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I think the conception of the vlog is interesting – I feel they have taken off because of the innate nature of humans to be nosey. We get to see the ins and outs of a day, week or month in someone else’s life. Seeing how they go about their daily life is always intriguing, especially when the person is particularly good at the thing they do. You see this in the growth of pilot-vlogs, study-vlogs and, really, anything-vlogs.

This vlog is no different in that manner, only that usually I have a prior understanding of the task at hand. For this one, I did not – I think that’s what makes it great.

Alex Steele in his workshop

Alec Steele is an English blacksmith, who started vlogging in his workshop at 17 in order to promote his teaching business. That’s right, he was teaching others the art of blacksmithing at only 17. I think what made this interesting to me, and the reason I tapped when it came up in my YouTube suggestions, is that Alec’s life that is so far removed from mine.

Alec designs and makes custom knives, axes, blades, tools – almost anything really. He has an array of insane tools at his disposal, my favourite of which is a ‘power-hammer’, check that out! I found it incredible to watch what beautiful things he could make from a lump of raw steel.

He has a team that film him, using a few Panasonic GH5s with Panasonic/Leica 8-18mm F2.8 lenses. The shots are always with buttery smooth bokeh and often in 120fps slow-motion that makes the flying sparks look incredible.

An open, noisy and very dusty workshop with open fires and molten metals is never likely to be the easiest studio for capturing high-quality footage. Alec and his team have therefore covered the ceiling with soft stage lighting and layered the walls with sound proofing to enable them to get what they need from the workshop in Montana, US. Alec and his colleague will are often talking over loud machinery, and so use lapel mics to enable the best quality audio possible. All footage is currently edited with the new 16’ MacBook Pro.

They never fail to come up with some interesting camera angles, often mounting it in harms way. Having sparks and things showing over the camera, they use the GorillaPod 3K mount to allow mounting anywhere.

Again, this is one of our favourite vlogging channels. One that’s a bit different, yes, but nothing wrong with spicing up your sub-box, eh?


Look out for another Vlog of the Week very soon!

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