PolarPro Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filters (Signature & MIST Edition II)

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  • Both Signature and MIST Editions available in 2-5 and 6-9 stop variations.
  • Preset stop range eliminates any chance of cross-polarization.
  • Zero vignetting down to 16mm focal length lenses.
  • All variations include the new Defender360™.
  • Both editions feature our new haptic feedback mechanism.
  • Adventure Assurance™ – Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

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  • If you select Signature or MIST in Type then bundle in ND level you will get both the 2-5 and 6-9 stop for the type you selected.
  • If you selected Signature and MIST for type but 2-5 or 6-9 in ND level you will get both the Signature and MIST filter for that stop level.
  • If you select Signature & MIST in Type and the 2-5 and 6-9 Kit in ND level you will get both the 2-5 and 6-9 stop ND’s in both the Signature and MIST types, so 4 ND filters over all.

The adventure-proven Signature Edition gets a brand new spin. Reimagined with a unique haptic feedback mechanism allowing effortless stop-value changes without taking your eye off the shot.

Haptic Feedback
Feel each stop adjustment effortlessly snap into position without taking your eye off the shot.

Preset Stop Range
Eliminates cross-polarization and vignetting down to 16mm focal length lenses.

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  1. Mark S

    Good piece of kit but with some drawbacks you’ll need to consider

    I bought this for my 16-35mm 2.8 Sony G Master for my A7SIII. When I hit the wide angle side of my lens I can see vignetting on the top right of my pictures if I’m at 5 stops. I basically can’t use this if I’m shooting wide but this is a common hindrance with VNDs. This VND does the job past the 24mm mark. I live in Britain and our 2 days of sun a year work perfectly for the 2-5 stops provided.While I appreciate the lens defender idea, I feel like the rubber part of this lens defender for my purchase is loose, so dust does slip in between constantly.Would I recommend? It depends. For professional work steer clear of this with your wide angle lenses. I’ve kept it as part of my hobbyist kits as the vignette and defender issue I have aren’t deal breakingI still appreciate it’s capability to be easy to use for my run and gun shoots. 

    Mark S

  2. Wilson

    Unbelieveable Quality

    This is by far and away the best VND filter I have ever used. In my 25 years as a photographer, I have yet to find a VND that has the accuracy in color and the amazing clarity as this filter.. 1000% will refer anyone to this filter. 


  3. Obed

    Very good

    It’s a great ND love it! Used in the right way can provide very pleasing results. 


  4. Laszlo Illes

    Everything is great!

    Great product, good price and fast shipping! Thanks

    Laszlo Illes

  5. nick larcher

    Its amazing


    nick larcher

  6. Martins


    Amazing filter, and fast delivery!


  7. Andrej Bavtschenkov


    Well, is just perfect!!! 

    Andrej Bavtschenkov

  8. Akhil B Thomas

    Amazed with the Results

    Perfect Nd Filter….. No Veneting.. Amazing Clarity 

    Akhil B Thomas

  9. Oleg B.


    That’s badass filter for my 50 1.2 

    Oleg B.

  10. Andre Pivoto

    Excellent quality

    Really impressed with the quality material and care of details. Good quality of pictures at first impression. 

    Andre Pivoto

  11. Kelly


    Perfect! Arrived fast and just as described!


  12. Tremon Thomas

    It this item!


    Tremon Thomas

  13. Rupert

    Fantastic clarity and no colour shift

    After a lot of research, I kept seeing the Peter McKinnon Edition 2 keep coming up as the best product out there, and I have not been disappointed. with no colour shift between settings, which you usually get with VNDs