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This Vlog of the Week is a little different to the previous entries in the series. I’ve decided to cover Tucker Gott who makes vlogs from the skies on a paramotor.

Tucker Gott

Using multiple Go Pros and a microphone in his helmet he documents his adventures on the paramotor as he travels around the world.

Vlogging whilst flying the paramotor gives them a different and interesting perspective. Showing both his home state of New Jersey and locations across the United States from the sky makes for some beautiful videos.

I first found Tucker’s videos when he made a series documenting his participation in the 2017 Icarus Trophy race, flying the roughly 900 miles from Polson Montana to Mesquite Nevada in just 4 days. Navigating the logistics of flying such a distance on your own, such as getting food, a place to sleep and stopping for fuel for the paramotor. Even better, Tucker succeeded in winning the race in a record time.

When it comes to gear Tucker uses, he has a relatively traditional vlog setup for shooting on the ground, then uses the more robust Go Pros for paramotor aerial shots.

The traditional vlog setup includes:

  • Sony a6300 APSC Mirrorless Camera
  • Rode VideoMic Pro+
  • JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom

The in-air vlog setup comprises:

  • GoPro Hero4 Black (Helmet Camera)
  • GoPro Fusion (Follow Cam)
  • Sena GP10-02 Bluetooth Pack for GoPro (For Bluetooth from the Go Pro to the Microphone)
  • (He doesn’t list what his headset is for in flight audio)

His in-flight shooting strikes me as the perfect use case for the GoPro, it’s a small, lightweight and high quality camera with a plethora of mounts out there to mount it just about wherever he wants. He uses one main unit on the top of his helmet, then often a GoPro on his shoe facing him. He even sometimes uses a chase cam which is a GoPro fusion on what looks like a large shuttlecock that is tied with string to the top of the wing to follow behind and get a wide following shot.

Taken from another paramotor, showing you how the follow cam is mounted.

Tucker’s vlog is incredibly well-produced, and always interesting to watch; giving us insight into what is a niche hobby that I think many of us would like to try at some point in our lives. I really enjoy his videos and I think you might too.

Go check out his channel and look out for our recommendation next week!


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