Vlog of The Week – Cody Wanner 2

Cody Wanner is an incredibly active and enthusiastic vlogger from Harrisville PA. Cody started vlogging in a rather interesting fashion, he started right off the bat committing to vlogging every day of 2018. He succeeded and posted a vlog every day for a year. His Vlogs focused on his daily life as well as film making and productivity.

This persistence and devotion to vlogging saw him improve massively over the year. Slowly as he started to find a format for the vlogs that worked, his audience started to grow. His optimism and drive is certainly what pulled me into watching his vlogs, they’re fun to watch and so often i learn something about productivity or film making from them.

In July of 2018 after roughly 180 vlogs Cody caught his break, he caught the attention of Peter McKinnon who we covered last week, who was already a big player in the youtube filmmaking and vlogging scene. This is how me and many others found Cody. It brought him the viewers his vlogs deserved.

Cody’s vlogs are incredibly well shot, but definitely have a chaotic run and gun feel which fits perfectly with Codys fast paced chaotic personality. This unique energy to his videos give them a distinct feel, which i haven’t seen anywhere else. I love the amount of his personality he puts into his vlogs, it makes it feel like you know him personally, which makes for an engaging vlog.

Cody is an incredibly likeable character who makes an engaging and educational vlog. We love his vlog here at Vlog Tech and we think you will too!

Check him out here:


  1. Cody’s videos are certainly full of energy and frenetic. They are well put together though and must have taken hours of editing. Most impressive.

    1. Especially considering he did one a day for a year. I couldn’t have done it, that’s for sure!

      Ewan McIntyre

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