PolarPro Defender – lens cover

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  • Rigid Molded ABS Lens Plate protects glass element while stowed away during transit
  • Soft Elastomer flexes enables easy installation and compatibility with most pro level lenses
  • Rugged design provides superior protection compared to standard lens cap

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The Defender was designed to protect the front element of your lens from dirt, moisture, and minor collisions. Compatible with most pro-level lenses on the market, the Defender’s dual-density construction combines a hard, rigid lens plate, and an easy to install flexible polymer exterior; ensuring a snug and secure fit compared to standard plastic lens caps and flimsy universal lens covers.

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55 – 62mm, 67 – 72mm, 77 – 82mm, 95mm, 114mm


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  1. Phil

    Easy transaction.

    Easy transaction. Product as described, speedy delivery.


  2. RJC

    Offers great protection, but at a price

    I use screw-in filters that have very slim mounts so they have minimal or no front thread. Normal pinch caps either cannot be used or if they are have the habit of dropping off. When I have been scrambling in the mountains I have lost several pinch caps which fly off at the smallest tap against a rock.On another occasion an exuberant dog jumped up at me catching its paw in my camera strap and dragging the camera to the ground where the pinch flew off and the filter took the full force of the impact with the ground, and shattered into a 1000 pieces. The cost of the replacement was over £75 (luckily the front element of the lens was not damaged).Now with the PolarPro Defender I am confident that my lens is afforded much greater protection when I am carrying the camera by its strap over a shoulder. It’s expensive when compared to the cost of a standard pinch cap but will easily pay for itself it it saves a filter or the front lens element from damage. 


  3. Nicole May

    Great purchase!

    After losing my lens cap in Patagonia and getting frustrated with how cheap and flimsy the standard lens caps are, I decided to get the lens defender. It’s totally worth the investment! It’s durable, sturdy, and I feel more confident that my lenses will stay protected when I’m shooting my outdoor adventures. The rugged design and ease of use make this product a no-brainer.

    Nicole May

  4. Amazon Customer

    Okay but slow and bulky

    It is protective allright. However, it can take some time to put it on and off. Kind of slows you down on run and gun situations. And if you are out with camera only, no bag, it is kind of bulky to carry in your pocket. If you are not in a hurry it is perfect. 

    Amazon Customer

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great protection 

    Good points: great protection and fit really well to some lens. Don’t come off in your bag like lens caps can but on 82mm filter thread lens can be hard to get on.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Symon


    I bought a bunch of these for all my lenses and they’re a perfect solution. 


  7. Kirk gilchrist



    Kirk gilchrist