The Loupedeck – A New Way to Edit and Live Stream? Leave a comment

Loupedeck is attempting to change the way we edit photos, videos, and live stream taking software controls we change in the editing software with a mouse and keyboard. Making them into physical dials, knobs and buttons. Giving you a more tactile and direct way to change controls.

The Loupedeck plus is aimed towards photo and video editors. Though the controls focus on lightroom they also work with video editing programs like premier and final cut along with a host of others.

I could see after some practice memorizing where the dials are, like you would keyboard keys then being able to jump from dial to dial quickly and speeding up my edit. Whilst editing i could see myself moving my keyboard to the side and using the Loupedeck plus and a mouse to edit my photos in lightroom or to colour grade in premier pro. Just about everything you would need a keyboard for in lightroom is represented on the Loupedeck plus. If you think tactile dials would aid you in your editing, i think this would be a product to try.

Along with the Plus focused on lightroom and premier they have two other products. The CT and the Live. The Live has a grid of digital buttons, with screens behind like the Stream Deck series of products, plus 6 customizable dials and one through 9 number buttons.

This seems to be aimed at live streamers with the custom digital buttons, and few dials. The Stream Deck products have been incredibly popular with live streamers, and so the LoupeDeck live is taking that and adding extra dials for i assume controlling audio tracks.

Then the Loupedeck CT keeps all of the Live’s controls and adds a large dial with a screen in the center for programs to show what you’re changing with the dial, plus some of the controls from the Loupedeck Plus such as enter, save, undo and others.

I could see these being incredibly useful for the controls you use often but are hidden away. You can adapt them to your requirements, and your workflow. Everyone is going to use it a little differently.

The Loupedeck range is an interesting and exciting evolution in editing media and i cant wait to try them out and see what they’re like.

Check them out here!

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