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I’m surprised it’s taken this long to cover Peter McKinnon honestly, he’s massively influential in YouTube vlogging circles, especially cinematography based communities.

This is a video about his 2017 year and i feel sums up peter incredibly well

Peter comes at vlogging from a background of professional photo and video, which he brings into his vlogs, making them well shot and incredibly cinematic. He also uses the best of the best in camera equipment to achieve that, some Red cameras for sit down studio shooting and a Canon mirrorless for run and gun vlogging.

Casey neistat started the DSLR vlogging format, bringing filmmaker quality into vlogging which had never really been popular before. He made vlogging a filmmaking format of it’s own, where before it had always been a format that didn’t much worry about quality. Casey made popular using gorrillapods, a DSLR and external mic to vlog, bringing vlogging to a new level.

Peter McKinnon built on this foundation, and taking it further. He made high quality B-roll sequences common place, taking the quality of the vlogs to another level. His channel is a mixture of vlogs, short films and filmmaking tutorials, so he also teaches his techniques as well as using them.

Peter, after gaining massive success on YouTube has started to make deals with companies for him to have signature products in their lineups. He’s got a backpack with nomatic and most importantly i think for what we cover here at Vlog Tech, a variable ND filter line with PolarPro. He recently released V2 of the filters, improving what was already and incredibly well regarded product. PolarPro know how to make filters, and they’re a great fit with the Peter McKinnons stylish brand. We love the filters here at Vlog Tech and you can find them Here.

Peter’s Run & Gun Vlogging Gear (from what i can find):

We love Peters videos and we think you will too! check him out at the links below.

Be sure to check out them on:

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