The SwitchPod is the vlog tripod reimagined, a tripod made specifically for filming yourself, gearing features specifically for that use case.

But before we get into the SwitchPod i want to talk about what the majority of vloggers were using before, the Gorillapod.

The gorillapod 3K

The GorillaPod has been the staple for vloggers for a long time, with you being able to use it as a tripod and also bunch the legs together to use as a handle to then film yourself. The one thing it has that other tripods don’t is that you can wrap the legs around anything and shoot. It also has a plate system built in.

The problems with the gorillapods bendable legs are that it’s often unstable as a tripod and it takes a long time to bend the legs back to the grip mode to then film yourself after using it as a tripod, slowing you down.

Enter the Switchpod!

The SwitchPod is designed to fix these issues, having 3 fixed, sturdy metal legs it’s stable. Then to switch to grip mode you just flick the legs round and they form the grip

The SwitchPod

Making the switch from a sturdy tripod to a grip incredibly fast. The legs then hold together with magnets making a strong handle thats been molded to make it comfortable to hold.

Retailing at £99 for the tripod, they’re not expensive either.

Switchpod & Ballhead

After releasing the tripod, they got a lot of feedback asking for a ballhead for more flexibility when it comes to camera angles, and they delivered. The ballhead is an optional extra for £35 or the kit with the tripod for £125.

We love the SwitchPod here at Vlog Tech as it fulfills all of our needs for vlogging, a firm and comfortable grip to hold the camera at arms length but also a stable tripod with options when it comes to camera angles.

You can find them here!

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