Elgato – Wave:3 USB microphone

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  • Condenser capsule with a tight cardioid polar pattern captures speech with precision
  • Use the Wave Link app to control Wave:3 and up to seven other audio sources, plus create two independent mixes
  • Up to 24-bit / 96kHz analog to digital conversion delivers lush detail
  • Proprietary Clipguard technology makes distortion virtually impossible
  • Superior circuitry ensures seamless audio signal transmission
  • USB plug & play

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17 mm Electret






48 / 96 kHz


70 – 20000 Hz


-25dBFS (min gain) | 15dBFS (max gain)


120dB (140dB Clipguard engaged)


95dB (115dB Clipguard engaged)




153 x 66 x 40 mm / 6.0 x 2.6 x 1.6 in


Mic & U-Mount 280 g / 9.88 oz | Base 305 g / 10.76 oz


Wave:3, USB-C Cable, Desktop Stand, Boom Arm Adapter, Quick Start Guide

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  1. Jamie Sneling

    It just works how you would hope

    Fantastic quality for the price, with a little bit of working with plugins, you can eliminate and of your background noise and worries, simple to use, clean design, included stand is very good.

    Jamie Sneling

  2. Daniel Malpas

    Excellent mic

    I do occasional youtube reviews and bigger projects, and this mic has been front-and-centre for those projects for nearly a year now. I’ve had multiple comments praising the audio quality and asking about the microphone. It’s extremely easy to use and the mute function is very convenient and helpful.I will say that I found elgato’s Wave software to be terrible, it added about 8 audio inputs and broke my sound for a while. After some troubleshooting I got it to semi-work before giving up and uninstalling it, which fixed my problems quickly. This is just an optional software though. Can’t recommend the product itself enough.

    Daniel Malpas

  3. jason kenny

    Very Easy to set up.

    Does What it says on the tin .. A very nice Condenser Microphone nice and clear.. The software is easy to set up too…

    jason kenny

  4. Sam

    10/10 mic

    Brilliant mic for streaming and the software you get is greet to as can control all your apps need in one


  5. Ewan Gardner


    Amazing, crisp, doesn’t pop, and clear! Shame on my friends on discord now that have to hear me talk non stop! Would recommend!

    Ewan Gardner

  6. Colin Kenny

    Great quality, Great purchase

    I had been contemplating this purchase for a while, and I’m not disappointed at all. The quality is great and it has so much functionality. I would definitely recommend it! I’m not a streamer – I use this solely for communication with friends, and work colleagues – it works well. 

    Colin Kenny

  7. Alex

    Brilliant 🤩

    Loved the whole thing


  8. Tim

    Quality sound microphone for online communication

    High quality microphone best used with the provided Wave software. The Elgato Wave:3 is an core part of a Elgato comprehensive system aimed primarily at web broadcasters. The Wave 3 software allows great flexibility in connecting and monitoring various sound sources. The software takes some getting used to but there are plenty of helpful guides on the web. I ended up also buying the pop filter and shock mount but these are probably over the top for the average internet user. Recommended for the serious user who values sound reproduction.


  9. C. Clarke

    Great Mic – Easy to set up.

    This is a great Mic. Easy to set up straight out of the box. The mic is perhaps a bit pricey – compared to other USB mics – but the added free software is a real bonus. If you are just doing meetings or zoom classes – get the Wave 1. If you are ramping up to a Podcast or streaming channel – consider the Wave 3.

    C. Clarke

  10. WarMom

    A good microphone paired with nearly-great software

    The Elgato Wave microphones are made for two kinds of people: the first group just wants a good USB microphone. The second group are power users who will get the most out of the software the microphone enables, though not without some dedication and tweaking.The microphone itself is one of the better USB microphones on the market, with pretty clear sound and a nice tactile knob for adjustment. The Wave 1 just adjusts its volume with the knob and clickign it in is mute. The wave 3, for a little extra, has the knob control gain, playback volume in its own headphone jack, and mic monitoring vs playback mix, pressing the knob to switch between the 3 settings. Mute is moved to a capacitive button at the top that can be toggled with a light touch, which I feel is worth the price of the upgrade alone.Owning any Wave product and having it plugged in is effectively a DRM check for Elgato’s ‘Wave Link’ software which is a virtual mixer and VST host all in one, aimed at power users. Installing the software gives 4 new recording devices – Wave Link Monitor, Wave Link Stream, Mic In, And Wave Link MicrophoneFX. ‘Mic In’ is just the input from the microphone, and ‘MicrophoneFX’ is that input with all your VSTs applied in app. ‘Monitor’ and ‘Stream’ are two outputs from the Wave Link software.It also creates a whopping eight virtual playback deevices – Game, Music, Browser, SFX, Voice Chat, Aux 1, Aux 2, and System. Using Windows’ app device preferences in sound settings (or more robust programs like EarTrumpet) you can set various apps to play through these. For example, all my games go through ‘game’, web browsers through ‘browser’, soundboard through ‘sfx’, discord through ‘voice chat’, but all my media players (including video players) go through ‘music’.Then in the Wave Link software, you can add any number of these to your ‘mixer’ (the first slot is always taken up by your connected microphone) to work with and listen to. You do not necessarily need to use all of them. For example, I eschew the ‘Aux 1’ and ‘Aux 2’ devices in favour of my computer’s Line In and a second USB-to-line-in 3.5mm to add my game console audio. The Wave Link app then creates two mixes – ‘monitor’ for your listening, and ‘stream’ for a streaming audience, with each input having separate audio sliders for both mixes, but you do not necessarily have to use this workflow. I do not. You can also add VST2 and VST3 plugins to each input. The obvious use-case here is to add your entire microphone processing chain in Wave Link and then send that out to recording programs or voice chat, and I do that, but I’ve also added noise gates to my aux cables that have a light hum when not in use, and noise cancellation to incoming voice calls, or a compressor to level out everyone’s volume.While I think Wave Link is great software, especially after having VST support patched in, it does have problems. Elgato’s biggest mistake was not exposing any of its API. The only way to control it beyond alt-tabbing into its window is via Stream Deck, and controlling gradual sliders with tactile buttons is not user-friendly. My workaround is to control the virtual playback devices themselves with a PC Panel Pro’s faders and knobs, but this does not make any distinction between Monitor and Stream mix, which I circumvent by adding my game audio to OBS via the win-capture-audio plugin and…you see where this is going, right? As a power user I have to apply fixes to my own fixes for my own niche use-case scenarios, and while there’s a sense of accomplishment in it, and it causes a lot less headaches than voicemeeter, I know it could all be so much simpler if Elgato simply exposed the API. Razer and Beacn have their issues with their software that chases after wave link but they understood the power of hardware that physically feels suited to its use-case.Similarly, while these are good virtual cables, there is a little latency added in the wave link software. Even the buffer size being set to small has a little delay. The shortest possible delay is achieved by plugging in 3.5mm headphones into the back of the wave microphone, but that obviously isn’t a good pitch to people who use USB or wireless headphones. My workaround has been to set Wave Link to play back to a silent device (e.g. a monitor with no speakers, or a USB sound card with no output device plugged in), go into Windows’ sound control panel and set the OS to ‘Listen’ to the ‘Wave Link Monitor’ recording device through the default playback device, which suits me well as someone who regularly swaps between a soundbar and headphones. This produces sound with minimal latency, only noticeable if I actively look for it and only for me, not my recordings or streams, but again, it’s workarounds upon workarounds.There are further little glitches; for some reason Wave Link Aux 1 and 2 now hear the sound from my Line In inputs despite them not being set to listen. Every time I wake my computer from sleep, I have a task automated to wait 2 minutes, close Wave Link and launch it again immediately because waking from sleep with Xaymar’s VoiceFX plugin stops VSTs from working at all. Fixes upon workarounds upon tweaks, but I’m a power user and I take joy in this.Maybe you don’t need audio routing. Maybe you’re just fine having that big ugly everything-together ‘Desktop Audio’ in your OBS window. But for power users, despite all its flaws, there’s nothing that currently tops Wave Link at a layman level and price tag, all attached to a good microphone.


  11. andrew wragg

    Best Microphone for Streaming & YouTube

    This microphone is amazing especially a with the software WaveLink.You get all the benefits of a XLR microphone and amp with out a XLR Microphone and amp.The sound Quality is amzining and with the software what comes with it you can set it not to Clip the soundFor example when you play lets say Call if duty warzone and you run in to a hacker what 360 no scrops you across the map and the bullet goes though 5 buildings and head shots you and you screem down microphone in rage you will not Deafen your team mates becuase the software will stop it from clipping so it sounds like you are talking normally saving you the embarrassment of ending up in a rage competition video on YouTube and TikTok.All this is a example of cause Cough Cough…… 

    andrew wragg

  12. Conor

    Plug it in, download the software, good to go.

    Very easy to use and has fantastic sound quality. Great if you’re looking for a more professional microphone to start creating content with


  13. Benjamin

    Good mic

    Very nice


  14. Iacob, Iulian

    Elgato microphone

    I like this microphone, easy to mute/unmute, especially when you are busy on gaming.

    Iacob, Iulian

  15. JS

    Excellent Microphone!

    Bought this to replace my Blue Snowball iCE. Wow. The difference is insane!Please note: if you use the Rode PSA1 Microphone Arm like I do, you’ll need the Elgato Wave Shockmount as the Microphone is too light on it’s own. 


  16. Alan lowrie

    Pro mic at affordable price

    It comes with wave link software , practice a little and you can do so much more to get the spud pitch you want .. new updates enhance sound productivity so much .. and I had the yeti which I thought was best in that price range .. I was wrong

    Alan lowrie

  17. mark

    forget the rest buy the best.😁

    best usb microphone bar non.the only microphone that I can use for vocals and headphone monitoring at the same time. no delay in headphones (latency)brilliant.


  18. TruVetCommando

    Amazing mic saves a fortune as a streamer

    I bought mic as a replacement for a mic on my headset I use this for voice overs for my YouTube channel the software it comes with gives you a load of options forMixing no longer need to spend 100’s of pounds on mixers such as Goxlr , I can not recommend this enough works awesome on Nvidia broadcast as well.



    Worth the price definitely buy this

    It was high quality and ensured I had the right equipment to communicate with my teammates 5/5


  20. MrBrightside UK

    I love it, but…

    This is my first USB Mic and I did a lot of research before decided to go for this one. I love everything about this, from the ease of use to the simple design.The software is second to none and your voice sounds amazing but…This is a little but, but it is very annoying, every once in a while, I’ll boot up the PC, join discord and my voice will sound like a robot.The only fix is to unplug the mic then replug it back in, not a massive deal breaker but annoying enough that I’ve spent over a £100 for a good stand alone mic yet the mic that is attached to my headset is more reliable.So overall, great microphone, great software and very easy to use, but the sounding like a robot thing is very annoying, elgato have known about this problem since January 2021 but still no fix.

    MrBrightside UK

  21. Robbie

    Elgato Wave 3 + Wave Link = Quality!!

    Ok so, I have been a long time fan of Blue microphones, I decided to take a punt on this after doing a little reading and to eliminate the need for my GoXLR as wave link had everything I needed.Since purchasing Elgato have made some great advances with Wave Link including the ability to use VST plugins, this is a game changer as the flexibility and ability to manipulate the quality is impressive!


  22. Amazon Customer

    Feels quality and works

    Good packaging, easy to set up and the software is very good. Even mounting upside down they let you tune the led levels to work correctly. Adds a lot of devices to your system and gives you monitoring abilities. And you can mute it very easily with a gentle touch.

    Amazon Customer

  23. Amazon Customer

    Outstanding quality

    I used to use FiFine K683A and I was really happy with it but … I decided to get this unique, very professional sound when recording my podcasts or YouTube and after a long research, watching reviews, etc., I decided to go for Elgato 3. Ohhh boy :))) what an upgrade!! I love its sound and quality. Voice sounds great: clear, crisp, and you get this kind of “radio” kind of effect. It comes with Elgato Wave Link to be downloaded from their website and it enables using different platforms: Spotify, Twitch, Discord, etc as a mix with recording or streaming your podcast. If you on Mac (M1 – silicon) – follow thoroughly the Elgato’s instruction on how to install the software and you cannot fail 🙂

    Amazon Customer

  24. Ben Beacham

    Great product

    Great mic and easy to setup

    Ben Beacham

  25. Grisolent

    Great Quality for the price

    I use this mic on a daily basis to make youtube videos and talk to people on discord. The audio quality is great and the wave link software is especially useful if you’re a content creator. The mic requires minimal setup and sounds great out of the box. I’m very happy I bought it.


  26. Suzanne Hart

    Christmas present

    My Son is doing a lot of voice acting and podcasts, this looks more professional set up …. very happy

    Suzanne Hart

  27. Hollie Giles

    Fantastic quality.

    Honestly, the best mic I’ve had. Since using it on my stream I’ve had people comment on how clear my voice is, and others have bought it because of that.I’m using on the basic setting as I havnt got round to using all the software that it comes with so I’m not even using it to its full potential. But even basic it’s amazing. I definitely recommend this mic. I would recommend getting the shock mount for it too. 

    Hollie Giles

  28. Elle

    Love this mic!

    This mic is great for my twitch streaming. Sound quality is great, and with the extra settings/filters on OBS it is absolutely perfect. Definitely recommend using a boom arm with it though as, with any mic, it is hard to get the best sound from it using just the stand on the desk.


  29. Debbie H

    Looks good, sounds good.

    Before I purchased this I done some research and reading. A lot of comments about the cheap and plastic feel of it.Yes it is plastic. But to me it feels like a good construction.For me I like the looks and feel of it and the feel of the dial on the front and the sensitivity of the capacitive button on top.The sound quality too is good enough to my slightly deaf ears.The recommended software (“Wave Link”) is a separate download but well worth the downloading. Easy to use but still very effective.

    Debbie H

  30. Adders79

    Amazing mic for the price

    Purchased this to replace my blue yeti that was on the blink. I stream using this mic and with the right settings I can get a crystal clear and deep sound whilst also blocking out the background sound of my fan and keyboardI was not sure how much of an upgrade this would be on the blue yeti, but it is streets ahead.Very glad I picked up this mic and for the price am not sure it can be beat


  31. Chloe

    Very good microphone

    Very happy with the quality of the product, professionally packaged and includes everything you need to setup! (minus microphone arms etc.) Would encourage people to get this especially if you are a content creator, streamer or run a podcast. Wave link software is also very easy to use and setup.


  32. Ruby Jane

    Quality mic for a reasonable price

    Bought this one as a replacement for an old mic. Quite happy with the quality and build for the price point. But do note this one is not for studio use tho. Otherwise, perfect for gaming, streaming, and daily or office use. 

    Ruby Jane

  33. Liam

    Very good product

    One of the best purchases for my set up I’ve made in a while. First off it has amazing plug and play, the sound quality out of the box is excellent with true to life sounds on your voice. No software needed to use but if you do want to download the wave link software then you will be even more happy as it has some super useful features especially if youre a streamer. The value for money is excellent as it integrates things into the software like different audio sliders that you would usually have to pay a few extra hundred pounds for with the GoXLR. The microphone is good for gaming as it allows you to give very clear and precise comms.Very happy with this purchase, at £150 it may seem expensive but it definitely has a lot of value for the price. 


  34. piviwisi

    Absolutely love it…

    I was not interested in a mic that could be used as a two way mic to interview another person, or to capture the sound in general from the room.I wanted a mic that was geared at web meetings and capturing just my voice clearly for virtual recordings.I already had a streamdeck from Elgato so thought I’d give this a try. I get very positive comments on the clarity of my voice in my meetings, webinars, and recordings.Easy to use and setup. With some tweaking can sound even better but even without a lot of technical know-how that was easy to achieve.Love it. And I love the styling too. Yes it doesn’t have RGP lighting, but I prefer this anyway. I don’t need a flashing mic distracting me while I’m presenting. Very solid and exactly what I need.If you need a very high quality mic for webinars, virtual meetings or broadcasting I cannot recommend this highly enough. 


  35. Mark Taylor

    Top quality

    Best digital Mic I have had. Top quality 

    Mark Taylor

  36. Daniel

    Can you hear me?

    Great little mic, easy setup out of the boxQuality in sound is great and is a vast improvement from my previous mic.


  37. Ronan Fox

    Great for streamers, or even just discord.

    A recent decision to up our game led to myself and one of the other Grumpys investing in the Wave 3. To say its worth it is an understatement. The Wave software alone more than makes up for any shortcomings in the mic, which is pretty damned good anyway.Happy with the build quality, although I can appreciate how some may find it “plasticy”, the capacitive mute button is a stellar idea, and the click and control knob is very nice to use.I would like to see a bundle offering of the mic, mount and pop filter for a bitess as buying all three separate does add up, but then again I’d say they are also worth it.Would recommend this, no problem. 

    Ronan Fox

  38. Max

    Great Sound, Great Price, very adaptable!

    Well built


  39. Barry hunter

    Superb quality for the price

    I’ve struggled to find a budget microphone thay provided somewhat decent sound quality. I purchased this many months ago and it has had over 1000 hours of use and no issues at all.Its easy to set up and even easier to use with a touch sensitive mute button and lights that indicate what settings you’re changing.The accompanying software is superb for streamers as it allows you to really balance all your sounds with customisable channels. ..

    Barry hunter

  40. Katja

    Great microphone with a plasticky feel

    My main motivation for chosing the Wave:3 is a bit of an odd one… I wanted a USB microphone that was easy to universally mute, and the Wave:3 has a capacitive mute switch at the top of the microphone.I read up on the quality of the microphone, and as is commonly mentioned, it’s quite light and plasticky feeling compared with other options, but once you have it on a boom arm (for instance) that’s not anything you’d be concerned about.I’ve heard some quibbling over the aesthetics of the Wave:3 but I quite like the look. It’s a rectangle, it has a knob and some lights, and I really don’t mind at all. I think it looks pretty good, especially when you throw in the shock mount and pop filter.While I use a microphone heavily I don’t do much streaming so I can’t comment on Wavelink, although I have it installed and it seems to work just fine. I did experience some odd vocal distortation on an initial install of the software, but that cleared up after reinstalling — not sure why.Microphone is clear, vocal quality is good. It has only one pattern (cardoid) but it’s all you really need if you’re going to be the only one talking into it.It would be nice if the body was metal like some of the other microphones I have, and if the cheaper Wave:1 had a capacitive mute button as well, but c’est la vie. If you don’t need the mute, and aren’t into streaming, there are cheaper options out there that probably sound bette, but I’m quite happy with the purchase. 


  41. Amazon Customer

    The final line in audio capture.

    Terrific piece of kit.Like night and day from my previous Snowball Blue.Touch control is a god-send. It is so sensitive yet robust and looks amazing when streaming. Owning the Elgato HD60s, 4k60pro and now the Wave:3, I can safely say Elgato are an awesome brand to get behind for budding new streamers. What’s next? Maybe the stream deck…… 

    Amazon Customer

  42. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Quality

    Well know USB mics are not as good. Elgato proves that statement false. This mic is amazing. Nice design but the mic is the lesser end of the deal when you get the incredible Wave Mixing Software with it free!!!! Perfect for any streamer or even casual use!

    Amazon Customer

  43. emma binfield

    Fab product

    Amazing sound quality.. like radio

    emma binfield

  44. Andrew

    Nice small high quality mic

    it’s the best mic i’ve had on my setup. i don’t think you’re going to get any better sound from a USB mic than you do from this one. The way for sound quality better than this imo would be to go for a full setup with a sound mixer instead of relying on your sound card


  45. Tanjil Nawaz

    Wave link software is amazing.

    The best usb condenser mic. Wave link software is a life saver and for the price this is an excellent piece of tech with fantastic features.

    Tanjil Nawaz

  46. iyda

    The Best for ur money

    I’ve had serval microphones before this including Blue Snowball,Siren X & a few others from razer which note i had to get replaced 3 times because the cable kept on breaking BUT this Wave 3 Sounds amazing and offers a great build Quality and Sounding Microphone for it’s price which is currently only 109 Pound which is amazing if you are currently using a Blue Snowball or Yeti or maybe a worse one or a headset microphone and have spare money buy one of these you won’t regret it Also from this being a amazing microphone you are also provided with a Sleek Application to control all your sound from each game/application you useI would recomend getting the Extention Rods though as the microphone is quite low down


  47. carrot

    nice and robust

    Have no idea how I sound but my discord friends could tell that I got a better mic first time I used it so there is a win there.Sadly I still produce the same nasal sounds.


  48. Curvy Reviewer

    Nice mic with goxlr features

    Nice mic used this to replace my goxlr as next gen consoles didnt support optical out.

    Curvy Reviewer

  49. Lee

    Very easy to use and the Software is AWESOME !

    I have used a lot of microphones. I have a studio mic set up in the office but needed a good MAC compatible mic and software to use on the go with my mobile on the go streaming setup.This thing does it all. No need for Loopback software. I can plug and play this thing and send my split sources to OBS from my Macbook pro.Being able to split the audio with the provided software is worth the money without the mic lol.VERY happy with the purchase and already recorded 2 YT videos