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PolarPro Variable ND filter 2-Pack for the DJI Air 2S

  • Precisely engineered for the DJI Air 2S.
  • Includes VND 2-5 and VND 6-9 filters + magnetic hard case.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame design.
  • CinemaSeries™ Glass – Featuring a low refractive index, color neutrality, and perfect target transmission.
  • Adventure Assurance™ – Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

3 in stock  


3 in stock  

DJI went all-in on the Air 2S so we decided to take our most popular filter and precisely engineer it for the 2S. This VND set features both a 2-5 & 6-9 stop variation, giving you precise light control in the majority of lighting conditions. Meticulously reduce your shutter speed by utilizing the laser-etched stop indicators on each filter. The aerospace aluminum frame ensures each filter is gimbal optimized. Like all of our gear, this filter kit is backed by Adventure Assurance™, giving you confidence this filter will withstand the harshest of adventures.

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  1. Mr. C. Yaxley

    The best ND filters for the DJI Air 2S

    I received single strength ND filters with my DJI Air 2S however choosing the right one out in the field is trail and error and involves trying out different strength filters before choosing the right one to get the exposure I want.Whilst I am sure the gimbal on the DJI Air 2S is more than strong it always feels fragile to me and I hate having to keep installing and removing ND filters for fear of doing some damage. I want to have to install and remove ND filters as little as possible and with the Polar Pro variable ND filter this is possible. I have installed the ND filter and can leave it on the camera all the time, even with the standard DJI gimbal protector cover.The build quality of the Polar Pro variable ND filters is exceptionally good. They are not only tough and durable but well machined, which means they fit the Air 2S camera perfectly. The fit of the Polar Pro variable ND filter is tight enough to ensure it remains in situ (even when twisting the element to change the ND strength) but not so tight that it is difficult to remove when I do need to change it for the 6 – 9 stop Polar Pro variable ND filter.Colour casts and the dreaded X (i.e. cross polarisation) is common with many variable ND filters however I have not experienced this with the Polar Pro ND filter even when I use it at its maximum strength. Many variable ND filters are very strong and offer 2 – 9 stops (although not all of them are useable as the dreaded X appears at the top end) whereas the Polar Pro tops out a 5 stops for the 1 – 5 stop and 9 stops for the 6 – 9 stop. The Polar Pro variable ND filter provides all 9 usable stops across both filters with no dread X cross polarisation.As you’d expect the image quality suffers a little, especially when using the higher ND settings, but the decrease in image quality so slight you have to zoom right in and pixel peep to see it. The reduction in image quality isn’t surprising since this happens when using all variable ND filters. What is surprising is the negligible loss in image quality when using the Polar Pro variable ND filter.Changing the strength of the ND filter is simple and requires twisting the outer element. The element is small and you will struggle to use your fingers to do it. The easiest way is to use a finger nail to twist the front element.The Polar Pro variable ND filter isn’t cheap but compared to other variable ND filters I have used in the past it is superior in every way. The build quality is second to none, the legible loss in image quality, having no worries about cross polarisation and the dreaded X and the sheer convenience of having a selection of ND filters available in a single ND filter I can leave on the Air 2S camera all the time more than makes up for the cost.A variable ND filter is, in my opinion, the way forward for capturing drone footage, and the Polar Pro VND filter is without a doubt the best one currently available.

    Mr. C. Yaxley