SanDisk are a staple for us when it comes to data storage. We have found their products to be reliable and fast. Data storage isn’t necessarily something you think about much, and having reliable storage allows it to become something you don’t have to worry about and rarely have issues.

SD Cards

We here at Vlog Tech have loved their SD cards, both the UHS I & UHS II cards have been reliable and incredibly fast. The UHS I cards boasting speeds of 90MB/S write and 170MB/s read which is impressive for UHS I, perfect for 4K video. The UHS II cards are even more insane, they boast speeds of 260MB/s write and 300 MB/s read. This speeds up not only your shooting buffer if you have a UHS II camera, but also your imports to your computer.

There also exists a 1TB card.

The UHS I SD cards go all the way up to 1TB which is an insane amount of storage for something as small as an SD card. Having that much storage really allows you to not have to worry about storage when shooting. I know when shooting events it would be useful to be able to have 2 1TB cards in the camera, then shooting the whole event with those cards. 1TB would be enough storage to store the photos and you would have a backup of it all on the other card.


Another product SanDisk make that we love are their Extreme & Extreme Pro SSD’s. They’re small, light, USB-C and incredibly fast. The extreme SSD’s Boast 550MB/s read speeds and the extreme pros being NVME boast read speeds of 1050 MB/s, which is incredibly fast.

Both variances come in capacities up to 2TB which is impressive considering how small they are, and we have found them great for video projects. Where you don’t want to or can’t fill up your main computer disk.

We love SanDisk and their quality products and we think you will too. So check their products out below!

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