 100%, many times I have pressed a button to find out nothing works but then it pops up (lag), I paid £89 for 6 keys but made folders so now have 15+ and it works well with Slobs 


  40. Mr S. Wallace

    Great product

    Great product, exactly what I needed for playing elite dangerous and so much more…. The software makes it so simple to setup macros too.

    Mr S. Wallace

  41. Cristian Mot


    It is just useful

    Cristian Mot

  42. Emmzyz

    Pretty good

    My bf got me one for our anniversary last year and we loved it so much I got him one this year haha. Really useful and fun to organise, specially for streamers and people who do lots on the computer.


  43. Black_dragon

    A game changing power house.

    If you google this item you will see lovers and haters, but from my personal experience it’s worth the price point. It makes streaming so much more effortless and any support system for a streamer is useful. Only bug bear is the built in cable a USB 2.0 is far to short and is also as said built in. Build quality is what you would expect from elgato, soft wear is also what you would expect simple and easy but powerful. If your thinking about one ask your self this, will this make my life easier the answer from me is yes totally with out doubt. If you can afford it get it. 


  44. Customer

    Very, very easy to use; set up slightly complicated.

    A fantastic piece of kit. If you’re reading this because of an audio visual or streaming need, then the hype is justified. Takes a bit of settingbup as it’s a little counter intuitive at times. But there’s plenty of help online. It takes time to understnad the interface and how everything works. But it’s made a huge difference.


  45. Cero Mercer

    a multi-purpose tool you can’t be without

    Not just a handy tool for streaming, wokring in an office where multiple tools at various points in the day get tabbed between or open and closed. then this little beauty is an essential time saver.As a gamer capturing those glorious moments it’s a must haveand as a streamer then you you really couldn’t find an easier and more professional to to keep command and control, from scene switching to just adding that extra bit of flavor to you stream 

    Cero Mercer

  46. Marcus

    Absolutely recommended for streamers

    I held off on this purchase for a long time, and I wish I’d bought it a lot sooner. being able to switch scenes, open games or programs, open websites, so much more at the press of a button makes streaming a much easier and more enjoyable experience. before owning this,having to alt tab all the time was getting very tedious. also it’s incredibly easy to set up. 


  47. Chris W.

    Awesome Accessory!

    I absolutely love this thing.It really under sells itself on Amazon, this is the best computer accessory I have ever purchased. It’s really flexible and has made regular tasks super quick.I use AutoCAD a lot and this has made commands amazingly quick. I also use the different profiles & folders to organise my shortcuts by type.The Stream Deck profile you need for the app that is on top is a great feature as well. 

    Chris W.

  48. Dimitrios

    Easy to use and very versatile genius!

    As an IT guy I often indulge in gadgets however it’s been a long time since I’ve had something so useful. The Elgato Stream Deck is amazing. It’s so useful and versatile and works effortlessly and without complication. Just brilliant. Elgato needs to be congratulated for creating a simple to use, tactile and utterly useful gadget that will allow you to customise it for your ever changing needs. A must for all.


  49. Max Fletcher

    Potential to be great

    If they bring out more apps for it, it will be great… take a screen and put buttons over it, align that with keyboard macros and you have a winner… It’s designed for streaming content but it’s a programmable keyboard shortcut machine. If you have the patience, you tie one button to an app. For example word. You hit that button and word opens a blank doc, the screen on the stream deck changes, as do the functions on screen… cut copy paste each on one button. And plenty of other buttons to program to your other popular keystrokes…works really well . The more keystrokes required to get to your chosen function, the more you will love this.

    Max Fletcher

  50. Braders77UK

    So far, so good.

    Quite easy to set-up and very it’s capabilities are under-sold… Very handy tool to have to launch multiple apps, browsers, games and even do rudimentary tasks like muting mic, etc. I’ve encouraged a couple of my friends to purchase and none of us regret it. Just wish there was a longer cable and more image files in the software.


  51. Vinny O.

    Love these.

    Great piece of kit

    Vinny O.

  52. Tom Nourish

    Very Helpful Product For Streaming and School

    The Stream Deck has been a very useful product for my streams and for school! It’s very simple to set up and very easily customisable! 10/10 would recommend!

    Tom Nourish

  53. P

    Love this product. Makes everything so much faster.

    Love this product. Makes everything so much faster.


  54. Steven hodson


    Got this as an upgrade from a 15 button stream deck so glad I’d it

    Steven hodson

  55. nnsense

    Stream deck isn’t for streamers only

    I was looking for an external keypad, I use a lot of macros, snippets and tools while working and eventually I’ve chosen the stream deck because of its ability to change the icon directly on the keys. It’s honeslty great, price tag is a higher than many other devices of the same type, but that 15 micro screens are awesome, I’ve already created many subfolders expanding the unit, and I can fire any snippet, or tool I need. I’m missing a better SDK for creating and showing more useful informations but I think is just a matter of time. 


  56. Tony C.

    More options than I expected

    Bought this to provide single button control to OBS tasks for ease, didn’t realise how convenient I would find it. Each button can be set to a task or even a folder, the latter meaning that you can group tasks under titles which gives you more than the six assignments I thought I would have on the Mini. It’s very useful Indeed

    Tony C.

  57. Pandabobbie

    Works perfectly with Mac OSX!

    I bought this to work with Logic Pro x on the Mac – assigning some functions (and icons) to it and it was easy to set up and you can create your own icons from png files or photos and its just amazing. Saves so much time having a single button press for keys you use a lot like play, record, cut, glue etc. I might buy another if it goes on sale on Black Friday!


  58. Alex Coull

    Perfect as a macro keyboard. Easy to use.

    I’m sure this is great for streaming, however, that’s not my use case. If you’re looking for a macro keyboard, this is the perfect tool. Software easy to use and extendable. Couldn’t have asked for any more.

    Alex Coull

  59. Ritchie Brannan

    Very useful piece of kit

    Great for productivity apps, not just games and streaming.I bought this as a bit of a luxury item, but now it seems totally essential. I’m a software developer and the icon display on the buttons and nested folders of button configurations have been very useful for running macros, otherwise obscure commands and generally optimising workflows.I can’t recommend the Elgato Stream Deck highly enough.

    Ritchie Brannan

  60. Ian Mann


    Had this for over a month now and made streaming so much easier for me now. its so much better than having to use Hot keys on the keyboard or switching between the Scenes on streamlabs.Also my partner is now ordering one too as the stream.

    Ian Mann

  61. Rachel Lee

    Lovely addition to help with streaming

    Has improved my streaming on twitch as I can change scenes, stop and start music, use a timer, activate voice mod and change my sound outputs with a push of a button. Really great product and it also looks nice sitting on my desk

    Rachel Lee

  62. michael moore

    Excellent tool

    Got this as a gift to my bf who is a musician and he finds so useful to write music 🎵🎶

    michael moore

  63. Lewis

    Changed my life.

    I am unable to use a full-size keyboard due to my disability so I use this when I am playing games or editing videos. The device itself is very well built.


  64. Stephen

    You can never have enough attractive buttons!

    Lovely piece of tech. Very versatile. High quality. Reliable. Looks amazing – and works well.


  65. Darren wyllie


    Perfect easy to use and add icons

    Darren wyllie

  66. Paul Webber

    Push the button already!

    This works well. I’m using it to control vMix for live streaming and video production. From time to time though, it comes up with an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle and appears to have forgotten what the button was programmed for. Not sure why.

    Paul Webber

  67. Gilberto

    Very good

    Very good


  68. Craig

    More useful that I ever expected

    This device has helped out tremendously for live-streaming. Physical quality is great (as it should be for the price). Also the software that you use with it is great also. There’s a ton of compatibility options with other devices too. For example, I have this linked up to my HUE lights. I would definitely recommend as you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Quality of Life it offers.


  69. Mr. David E. Owen

    Love this. I don’t use this in any of …

    Love this. I don’t use this in any of the suggested ways – I’m not a streamer and don’t use any of the suggested software, but as long as you have files and pctures saved on your computer and attach them to the buttons you can call them up. I use it for quiz nights, playing sample music, or for a picture round, so that it’s easy to recall the files if a team needs a reminder.Update – I also use this now for play rehearsals in school. The students love using it. I attach the sound effects and they can pull them up at the touch of a button. I can also attach increase and decrease sound, to adjust volume at crucial moments. I don’t use it in the final performance as I have specialist programs, but it’s great for quick and easy rehearsals 

    Mr. David E. Owen

  70. Lee

    Fantastic product

    You can do soooo much with this thing, once you discover super macros you will be building them to do tasks you never new you wanted. Like opening programs, open folder locations, move the mouse around. Seriously a very impressive product can be used for so much more than just streaming


  71. Ashleigh LittleAmazonAddict

    Perfect for streamers

    Bought for my brother who is a gamer. He said its the perfect addiction to his streaming kit. He has set up things needed so they’re all at the touch of a button. Was simple to get set up and program

    Ashleigh LittleAmazonAddict

  72. Jonathan Tracey

    Almost prefect but….

    I love the stream deck but the integrations are a little limited, would love to have seen Elgato release more integrations with some pro apps such as Final Cut ProThat said for its core audience (streamers/gamers) I am sure this is prefect

    Jonathan Tracey

  73. dilligaf

    If you do live video you need this!!

    Great product and has made my online presentations much easier. I use this with OBS to control scene changes and as a remove from the Key light. Nice job Elgato.


  74. Jeff Smith

    Fantastic piece of kit

    I use this for switching scenes on OBS and XStripe, it makes training and broadcasting and absolute pleasure !00% recommended

    Jeff Smith

  75. Tommy Foxx

    Nearly perfect. Loses a star for the buttons

    Super easy to install and set up.The buttons don’t look as good as the picture (the screen is set quite far back from the face of the button) and the movement of the buttons feels a bit cheap and plastic-y.

    Tommy Foxx

  76. James Hoffmann

    Pretty good

    Pretty good. Didn’t really use it, but it has some great features that could come in handy at some point

    James Hoffmann

  77. Stephen

    Good. Fair price and easy to set up.

    Had to learn streaming video in a hurry due to pandemic. This is great. It lets me run macros at the touch of a button. I suspect if you are looking at this, you know what it is for. Worth the money if you don’t need the newer model with twice the number of buttons.


  78. Justin UK

    Great gadget.

    If it wasn’t for the near-constant software updates that Elgato thrust upon their customers they’d have got a solid five stars. As it is, it’s a brilliant bit of kit with a whole host of potential uses, other than what it was designed for. I use it as keyboard shortcuts for photoshop and Lightroom and it speeds everything up a fair bit!

    Justin UK

  79. Rory

    Gamers can play too!

    Not just for streamers/media types… I’m a gamer, and sitting behind my throttle while I play Elite:Dangerous is (almost) all I use mine for!Dead easy to set up various “Screens/Pages” of commands that can be navigated using the buttons as menus.Simple to assign (complex) multiple characters to trigger in response to keypress (e.g. press a single button to trigger Left CRTL + Left Alt + H)Really easy to assign graphics (download, make up using the editor, draw yourself in paint) to the key (see my picture for some quick and dirty examples) 


  80. Jenn

    Brill addition to my setup

    Very easy to use and install.


  81. Steve

    Productivity now through the roof!

    Wow! You need one of these!


  82. Richard

    These are brilliant!

    These are brilliant. My default Home Screen provides IoT control for Philips Hue and through IFTTT – third party products such as Harmony Hub, SmartThings & Sensibo. Good built quality & intuitive software – Highly recommended!


  83. Amazon Customer

    Great gadget

    Love it. I don’t stream but having an extra set of keys for changing music playlists, media volume copy pasta etc the limit is your imagination.I think this is the perfect size, XL has too many keys and the mini too few imo

    Amazon Customer

  84. LynnF

    Fabulous bit of kit

    Fandabbydozy bit of kit. Brilliant for adding sound and special effects instantly when live streaming.


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