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This post starts what will be a regular Vlog Tech series, focusing on the vloggers that excel at their craft, that take the status quo of vlogging and twist it into something different, something new.

When our team started discussing the potential for starting the ‘Vlog of the Week’ series one channel really stood out to us, Becki & Chris.

They’re a couple originally from Newfoundland Canada, now living in Buffalo, New York; Becki a freelance designer and Chris a interventional radiologist. They spend their weekends travelling North America in a helicopter that Chris learnt to fly just a couple years ago. On their channel they vlog their many adventures, such as hiking to the Keyhole Hot Springs in BC, or riding tandem bikes to see lava in Hawaii. Becki and Chris publish in weekly 8-20-minute uploads on YouTube.

One of he most notable of these trips is a recent multi-day flight from Buffalo, New York where they currently live to their home town of Saint Johns, Newfoundland in their tiny helicopter; made into a multi part series of incredibly well produced vlogs entitled ‘Cold Island‘. The footage is captured by just the two of them, filming as they go, and produced into what is effectively a short film split into six 10 to 25-minute videos.

Becki & Chris - Cold Island

The adventure is filled with ups and downs, suspense and pay-offs.

Impending bad weather threatens to ground them for days on end, whilst each leg of the journey needed to be meticulously planned according to the short distances the helicopter can manage with the amount of fuel it can carry.

Becki & Chris

Since the beginning, Becki and Chris have always put real care into the quality and the look of their vlogs, using shooting techniques more often found in short films to make incredibly aesthetically pleasing visuals. As for the technical aspects they have always put real care into making shots coherent, and they clearly focus attention on the colour grading of their footage to make it both look great and exhibit their unique look and style.

Their channel proves what I have always suspected – that productions with a small budget can yield TV quality content but with the authenticity that characterises the vlogging genre. The lack of camera crew helps ensure a production that is a lot more relatable and real. Furthermore, the barrier to entry for making a series like this (excluding the helicopter) is an interchangeable lens camera and a mic. Professional gear is getting ever cheaper and ever more accessible, so going forward we should see more and more of this kind of thing and that can only be a good thing for the industry.

Their gear:

  • Sony a7Sii full frame mirrorless camera
  • Sony a6400 APS-C mirrorless camera
  • Sony 16-35 f4 full frame lens
  • Sony 24-70 G master full frame lens
  • Sony 10-18 APS-C Lens
  • Rode Video Micro microphone
  • Go Pro fusion 360 (in the helicopter)
  • Go Pro Hero 5 Black (also in the helicopter)

As you can tell by us selecting Becky & Chris as our first ‘Vlog of the Week’, they really are one of our favourite YouTube channels. They’re great people, and produce captivating and great-looking films that tell a compelling story.

You should definitely check out their channel.


Look out for another Vlogger of the Week very soon!

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