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Morgan, as her channel name suggests makes coffee related videos. She made a name for herself on TikTok , making funny skits and educational coffee making videos all in a coffee shop that she worked at.

The TikTok Vlog format makes for an incredibly impressionable and personal feel. You feel like you really get to know the person vlogging. All of the footage taken on a phone with the front facing camera, the quality isn’t the best but the TikTok format has never been about quality, it’s about the content and personalities making it. The system of sounds on TikTok also makes it perfect for comedy, as you can take an existing sound/format and change it to make it your own with visuals.

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This comedy style has done incredibly well on TikTok where quick snappy videos are the norm. She has a unique comedy style along with an environment not everyone has access to, the coffee shop. The behind the scenes of a coffee shop has always intrigued me, and the process of making steamed milk drinks too. So, i’m sure that is a draw for others as it is one for me.

Since building an audience on TikTok with mostly her comedy around the coffee shop and the customers, she has also started up a YouTube channel for the longer form coffee content. TikTok is great at the short snappy videos but doesn’t allow you to go much into detail as videos have a one minute time cap to them. TikTok really isn’t conducive to the more nuanced tutorial or review.

Since starting the channel, Morgan has made quite a few videos ranging from coffee making tutorials to videos about her life. Having the YouTube as a place to put tutorials with a more professional, well shot feel works well. As someone who’s getting into making coffee with an espresso machine myself i have found them fascinating to watch.

From the get go her YouTube videos have been well done and incredibly well shot. I massively recommend them if you’re into coffee in any way. This is a new format i haven’t seen much of before and i think she’s really made it work.

As you can tell by me selecting this for vlog of the week, I love watching these videos and I think you will too.

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Look out for a new recommendation next week!

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