SwitchPod – the vlogger’s tripod

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  • Mini vlogging tripod
  • Quick switching from a tripod to a grip for filming yourself
  • Quickly collapsible for storage
  • Sturdy aluminium construction
  • Optional ballhead for angle adjustment
  • Optional adapter for mounting smartphones in either landscape or portrait mode

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8 in stock  

The minimal handheld tripod.

SwitchPod works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR, and simplifies video making.

Switch between handheld and tripod modes (and back again) in seconds.

SwitchPod is lightweight, compact, and nearly indestructible. It will save you time between shots so you can focus more on shooting and less on messing with your gear.

If you’re a vlogger, you’re going to love it!

Why SwitchPod?

Stronger – Designed to last and withstand heavy rigs, SwitchPod  products don’t get weaker over time. Whatever camera gear you use, it’ll hold it securely.
Faster – Filming is a process, your setup shouldn’t be. SwitchPod products make creating videos easier so you can go from zero to filming in seconds.
Slimmer – SwitchPod products are smaller to pack, easy to carry, and will fit in any side pocket on your bag. You’ll never have to leave it behind.


  • Weight: 11.1 oz / 315 grams
  • Material: Aluminum (Alloy)
  • Length in Collapsed Handle Mode: 11″ long
  • Size of Handle: 1.5″ deep by 0.75″ wide
  • Size in Tripod Mode: 9.75″ tall by 9.75″ wide
  • Color: Black
  • Two ¼-20 threads for accessories
  • Circle pad to protect base of camera
  • Patented


Peter McKinnon’s Review

SKU: TRI-SWITCHPOD-BLK Category: GTIN: 860001353808
Weight 750 g
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 6 cm

  • Weight: 11.1 oz / 315 grams
  • Material: Aluminum (Alloy)
  • Length in Collapsed Handle Mode: 11″ long
  • Size of Handle: 1.5″ deep by 0.75″ wide
  • Size in Tripod Mode: 9.75″ tall by 9.75″ wide
  • Color: Black
  • Two ¼-20 threads for accessories
  • Circle pad to protect base of camera
  • Patented

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  1. Desiree K

    AMAZING in every single way… (but will be PERFECT with…)

    I finally got my Switchpod, and I’m already in love with this thing. I don’t typically fawn over hardware or accessories, but this little gem is worth its weight in Gold. Setup takes < 10 seconds. It’s perfectly balanced in your hand. Whether you’re using it as a grip on the go or selfie stick, it just feels so good and keeping a larger DSL steady is WAY easier than with a Gorilla Pod (my prior small pod / selfie handle).The only thing it needs is a Pan / Tilt head (which I hear is in the works) for when you set it down on an uneven surface. Sign me up for first in line if it’s built anything like this piece of art.When I saw this reviewed by Peter McKinnon I knew I had to have it. He was so right about this. 1/2 the weight, 1/6th the size of a Gorilla Pod, fits in the side of my bag, ads virtually no noticeable weight and feels so good.Really, really well done.

    Desiree K

  2. Rosabell Ortiz

    I love it!

    It’s light and and comfortable to take anywhere.

    Rosabell Ortiz

  3. Jeff Fenster

    A must have for all content creators!

    I love this product!! It truly is exactly what I needed to create my own content on the go! I love that it is minimal in size and very easy to transport! My camera connected easily and I was able to use it in minutes!!

    One person found this helpful

    Jeff Fenster

  4. David

    Great new tool for my camera

    Great concept and I trust that it will be beneficial long term for my recordings. I first saw it watching one of Pat Flynn’s videos on his recording set up. The other equipment he has recommended has worked out great for our podcasting and videos.


  5. ashley kendray

    well made vloggers tripod !

    We’ve all heard about them, but the price was hard to justify!Well i made the jump as i really needed something portable for my mirrorless camera as gimbals for anything other then phones are way to painful. and heavy.This is everything i wanted i do suggest getting a small ball head to suit as my spare tripod head is too heavy. so need a light weight option.magnets work well and im getting better at the you tube flick to get the legs out, but works great as a tripod for b roll as well. Very Happy

    ashley kendray

  6. gadgetjunkie

    Wow, it’s actually really good

    I saw this when Peter McKinnon reviewed it before the launch and thought it was a great idea. I don’t vlog, but I’ve always wanted a tripod that I can leave attached to my camera and then pick up and go quickly with no fuss. This fits the bill perfectly. Quality materials, sturdy construction, goes from tripod mode to vlogging mode in a second. Much better and more useful than the smaller manfrotto tripod that I had before. It’s really good. doesn’t even need a ball head mount because you can adjust the angle you hold it at without any trouble. This may just remain permanently attached to my camera. Very impressive product!


  7. Lisa B.

    Great product!

    Great tripod! Super easy to use and very convenient!

    Lisa B.

  8. thanks28

    Great for Vlogs or Travel Videos

    Best tripod ever if you are into vlogging or making travel videos. One thing I had to add was a ball head to get better angles but I already had one at home so no big deal there. Super sturdy.


  9. anthony

    Best thing since the gorilla lod

    Great product… Way better than a gorilla pod


  10. Milt

    Works great !

    Great addition for any Vblogger. Holds your camera at the right angle and distance. It can get a bit heavy with a DSLR or similar camera. The tripod itself isn’t so heavy but holding a DSLR or large camera at arms length for a long time period can be exhausting. Otherwise, its very innovative. You can go from holding it in one hand to tabletop with one quick motion.


  11. Nicky G

    Game changing

    As a self proclaimed YouTube star, I love this thing! All joking aside, this is a great tripod for those that find themselves vlogging. It is shaped to be easy to hold and curve the camera away from you just enough to get a little more distance. The ability to just swing it open and use it as a normal tripod is great too. It wont be perfect for everyone, especially because you can’t adjust the height at all, but it is perfect for me.Before this I was using the standar Joby pod – and while it worked I could never quickly set it up and make sure it was level. There was always that one leg that you couldn’t get just right. One thing I will say is make sure you get a ball head for this. You want to be able to position the camera just a little better than you can without it. I have added the switchpod ball head on this, but you can use any ball head that that fits those threads.

    Nicky G

  12. Luis

    Top Not Quality

    This product is as advertised. What I like about it is the material use and ease of use.


  13. Rosalie bays


    Anyone interstead in filming on the go or would like to have a compact light weight tripod in their inventory this will be a great product for you.

    Rosalie bays

  14. Melvin Garcia

    Too expensive for what it is

    It is aluminum, it’s lightweight, it can handle some heavy weight but it isn’t super sturdy. My problem is in the leg design, they are too easy to close by accident and that is big trouble. Another issue with the current design is that the legs aren’t held by a strong structure and they feel wobbly.Hopefully the upcoming version will fix these issues. $100 for this version is a lot of money. I don’t think it’s worth the price to be honest.

    One person found this helpful

    Melvin Garcia

  15. Azul Terronez

    Finally a tripod that is easy to use, light and durable!

    I have heard and even used other tripod camera holders before but because I travel a lot with my gear, I wanted something that was easy to use, light and durable. I had a gorilla pod-style holder, but it seemed to fall apart after time and then I was always afraid it would not hold my camera or phone. The Switchpod is AWESOME. Not only is it easy to switch from a handheld for vlogging, but it’s also very sturdy and great for using for my camera and phone. I bought an adapter that works well with my phone and I am so happy. The switchpod folds easy and fits into my backpack, which is what I use when I travel back and forth from the U.S. Europe and it’s so light I don’t’ worry that it will weigh me down or take up too much room. I love this and recommended it highly.

    Azul Terronez

  16. Njeri


    Finally! The ease and durability are unmatched. I got the Switchpod for myself, but my 19-year old son recently started creating fitness videos and this is perfect for him too. He’ll never have to know the struggles I went through with other tripods lol. Love this!


  17. Chris D Paul


    Cool tripod

    Chris D Paul

  18. ab_plus

    Awesome little tripod

    Has a good quality feel. Easy to hold in your hand with the legs folded together, there are nice grips built in. Flips into a tripod in a second. Very handy.


  19. Myron Gooch

    Must have if you have a Vlog!

    Very easy to use!

    Myron Gooch

  20. Petr K.

    good product

    I like the switch pod more than gorilla but sometimes the legs don’t stick together otherwise is really good and working perfectly.

    Petr K.

  21. Pilar A. Fitzgerald


    This thing is a BEAST! This is part of my EDC. The SwitchPod, a ball head and the SwitchPod iPhone mount go with me everywhere! Seriously smart investment.

    Pilar A. Fitzgerald

  22. Jeff Stone

    Love this thing.

    Way better than the Gorrilla Pod. Easier to travel with, and feels good in my hand. Feels sturdy. Get the ball head or add one and it will be even better.

    Jeff Stone

  23. Nick C.

    Simple but useful

    Amazing product! It’s light weight and fits perfectly in my smaller camera bag. Super simple to use and comfortable to hold. It’s great to capture slow shutter speed photos without having to lug around a tricot Iona like tripod.Only slightly bad part is once it is mounted on there’s not much you can do in terms of raising it up or lowering it.

    Nick C.

  24. Lisa’s Life

    Vloggers dream pod

    It’s good for vlogging.

    Lisa’s Life

  25. Steve Mulcahy

    Very nearly the best handheld tripod available

    The initial videos made me want this, then I kind of forgot about it, as I had a Manfrotto Pixi and Gorillapod 3000, but the bullhead on the pixi broke one day, and I decided to pick one up.I have an a7iii with 50mm FE lens (way less than ideal for vlogging) and a Rode videomicro.When I received it, it was great to hand hold, but the magnets are a little too weak as gravity separates the legs easily, and it’s very inflexible when on the table as a tripod.Putting the Gorrilapod 3000’s ball head on made a massive difference for it as a tripod.Another nice thing is you can hold it aiming the camera away from you with your stronger hand higher up, and it makes a really nice and stable platform.All in all, I like it more than the gorillapod for vlogging, on stable surfaces, run and gun, and storage as it packs up much thinner, but it does need a ballhead to be fully useful. The main problem with adding the ballhead though is it makes it a bit longer.It’s much more useful than a gorillapod for putting on stable surfaces, as I’ve had trouble balancing the legs on the gorillapod at times on flat surfaces, whereas the legs on this are perfect.If this were to be truly perfect though, I would have slightly stronger magnets and integrate a low profile ballhead.

    Steve Mulcahy

  26. KDub

    I Really Like This Product

    I like the light weight portability, ease of use and quick transition of being able to walk with it and then set it on the table to record.


  27. Chase

    I would recommend anyone to buy this !

    Really great for on the go & vlog style, built extremely well. Would recommend a quick release for the lazy people or else you have to sit for 30 seconds spinning it off the camera


  28. Lynne

    Excellent, sturdy product

    This is a great tripod and definitely the sturdiest I’ve used.


  29. Hunter’s Mom

    Of all of my vlogging equipment this has quickly become one of my best and most favorite purchases

    The SWITCHPOD, is a MUST for vlogging and or use with cameras used for video work. The handle is light, and can easily be mounted to the bottom of the camera via its screw on mount. My only complaint about this product is that where the legs mount to the center could be tighter. They feel just slightly loose, but seems to have no issue in performing their job as a handle and as a table top tripod.

    Hunter’s Mom

  30. Jeffrey McMahon

    My favorite phone accessory for videos!

    I do a lot of videos for my gym business and this thing is a life saver. Not only can I use it in tripod mode to do my workout videos, but can then switch it to handheld mode for better selfie explanations.The versatility of this product is amazing and can’t wait to use it mite! It’s light, it’s strong, and packs away easy in my travel bag for when I am at home or at my gym.

    Jeffrey McMahon

  31. Runkie

    Great product!

    Really like this camera mount (use it with the Sony A6400). Only knock is that it’s a little heavy. Otherwise, really innovative design and versatility.


  32. Ankur Nagpal

    Amazingly useful, excited to continue my journey as a pro vlogger

    Pat Flynn, Caleb Wojick and team have delivered an EXCELLENT product.I’m just getting started in my journey being a vlogger and the Switchpod will be completely indispensable as an accessory. It fits in my bag, I can travel with it really easily and it’s made recording a breeze.It’s a price point that is super approachable for someone just getting started and has already 10x’d the quality of my footage. I highly recommend this product, best purchase of the year.- Ankur Nagpal, CEO of teachable.com

    Ankur Nagpal

  33. R. Mulready

    lightweight, super easy to use and high quality

    I record a lot of video, both handheld and on my desk, and the SwitchPod is hands-down the best versatile tripod I’ve come across. And I’ve tried A LOT of other ones. It’s lightweight, super easy to use and high quality. It makes me want to record even more video. I’ve already ordered more as gifts!

    One person found this helpful

    R. Mulready

  34. Ben Netterfield

    Balanced strong well built platform.

    Fantastic stable product. Easy to grip and change to a tripod. Well made without any annoying rattles.

    Ben Netterfield

  35. Rich Croland

    Great product!

    If you’re a vlogger or someone that makes videos… this is a must have!

    Rich Croland

  36. Dreamy

    Great Versatility

    Don’t know where this has been all this time but it is great invention. Very flexible and extremely sturdy. I can put my Hollyland wireless or Sling on it and lights and mic and it works great. Want to get another one for my LiveU . This is great for streamers


  37. Mike

    Flips open with ease!

    Great build quality! I leave my head on it for quick mount so it’s not ass’s compact ass’s I hoped with ther head on it. Without the head it collapse down and can fit in most size pockets on your bag or backpack. Flips right open quickly.


  38. Stephen Fluin

    Great collapsible selfie tripod

    I love this thing. I just wish it had a top that could tilt. I had to add on another head from Neewer.

    Stephen Fluin

  39. Jojov


    Enjoying the stability of the Switch Pod


  40. Mark E Mason

    So AWESOME, I bought 2 — perfect for just about every situation

    OK — so I just got my SECOND Switchpod. One is now a permanent fixture on my desk — I use it for FB live video in my “studio.” The other one stays in my bag when I am on the go. My ONLY COMPLAINT is my 10 year-old daughter. She keeps stealing the Switchpod to make her Tic Tok videos. So looks like I will need a third.Seriously, the Switchpod is awesome because of outstanding ergonomics. Apparently, one of the guys on the SwitchPod team was a design architect — and it show. This thing is beautiful. But also incredibly functional (just like all great designs). Guess that guy was paying attention in school.But also highly functional. Unlike the competition, it’s completely sturdy. Super strong — could probably use it to change a car tire (don’t try this). Easily holds big cameras — Canon 5D mk4 and Sony A7r3 are no problem at all for this thing. Well balanced and easy to use on the go.My prediction — this will end up in the camera gadget HALL OF FAME. Total win all the way around.

    Mark E Mason

  41. Jaime K. Tardy

    Super smart design!

    I think I own every type of tripod – and absolutely love the simplicity AND functionality of the switchpod! My son wants to steal it from me. Highly recommend.

    Jaime K. Tardy

  42. Jp

    Nice tripod for vloggers.

    Good quality. Very sturdy. Good for vloggers.


  43. Amazon Customer

    Love this thing!

    This thing is the truth and look super professional

    Amazon Customer

  44. Joe Riggs | @WorldOfJoeRiggs

    Was Skeptical of the Hype, But I LOVE IT.

    I was hesitant with the price, and all the hype. But honestly, I get it now. This is wonderful if You don’t mind the price. When I’m not using it for a vlog setup I still use it for MANY other situations. And as a stabilizer as well. I still LOVE my GorillaPods, I don’t think they should be compared as “what’s better.” Gorillas have abilities THIS doesn’t, like being able to wrap around a tree limp, but this has abilities Gorilla does Not. They each HAVE their own strengths, and instead of figuring out which is “better,” I just use each for the situation they’re designed for.

    Joe Riggs | @WorldOfJoeRiggs

  45. jose j.

    Slim profile! Light and compact!

    Easy to use. Easy to carry around. I did attach a ball head to get a bit more flexibility. It fits in the cup holder of my backpack when not in use. Great product !!!

    jose j.

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