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Sony this week released their newest edition to their mirrorless interchangeable lens camera line, the A1. Where 4K is starting to become the norm when it comes to video cameras, 8K has just started to arrive. Every resolution increase we go through with cameras, TV’s and computer screens we generally start with the camera. Film makers are wanting ever increasing resolutions for their cameras as more resolution gives you more flexibility when it comes to reframing or stabilizing your shot in post. Even with 4K still being the norm when it comes to displays.

Sony addressed to pro market who want high frame-rate 4k and great low light performance with the A7Siii, the A1 is catering to a slightly different market, with the sensor being 50MP instead of 12, it doesn’t boast the same lowlight performance however with that sacrifice you get 8k 30P recording. This extra resolution would give a head start on 8K video when it starts to become mainstream as well as up to a 200% resolution without quality degradation when editing for a 4K video.

Traditionally with Sony mirrorless cameras you chose between great video performance with the S series and photo with the R. With this 50MP sensor you not only get incredible 8K video, you’ll also get 50MP photos. Though not quite as high res as the 60MP A7riiii, the 50MP sensor is going to give you some incredibly sharp photo’s. Incredibly, with that comes high speed shooting at up to 30FPS full res photos.

I look at this camera as Sony’s Canon 1DX. It’s the no holds barred approach to photo and video. Giving you high resolution photo’s and video as well as high speed shooting. It feels like the perfect bridge between the video focused a7siii and the photo focused a7riiii, it seems like it will be the perfect camera for the hybrid shooters out there, who want the best in video and photo quality, all in one camera.

Canon recently announced the R5 which has similar specs, 8K 30P recording and a 45MP sensor. As to which one will be more successful, we will have to wait for reviews and for people to properly test them out. Some units of the R5 have experienced overheating in 8K, so if Sony can get over that hump, they will be far more appealing than the R5. The A1 is yet to be in peoples hands to we will have to wait and see how they perform.

This is an incredible innovation for Sony, and i can’t wait to see how how it changes the camera market!

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