Sony Wireless Microphone

  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: This Wireless Bluetooth Microphone is packed with features and functions to limit unwanted noise, which ensures the clear and crisp audio quality.
  • WIRELESS: Stable communication transmission between camera microphone and receiver, even in the presence of large groups of people with multiple radio waves. Connection possible up to an impressive 200m.
  • FLEXIBLE: This Bluetooth mic is ready for anything with three modes of sound pick-up to choose from, depending on your environment. “Mic only” for one-way comms (e.g. webinar), “Mix” for two-way comms (e.g. interviews), and “RCVR” for receiver-only comms (e.g. commentary over sports).
  • PORTABLE: Compact and lightweight, along with dust and moisture-resistant design and long battery life, means this wireless mic is truly portable and great for outdoor use. The windscreen and connector protector holder are supplied.

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Order now. Delivery in 2-3 days.

The ideal wireless microphone for vlogging

Take the hassle out of vlog and interview audio with the wireless ECM-W2BT. Because it’s wireless, it allows stress-free shooting and delivers clear audio in diverse environments, without worrying about the direction of the mic or the distance from the mic.


Effortless high-quality audio

Picture of a person speaking into the transmitter while recording

Clear audio pickup from any direction

The ECM-W2BT can be positioned close to the speaker’s mouth with a clip. The omnidirectional mic capsule also helps to pick up your voice clearly wherever it’s coming from, so there’s no need to worry about which way the unit is facing.


Product image of ECM-W2BT attached to the α7C

Effective noise suppression during audio transmission

Unlike conventional analogue audio transmission, you’ll never need to worry about cable signal interference. Just pair the ECM-W2BT with the compatible Sony camera with a Digital Audio Interface via a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe for clear, low-noise, all-digital audio.

Product image showing the attenuator switch button

Simple audio optimisation for any source

An attenuator function lets you easily adjust recording levels appropriately to match the source. Simply flip a switch to reduce the level of very loud sounds or amplify quiet ones, for optimised audio levels.


Image of person placing the supplied windscreen onto the ECM-W2BT

Clear sound even outdoors in the wind

The unit comes with a wind screen, allowing comfortable recording when shooting outside. Just attach the wind screen to the mic, and it effectively reduces wind noise as well as breath noise, for clear and stable sound even when shooting outdoors on a windy day.


Illustration of the AptX Low Latency Bluetooth codec for wireless audio transmission

Stable transmission between microphone and receiver

Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® codec is used for transmission between the microphone and receiver units, ensuring low latency and undiminished audio quality. It helps avoid the stress of having to re-record audio due to interruptions in the recorded sound, and low latency enables better matching of the audio track with the video imagery.

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